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I was about to reply and see if I could help the guy out. Not sure what exactly is the problem. It seems he wants his Windows 10 to go to sleep automatically. I am using Linux right now, so I would have to reboot to my Windows 10 partition and do some troubleshooting to see if I can find where this might be a setting issue. I don't have this sort of problem on my Windows 10 Professional partition. If I were folks I would also see about getting a new copy of Windows 10 Professional or perhaps upgrade to Windows 10 Professional if possible. Last time I checked, Microsoft is going to stop support for the Windows 7 next year in 2020.

Or just download Linux Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS along with Sophos anti-virus software and use that for your operating system and anti-virus solution. It would be a good idea to learn the Bash shell if you are going to use Linux Ubuntu which is a learning curve and hidden cost to using Linux (learning to use Bash shell if you haven't already). Windows 10 Professional has the ability to run the Linux command line and you can download windows PowerShell as a shell to use on the Linux command line as well on a Linux operating system.

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