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Did you read the last article I posted? You should read it. Everyone should.

Thanks for showing me a poll where over 50% of Labour members interviewed stated they want Bae Corbyn to be leader of the party. Also that bit where it said more than 80% of members still think the Labour leader has the "right priorities for the country". :D

LOL at anyone who thinks the manufactured antisemitism smears are genuine cries about racism towards Jews. They are cries coming from one type of Jew, the one that supports apartheid-Israel, and their allies. The Jews who are in U.K. orgs on the same page as me are ignored by the media if they're anti-Zionist. Let's stop with the fake bullshit, you guys are straight up talking shit and should be embarrassed to weaponise antisemitism in Labour as a means to an end; you people don't care about real racism. If you did, you'd be supporting Palestinian human rights, not their oppression from a racist, apartheid state.

Let me remind you, the 'antisemitism in Labour' meme only became a thing as soon as Bae Corbyn had the chance of winning the leadership role.

On topic, those accusations came from workers of the Israeli embassy. They are lies of projection made by people who support apartheid-Israel and don't like the leader of a major party in the U.K. supporting Palestinian human rights. They are the racists for unpeople-ing Palestinians and supporting their everyday murder, not those within Labour membership who support their human rights.

Another Jew on antisemitism smears wrote:It's laughable. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. The reality is that the Israeli state oppresses, disenfranchises, dispossesses, destroys, kills, demolishes the houses of, tortures and invalidates the Palestinians. That's the actual reality and nobody is supposed to talk about this, because if you talk about it, you're "an antisemite" and if Jeremy Corbyn goes to a rally where Jewish Holocaust survivors dare to say that what we're doing to the Palestinians is reminiscent of what the Nazis did to Jews - Jeremy didn't say this! A Jewish survivor said this but because Jeremy is there, he's now accused of antisemitism. It's utter nonsense! And if I was speaking to anyone who was fellow Jews of mine who makes those claims, I would say to them don't be ridiculous. When you say never again, the never again is not that people should not again attack Jews. The never again is that human beings should not treat other people like that. The whole antisemitism charge when it comes to the Palestinian issue is simply a way to intimidate and silence critics of the horrendous Israeli policies - and I'll tell you, I've been to the occupied territories, you have to go and see it for yourself. I cried for two weeks when I was in the occupied territories.

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