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Thomasmariel wrote:Is science how British humour can't stop God and Heaven from joining the British monarchy?


'Science' deals with the REAL world, NOT fanciful imaginations of the mind.
Thomasmariel wrote:If science deals with reality, that must mean that science is magic

NO, 'Science' seeks out facts through evidence,observation, experiment & logic.

What is more, it is not dogmatic, it happily jettisons that which doesn't stand up to peer review.

Contrast religion in all it's forms, it's simply a game of puppets, whereby the puppeteer(goddo) controls all of the puppets(believers)minds in the game of brainwashing.

Religious people who believe in the invention of 'god', believe in the infallibility of that which they 'worship', which is complete fantasy.
When asked to how they explain the 'miraculous' form of 'creation' of everything in the universe, they simply cannot get to grips with the enormity of the task.

There is only one explanation, there is no 'god', it's a figment of mens imagination, which some men use to control others, but women in particular.

The only rational explanation is the events from the beginning,with those which follow by way of chemistry & evolution. 8) :roll: :roll:
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