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In an excellent article on how banksters have taken over our economy and politics, I found this gem regarding the 1%'s use of commercial media:

Michael Hudson wrote:In nature, parasites don’t simply attach themselves to a host and suck out blood, or take the surplus in an economy. In order to do that, they have to numb the host. They need an anesthetic so that the host doesn’t realize it’s being bitten. Then, biological parasites in nature have an enzyme that they use to take over the brain. The brain of the host is tricked into thinking that the parasite is a part of its body, to be protected. That is what the parasitic sector, the FIRE sector, has done in modern economies. It makes Wall Street the planning center, not the elected government. That’s how the rentiers have taken over the economy.

So a lot of what I've written about mass media being designed to make us dumb and naive... can be seen as a tactic of the rich to help them steal from the 99%.

The "entertainment" is intentionally designed to make the average worker blame... the average worker for the inefficiencies of rentier-class-driven capitalism.

If you watch mass media, this article suggests you are giving your brain to the rich to "do as they wish."
Also, media propaganda and terror attacks are both ways of numbing the host and convincing working people that WE (the workers and the renteir class) are "all in this together."

As if the rentier class gives a sweet F.A. about the health and happiness of workers anywhere. They thrive on desparate labor with poor social skills.
Decky wrote:You have cured him Qatz!

One small step for a post, one giant step for discussion-board kind.

layman wrote:you've been making the same point for like 10 years in every post.

It's still true. Perhaps you are so used to "new and improved" products that you are unable to endure consistency because it's too boring? When I lived in a bungalow in suburbia, I also had no time for permanence. Life was a road trip on an ever-changing mallscape. Numbness.

ness31 wrote:I think the media is meticulously scripted to a) control the narrative which in turn b) controls time.

It tells us when to feel a certain way, and when to feel a certain other way. It dictates the narratives with which simple people make sense of their isolated suburban lives.

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