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Verv wrote:I really wouldn't interpret it that way.

To me, it's more like they want to subsume the cultural identities and desires of nationhood into a greater Chinese model.

There are many Chinese who are aware that they are partly from some ethnic minority group. I actually spoke to a few who said something like they believe that their grandfather was an X, but they are not really sure, and they did not regard it as pertinent.

To be Han Chinese in China, the overwhelming majority of people just call themselves Han Chinese. I am guessing there would be issues for the Tibetans or Uighurs who may look physically different and already have very strong practices as cultural minorities, but an ethnic Yue person who simply starts calling themselves Han and speaks like a Han Chinese would never be called out on it.

"Han" is now supposed to be more like saying "American," and "Han" as an identity is not something that is meant to be exclusive to the other identities.

I am probably not explaining that well, and this is merely how I have understood it through conversation with Chinese people who do not have any ethnic consciousness or think much at all of ethnic minorities, but have stated that they may have some descent from ethnic minorities.

If someone else could clarify this more, it would be great. But suffice it to say, I do not believe there is any line about the Han being some pure blodo stock that has to rule over others by virtue of that. There is just the desire for all of them to be subsumed by a single modern Chinese identity.

Fuck that shit.

No one should be forced to change their identity into something that isn't theirs.

No one should be sent to concentration camps, sterilized, brainwashed, and raped all for "the glory of the state".

Fuck the state. The state has done nothing more than hamper the freedom, creativity, efficiency, and strength of the people. It rewards submissiveness and coercion.

The state and capitalism deserves to die!
I agree with you, Polmyrene, very much. I think the fruit of life is diversity, and the maintenance of those traditional communities and identities, and, more importantly, that the Tibetans and Uighurs have valid claims to statehood.

They should not be forced to give up anything, and the people who try to get them to behave and act just like the Han Chinese and to give up their culture are basically enemies.

I think many people really do feel this way deep down -- to the point where there are some people who are quite left who would still have their kids attend, say, Indian cultural events or be confirmed in their Serbian Orthodox Church or have a Bat Mitzvah because their identity is meaningful to them and they want to see its continuation. It does not have to function as some means of undercutting the multicultural state or having a plurality of identities in a single nation.
Palmyrene wrote:Assad regularly bombs and tortures his own citizens. Saying "just don't use violence" is ridiculous when you're dealing with that.

"And you breathe in and you breath out for it
Ain't it so weird how it makes you a weapon

Careful, you be careful"

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