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The use of such a term as the policy of double standards can be observed more and more often in modern society. In essence, this is an assessment of the same action, according to different criteria, from the positive side if it is your ally or negatively, if it is your competitor with the aim of discrediting and denigrating him to the world community.
Undoubtedly, the United States is the most striking manifestation of the policy of double standards. Double standards have become the norm for Washington, which pursues its interests around the world with maniacal perseverance, covering its aggressive policy with a “comfortable” and dense curtain of democracy.
"Double standards" are constantly manifested in US foreign policy, where hypocrisy has long been firmly established as a national feature of politicians. The hypocrisy regarding human rights, which American politicians actively support in other countries, but are strictly suppressed at home, is especially limitless.
In order to present a clear picture of the double standards policy pursued by Washington, we should refer to its examples.
US President Donald Trump is known to the world community for his attitude to migrants. But the standards of his policies are diversified. He repeatedly, referring to various human rights norms, called on European leaders to accept migrants from the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, they sharply condemned such countries as Germany, which decided to limit the flow of migrants to the territory of their country.
At the same time, US meet migrants with rubber bullets and gas. In order to prevent the "caravan of migrants" from entering the American territory, on the Mexican border, the American authorities deployed the military, and the US border guard strengthens it with barbed wire and concrete blocks.
President Trump demanded that the Mexican government stop the "caravan of migrants", which is moving to the United States from Central America, threatening to use the US armed forces and close the southern border of the country, through which daily passes $ 1.7 billion in bilateral trade. These actions are nothing but a policy of double standards: Europe must accept all migrants from different countries, while the US should not accept anyone.
Another example of the same double-standard policy towards the same migrants from Central America was led by Bolivian President Evo Morales: “Trump applies double standards, wanting“ love, understanding and joy ”to his people on Thanksgiving Day on November 22, at the same time , ordering his military to use deadly weapons against migrants from Central America. "
However, it is known that by these actions President Trump violates the current American Constitution and the Bill of Rights that prohibits the use of the military in such situations, because every second American is, in fact, a migrant coming from another country. Thus, Trump turns the famous American dream into a nightmare.
After such actions, the US moralizing statements about democracy and respect for human rights lose all value. Because behind them lies only the interests of the United States and nothing more.
Once again, the US leadership has shown that all US policy, no matter what sphere it may be, is saturated with two faces. Double standards have become the norm for the United States - a country that positions itself as a state that is a recognized "engine of democracy."
Tintin Storm:

Sir, what you are describing is a secondary effect of the primary standard of President of the United States of America Donald Trump. That standard, simply stated, is this: Whatever seems good for Donald Trump at the moment is good.

Regards, and season's best to you and yours.

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