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The Jewish people have a tremendous diversity of views. From in political thoughts of Marx to the greats in every field. I also think they internalized the Holocaust, and decided to become militant nationalists as a consequence.

The greatest Jewish Revolutionary of all time is literally Jesus Christ. Fact is he came from the Second Temple Period of Judaism which although different to today's Jews and today's Judaism, is essentially still the Jewish culture and People.
One Degree wrote:Better than an arrogant hypocrite who makes ridiculous claims about people they don’t know. Are you enjoying your ‘god complex’? :)

No, I don’t care about the opinions of a couple pseudo intellectuals who don’t realize how ignorant and arrogant they are. How exactly are you privy to my family relationships? Obviously, you aren’t since you got it wrong so that only leaves being totally unhinged.

Seriously, you need help with all this transference onto people you don’t even know.

I am sorry you feel like people don’t appreciate you.

I embraced my defects many years ago. You should try it. It eliminates all that unnecessary self hatred you project onto others.

You know the words, now try to understand how this applies to your totally uninformed characterization of others. Except in your case, I believe it is a false ego covering up severe feelings of inferiority.

Good reply to Tainari88. However, I fear she is going to take this as an insult, because she seems so full of herself to me. But on the good side, she likes Dolly Parton.
Godstud wrote:You can't argue when you're wrong, @One Degree.

@Tainari88 stating the truth is simply something you can't handle.

Since Jews are required to be circumcised, can I still be considered a gentile if my parents had the doctor circumcise me after birth?
I just bought my two God children yarmulke. One had the University of Arizona wildcat on it and the other had the Izod alligator. I got them at a synagogue store and the lady said funny was just fine.

Jewish people are cool. I am a Christian and the only two God children I have are Jewish. God forbid I should have to raise them but if I did I would raise them Jewish.
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