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By Sivad
By Sivad
maz wrote:We need a president who won't just privately brag about grabbing available women by their genitalia. We need one who will openly fondle men's wives and daughters right in front of them.

Biden is a fondler.
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By colliric
I don't think Biden can win it. He is too old. I think Bernie is too old too but he'll be nominated I think.

We'll get the matchup we should have had in 2016 till that woman wrecked it.
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By annatar1914
US President Donald Trump will win the general Presidential election in 2020. Not only will he win re-election, but he will win by an undeniably large margin in both the popular and the electoral collage vote.

Creepy Joe Biden isn't going to make it, nor will Mayor Buttgieg, because they are white males first and foremost of their perceived ''liabilities'' according to the coalition of losers. The Democrats will nominate Kamala Harris (because she is a woman and a minority) after a bloodbath of a primary battle and she will be crushingly defeated in the general election against Trump.
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By colliric
They won't go with Kamala.

Bernie is going to get the sympathy vote this time and win nomination. I don't believe that "She the people" bullshit had any effect on the outcome of the Democratic Primaries. Bernie is going to win it this time.

I will be happy for him and happy that it's going to be yet another middle finger to Clinton's legacy. She fucken cheated. Bernie WOULD have won the primary without her cheating(or Biden wouldn't have been so chickenshit and entered the race).

But Trump will take the November cake. Maybe a traditional second election landslide.
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By Hong Wu
Kamala and Booker were ruined by Jussie Smollett. Serves Kamala right. The woman has clearly been pulling political stunts for attention her whole life if you look at her track record. I read that her father, who lives in Jamaica, doesn't speak to her anymore because she's such a narcissist. It was inevitable that one of those things would blow up on her sooner or later.

Bernie is now a millionaire and trying to run the "no old grabby white men" dialogue while supporting Joe Biden will be hilarious too.

As with 2016, the Democrat's best options are the very people that could never win the primary. But their entire viable field is white. The memes will be spicy...
By Sivad
Hong Wu wrote: memes

I originated the npc concept right here on pofo but I don't get the credit I'm due so fuck memes.
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By Hong Wu
Sivad wrote:I originated the npc concept right here on pofo but I don't get the credit I'm due so fuck memes.

It's not about the credit padawan :excited:
By Sivad
Hong Wu wrote:It's not about the credit padawan :excited:

Yeah, I don't want to suck my own dick too hard, it's not like I came up with a classic like sheeple or anything. The sheeple guy though, now there's a meme genius. And nobody knows his name. It's a fucking travesty is what it is.
By Hindsite
Hong Wu wrote:Bernie is now a millionaire and trying to run the "no old grabby white men" dialogue while supporting Joe Biden will be hilarious too.

It is also hilarious how Bernie refuses to accept that he became a millionaire by capitalism.
By Rugoz
They're all ok compared to that hideous manchild that currently occupies the white house.

From what I've seen my favourites would be Sanders, Yang or Buttigieg. I don't know whether they can actually win though, Sanders is too socialist, Yang too Chinese and Buttigieg too gay.
By Sivad
Sanders will win if he gets the nomination.
By Torus34
It's amusing to this old codger to see folks putting their credibility on the line through precise predictions this early in the game. If the experience of the 2016 election contains lessons, [Ed.: and it does,] one of them is that in this age of social media, political prediction is a risky undertaking.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to be wryly entertained by posts such as those on this thread.

Regards to all.
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By Ter
Sivad wrote:Sanders will win if he gets the nomination.

Sanders will be 78 at the time of the 2020 elections.
Biden will be 77.
Trump will be 72.
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By colliric
Zionist Nationalist wrote:Sanders will lose by electorates just like Hillary
the rurals wont vote for him

I won't be surprised if AIPAC loves the shit out of him though. Definitely most of your cultural group would vote for him on race alone.

What is his stance on Israel?
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By Hong Wu
Sanders is running against 15 other far leftists this time instead of getting cheated. He'll probably lose fair and square with that kind of lineup. Biden's entry is good for the Dems in that he can be a bit more moderate but also bad for them because the others will mostly not bother trying to out-moderate Biden due to his perceived legitimacy as a vice President, so it further guarantees that the primary will be a lefting contest.

Spygate is going to hurt Biden. He's too closely connected to it.
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By colliric
I think Sanders is a shoe in though(the other candidates are all shit, except maybe Booker but he needs more experience still). Biden missed his opputunity to try for a changing of the guard candidate in 2016. Sanders on the other hand got screwed. I think most of his supporters are more passionate now than ever because of it.

I really think we will get the hardcore political matchup that 2016 promised but failed to deliver(because that hag forced her way).

Sanders had crowds out for him, if he can get them to still come out for him, he should be put up. Even if he loses he does deserve to be honoured by the title "former Presidential Nominee". I would like to see him win it, because he did get screwed.

I don't think they have any chance, but I would like to see Bernie get reparations at least.

Also it would be simply entertaining to see two NYC boys duke it out using NYC insults and slang during your election! Lol!
colliric wrote:I won't be surprised if AIPAC loves the shit out of him though. Definitely most of your cultural group would vote for him on race alone.

What is his stance on Israel?

Bernie is pretty much same as Obama not the worst but not our friend either

The Jews in the US are detached from Israel vast majority of Israelis support Trump and the Republicans

none of the democratic candidates are good for Israel
I would say that the democratic party have become our enemy and the enemy of nationalism and people that are against globalism
By Hindsite
Joe Biden Surges in Polls After 2020 Presidential Announcement

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden has a massive lead over his Democratic presidential primary opponents, according to a new CNN poll, a showing that quashes criticism that he is too old and too old-school to represent a party that is drawing its energy from the progressive and younger wing.

The poll has the 76-year-old veteran lawmaker with support from 39% of voters who describe themselves as Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents, far ahead of the 15% support of Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/ar ... nouncement
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