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Political issues in the People's Republic of China.

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skinster wrote:What do you mean China isn't cooperative? They've been cooperating with Russia with military drills a lot lately. :excited:

I'm talking about the future of that China-Russia relationship. As the US continues to decline, the need for China-Russia cooperation will also decreases (the purpose of this cooperation is to counter the west). Also, as China grows, the relationship will become more lop-sided and less important to China. This could strain their relations as well.. Of course, this would be contingent on a massive decline of the US. Which is certainly possible in the long term. It's also possible that won't happen. This is a possible scenario is all I'm saying. Mostly a thought exercise.

The geopolitical situation is not static after all. If it were, the US would still be waring with the UK. Nations become "friends" and "enemies" all the time.

Anyway, my doubt of a US-China war, or US versus China & Russia war stems from the fact that the US is in decline. If that decline is large enough, China-Russia might not need or care about a war with the US.
skinster wrote:Maybe you should read more on the subjects that appear to interest you, instead of thinking out loud. ;)

Thinking about these potential scenarios is what's fun/interesting. Basically, this is what all the leaders in the US, EU, China, Russia, etc. etc. are constantly doing as part of their calculations on what moves to make in the present. Thinking a few steps ahead, as they say. "The game" itself is super interesting.

We do similar exercises at work. Not about politics, but about the technology industry and all the players within it.
@Victoribus Spolia ,

Aside from your earlier comment about China being Communist (I disagree), I think you're pretty correct regarding an inevitable war between China and the United States;

Victoribus Spolia wrote:I think a war between China and the United States is almost inevitable given historic precedent.

There has been somewhere near a dozen instances in human history where a dominant civilization came to butt heads with a formidable rising power and in nearly every single one of those instances war resulted with only a couple of exceptions.

Who will would win? Who knows, obviously the U.S. is economically and militarily able to beat the fuck out of China, but this does not guarantee victory as the size and advancement of one's military rarely guarantees such, as most guerrilla conflicts and underdog-upsets have taught us since the beginning of time.

The war will come, its only a question of when.

I am hoping such will be a catalyst that will guarantee western collapse (given my views of things), but who knows.

The ''catalyst'' in my opinion has probably already happened (1914-1945), but the war that is coming sometime shortly after 2024 at the latest will put the seal upon it.
I think Russia would have to cease being a power at all before war between the US and China will happen. It is the uncertainty of what the third will do that makes the other two reluctant no matter which two you envision going to war.
This does not rule out ‘skirmishes’.
As someone who can remember lots of outrage in Muslim countries about the drawings by a Danish cartoonist, it's notable that there seems to be none with respect to China's treatment of its Muslim minority. Maybe I've missed it but I haven't come across any leaders in Muslim countries condemning this or protests on the streets.
Looks like I did miss something after all:

Indonesian Muslims protest against China's treatment of Uighurs

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Hundreds of Muslims held a rally outside the Chinese embassy in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, on Friday to protest against the treatment of members of the mostly Muslim ethnic Uighur minority in China’s far western Xinjiang region.

A United Nations panel of human rights experts said in August it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uighurs in China were being held in what resembled a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”.

The Sabbaticus wrote:Islamic revivalism has a price in totalitarian societies. The Chinese are also pre-empting the Pakistanis, House of Saud, Iranians and even the Turks by neutralizing the Uighur threat. The Chinese probably seek to prevent an upsurge in militancy amongst the Uighur, possibly due to infiltration by ISI associated Uighur rebels in Pakistan. They saw what the Pakistanis did to Afghanistan (the Taliban were a Pakistani creation) and know the threat of Islamist militancy.

The Pakistani could use all the leverage they can get thanks to the Chinese debt trap they're in because of the Belt and Road initiative.

I didn’t know you posted on anything that wasn’t about a movie. Turns out you make some interesting points on the biggest movie unfolding before us all ;)

So, I’m a bit late to this Uyghur thing. Probably because it took me 20 years to learn how to pronounce it and even then, I’m not really sure :eh: What does ‘Uyghur’ the actual word, mean?
Wikipedia says the Uyghur's are native to only one part of the world, namely Xinjiang, China and yet they aren’t considered indigenous “just an ethnic minority in a multicultural nation”

To look at them, they are very ‘Stan-ish’..and not very ‘Han-ish’..(lol, I crack myself up)
Zionist Nationalist wrote:lol Skinster you are so hypocrtie

China doing a great job they know how to handle Muslims properly

I somewhat agree that a good containment is the best answer to deal with any potentially violent people, but the Chinese are not really better than the Uyghurs in this questions. Besides the Chinese practically do this to everybody, including, of course, me and everyone I know in person.[…]

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