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By CharlesLonsdale
I realized that there is no any special topic here about the Caucasus, but this is one of the interesting regions. I studied Georgia for sometimes and now I know that I want to discuss some issues. Nuclear weapon in Turkey, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgian importance for NATO, EU and Russia. I think such topics shell not be left. If you have your opinion U can share with me here.
While the White House needs to deal with the testimony of the former FBI Director (shadow government puppet), the world is changing rapidly. The US loses its influence.
Meanwhile, during the 17th summit in Astana the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) announces the admission of India and Pakistan as full members - two nuclear power countries.
The SCO consisted of 6 countries (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), but now it consists of eight, and four of them possess nuclear weapon: China, Russia, India and Pakistan.
Thus, nuclear potential of the SCO is increasing, while NATO is slouching towards crisis after the start of the Trump presidency.
The SCO has six dialogue partners: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia have the status of observers. Ten more countries long to join this organization. The role of the SCO in the process of Afghanistan reconstruction, the joint development of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) project and the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) are being discussed by the members of the SCO.
Since the middle of last year, Turkey's relations with members of NATO have dramatically worsened. Will Turkey leave NATO and join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? Will Turkey forget about splitting European Union.
Over the last 16 years the organizational structure of the SCO has been forming, while the countries of this organization were rejecting the barbaric model of the US-led unipolar world.
Political experts draw a parallel between aggressive unipolarity of NATO and multipolarity of SCO. NATO is dominated by one country and one ideology, whereas SCO is composed of countries that represent different civilizations with different ideologies, religions and political systems.
SCO hasn't been created as a China's or an Asian NATO, it is the Eurasian Union of States with a huge economic potential and significant strategic forces. It is a potential counterweight to the US expansionism.
If the SCO members will come to a common counterterrorism approach, it will contribute the settlement of the situation in the blazing Middle East.
We see that the actions of countries members of the Western coalition, do not bring peace to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen. On the contrary, frankly speaking, the ISIS project was developed in US geopolitical laboratories and are aimed at destabilizing the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Georgian expert community drew attention to the fact that in the recent Georgian issues no longer valid for the USA. The main factors indicating that are weakening of the Georgian diplomacy and incorrect assessment of the situation in the country from the USA.
The declining interest can be tracked by several political events related to Georgia. For example, the recent visit of Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili in Tehran. He arrived there with the delegation, which included Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of energy of Georgia Kakha Kaladze, Minister of economy and sustainable development Giorgi Gakharia, the head of the Ministry of environment protection and natural resources Gigla Abulashvili, the Minister of agriculture Levan Davitashvili, the Minister of sport and youth Affairs Tariel Khechikashvili and Advisor to Prime Minister on foreign policy Tedo Japaridze.
During negotiations in Iran, there was some progress in the implementation of plans for the joint operation of the Georgian railway, the routes from Iran to Turkey through Azerbaijan and Georgia and through Armenia and Georgia. Moreover, the Prime Minister let slip that, he is ready to sell a 25% stake of the country's Railways to improve the economic situation of Georgia. Thus, Iran will be able to take under partial control of an important strategic resource of the country. They are already talking about gas supplies from Iran and the wide range of possibilities for cooperation.
And how does the administration of Trump feel about it?
The negative perception of such events with sharp criticism from a number of political and departmental leaders in the US would be quite logical and predictable reaction. However, there has been no intervention followed. The US interest in Georgia has gone and has been replaced by indifference. Washington reduces its economic assistance, and loose interest in political cooperation with Tbilisi. Therefore, the development of Georgian-Iranian relations didn't cause any serious concern.
Also, the President of the United States Donald Trump cancelled a number of his projects in real estate in Georgia, which indicates a decrease of US interest in the country.
In this way the news are read different that members of the Parliament of Georgia during the meeting with Russian MPs in Moscow proposed to establish a new dialogue format, "Georgia-Russia-NATO" to ensure stability and security in the Caucasus, border security and the joint fight against international terrorism. The initiative came from the Georgian nationalists, in particular, from the "Alliance of patriots" member Ada Marshania. Such statements sound like attempts to keep world attention on her country in this context.
This also applies to Georgia's participation in the ongoing naval exercises "Sea breeze - 2017". The media are full of headlines about the fact that Georgia participates in large-scale international events. In fact Tbilisi is presented by one platoon and a couple of people. It looks more like a PR campaign than integration.
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