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France fuel protests: Macron drives ahead amid unrest

Embattled French President Emmanuel Macron has said he will not abandon a controversial fuel tax, as he set out France's future energy strategy.

The so-called yellow vests protests have seen thousands take to the streets across France over fuel prices.

But Mr Macron struck a conciliatory tone, saying he was open to ideas and revising how the fuel tax was applied.

He also announced that France would close all coal power stations by 2022, along with a number of nuclear plants.

In his speech on Tuesday, Mr Macron said: "I am not confusing the rioters with citizens who want to convey a message.

"I sympathise with my fellow citizens, but I will not give in to violence."

He said "you cannot be pro-environment on Monday and then when Tuesday comes be against rising fuel prices".

But in a concession, he said the controversial tax could be adjusted when fuel prices soared to ease the burden on motorists.

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He pointed to decades of French policy encouraging citizens to move farther from cities and travel by road.

"We pushed them into this situation… they are the victims of this situation, they have not created it," he said.

"We should listen to the social alarm and protests, but there is also an environmental alarm."

He acknowledged that many citizens felt the policy was being imposed on them without consultation. After his speech, French broadcaster BFMTV reported that the ecology minister would meet with representatives from the yellow vests movement later on Tuesday.


France is heavily dependent on nuclear power, which Mr Macron pledged to reduce to 50% of the national energy mix by 2035 by closing 14 of the country's 58 reactors. None, however, will be closed before 2022 with the exception of Fessenheim on the German border.

That is on top of the closure of all four of France's remaining coal-fired power plants and investment of billions of euros into renewable energy.

Mr Macron's approval rating has fallen steadily in recent months, with his deeply unpopular fuel tax increase adding to his political woes.

The gilets jaunes rallies were originally about fuel tax increases. Protesters donned the yellow vest required to be carried in every vehicle by law and blocked roads, causing widespread traffic jams.

ut the protests have now spread to encompass rising anger at high taxes and living costs, and span the entire political spectrum - even the far right, which the government blamed for violence in Paris at the weekend.

Those protests saw the famous Champs-Elysées packed with 5,000 people with thousands more spread across the rest of the capital.

Tear gas and a water cannon were used to disperse crowds after barricades were erected on the capital's streets and a small number of protesters tried to break a security cordon.

Most demonstrators have remained peaceful. But one person died during the protests when they were struck by a panicked driver. A few days later, a motorcyclist was also killed when they were hit by a van making a sudden turn in the traffic chaos.

But Mr Macron is also facing opposition from the political class.

On Tuesday, 12 of France's 13 regional leaders called on Mr Macron to reconsider the fuel tax.

In the letter, published in French newspaper L'Opinion, the regional presidents called for a moratorium on the tax, writing that it would be a "serious mistake" to characterise the widespread protests as an extremist movement.

Instead, they wrote, it was indicative of widespread anger of citizens forced to live further and further from their place of work and spend more on travel.

The collected presidents also added that they were not against environmental taxes, but rather in favour of taking the time to improve the proposals.

After his Tuesday speech, Mr Macron's political opponents decried what they described as a lack of action.

Far-right National Rally leader Marine Le Pen said the president's words were "devoid of any solutions", and the only thing he had convinced her of was the need for change.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the leftist France Unbowed group labelled the speech "an hour of noise" without any answers, while Socialist Olivier Faure wrote that the president "says that he hears [the complaints], but does not understand".

Macron is going full retard.
France prey to 'poison' that caused Brexit, says Emmanuel Macron, as he tries to defuse 'yellow vest' protests

France is prey to the same “poison” that brought about Brexit, according to President Emmanuel Macron, who on Tuesday refused to drop the fuel hikes that sparked nationwide protests but promised to make them fairer.

In one minor concession, Mr Macron proposed to review fuel tax rates quarterly to take into account global oil prices.

“The end of the world and the end of the month: we will and must manage both,” he said.

Caught flat-footed by daily roads blockages and two weekends of mass demonstrations, Mr Macron said he understood that these reflected “problems and frustrations” that were “poisoning the life of the nation” and affecting all modern-day democracies.

“Brexit, which took place nearly two years ago, is the same issue,” he claimed.

“These British citizens simply said ‘the world you are offering us is no longer for us, we can't figure it out. We work hard but don't see any prospects, we can't build projects for our children, we live less well: it’s for the City but not for us any more.’" he said.

While Britons made a “clear, democratic choice”, Mr Macron, who has previously blasted the referendum as ill-suited to handle complex issues, said that France had the “collective capacity” to “turn anger into solutions”.
He is also planning to shut down 14 nuclear plants. Bravo! :up:

I never realized going Green meant living in poverty. I wonder if Macron is going to live without electricity and gasoline. Truly a visionary. These people lost all sense.

I do not understand why they are going after nuclear energy, it is as clean as it gets.
These technocrat fuckers just cannot stop fueling the rise of wingnut populism. All carbon taxes and open immigration are going to do is sweep the ultra nationalist hard right into power. Liberals are playing with fire and they better stop before they spark something they might not live to regret.
Macron is at least honest about his self righteousness with, “I don’t care what popular opinion wants. I am not up for election.” His delusions of elite guidance are typical of liberalism easily distorted into need for Oligarchy.
The only real question is whether this demand for elite control is delusion or deliberate planning.
Rugoz wrote:The French* are useless as always. Macron promised the transition to green energy during the campaign, in fact he even promised carbon taxes. What did they expect, that it would come for free? Next time read the fucking manual.

*the small minority that protests.

Exactly. They had a chance to toss a globalist who doesn't care about the working-class, but instead they handed him the keys.
The "Yellow Jackets" protests represent something new and powerful in France, analysts said: "the first time we’re seeing a mobilization that’s coming from the social networks, and not led by the political parties or the unions"

This doesn't sound meaningful to me. Why would anybody protest anything if there isn't political reason behind it?

According to World Bank data, France's national debt to gdp ratio is around %95. French government needs more tax revenue to pay off its debt. Green energy stuff is irrelevant. What France need is not more government spending. The left is clueless.
Istanbuller wrote:What France need is not more government spending. The left is clueless.

Exactly, they have wasted so much taxes and borrowed far too much. But the globalist elite would rather bankrupt countries and profit off the debt owed to them. I'm not sure about elsewhere but in Canada leaders end up millionaires by the time they leave office. Corruption that is encouraged by the state.
Holly molly Macaroni.

People are chanting for Macron Macaron to resign. Viva le Revolution! It is like a warzone in Paris.

Protest are growing more into a movement of against the status quo. The fuel tax was "last drop on big pile of s**t" (4:04min).

72% percent of the French public support the yellow vests.
That one dude in the orange vest is hilarious. He's one of those people that always have to be different. The whole protest is wearing yellow vests so he goes orange. It's not like they were out of yellow vests, you know there were a bunch of yellow vests right next to that orange one he deliberately picked just to be different. That guy is fucking up the whole color scheme just for attention. I mean you're already at a protest, you don't have to prove you're a rebel by wearing an orange vest when you're already actively rebelling. That guy must be some kind of ultra rebel if he's rebelling against the system and the color scheme of the rebellion at the same time. I don't how to feel about orange vest, on the one hand he's taking it to the streets which I like, but on the other hand he's trying too hard to be a rebel what with the orange vest and all. So where do I come down on all of this? Well, I feel that the orange vest is really just a sign of his own personal insecurity and I think orange vest should try to define himself more by the quality of his protest than by the color of his protest gear because at the end of the day it's not about what you wear but that feeling you get from knowing that all the shit you smashed belonged to assholes and they all fucking deserved it.
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Farage nails it again.

There is serious shite happening in France. The state workers are turning on the government. There is reports of firefighters protesting and even police being sympathetic to the yellow vests.

This movement actually has to become more peaceful it will have greater success that way.
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