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Pollution, global warming, urbanisation etc.
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By Hindsite
MrWonderful wrote:Hindsite, your single avatar beneath your name reads when clicked "Posts equal or more then (sic) 4000). Other avatars have this same ignorant grammar. The website is controlled by people who do not speak English, evidently. Can't you help them? You have pull, and an avatar! I got nothin'.

That is my only award badge on this website. I think Godstud has 4 different awards and he is a Canadian living in Thailand, so perhaps you could ask him to help them with English grammar. I am not a forum moderator, so I have no pull at all. I probably have less pull than most on here, since I am a conservative Christian that supports President Trump.
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By Godstud
I don't know what the badges mean @Hindsite, nor do I care. Grow up. You aren't oppressed, on this forum, and those "awards" mean absolutely nothing. Don't be a whiner like the new guy.

I can't help it if your English is poor and your grammar sucks. Maybe you should try attending school, or some kind of self-education.
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