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European Parliament calls for suspension of Turkey's EU accession process
The European Parliament called to formally suspend Turkey's European Union accession process in a vote Wednesday, while admitting to its reliance on Ankara to uphold a 2016 migration deal stemming arrivals to the bloc from Middle Eastern countries such as Syria.

A total of 370 lawmakers voted in favor, 109 against, and 143 abstained. The resolution is not legally binding.

The resolution, which blasts the Turkish government, notes "Turkey's important role in responding to the migration crisis" and its "great hospitality" in sheltering more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees.

Ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Spokesman Ömer Çelik rebuked approval of the resolution. ''This disreputable decision shows that the European Parliament is under the influence of far-right ideology,'' he said.

Turkish officials had previously slammed the draft report for demonstrating the EU's biased and prejudiced attitude toward Turkey, adding that Ankara would continue to push for its amendment.

"The call in the draft report — which is not legally binding and bears only the status of an advisory decision — to officially suspend our country's accession negotiations with the EU is absolutely unacceptable," Turkey's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said. ... on-process

Turkey's response should be annexation of Greece and Cyprus, and walking back from migration deal. ;)
Negotiator wrote:Wouldnt they love turkey if the parliament was far right ?

For example I doubt Trump has any complaints about turkey.

There is no ideological alliance between Turkey and rest of Europe. Since we are muslims and government is religious, nobody in Europe want to be close to us.

Turkey is very strong and still standing. We don't have any friends.
Good thing the Caliph outed himself and his neo-Ottoman ambitions before the EU was fooled into accepting Turkey's membership. We have had a narrow escape! It's bad enough to have to cope with the likes of Orban. Erdogan is definitely beyond the pale.

Nobody now can halt Turkey's relentless march into the dark night of tyranny. May all who still can leave and apply for asylum abroad.

Poor old Ataturk must be spinning in his grave.

While the civilized world has agreed that the promotional video shot by the terrorist on the rampage in Christchurch should not be circulated, Erdogan has no qualms about using it for his political propaganda to stir up sectarian hatred.

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