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On the third day of the business week, dollar 13 increased by 13 paisa in interbank market. At the Interbank, the dollar rose from Rs 155 to Rs 155.13 on Wednesday.

Suppose the Interbank had lost $ 7 paise in the previous day, after which the dollar rose to $ 155.02, up from $ 154.95.It should be noted that the value of the dollar continued to rise at the beginning of last year, the dollar reached Rs 138 in January 93, Rs 138 in the 90 currency and in March 139 Rs 10 paise.In April 2019, the dollar jumped to Rs 141 at 50 paise.

In May, it saw a huge rise in its price and reached Rs 151.In June, the dollar broke all records and reached the highest level of Rs 164 in history.In July 2019, the dollar stopped flying and after the fall of the dollar the interbank rose to Rs 160 and the open market to Rs 161.In August 2019, the rupee contested against the dollar and the dollar reached Rs 157.20.At the end of September 2019, the dollar further depreciated and reached Rs 156.40.

At the end of October 2019, the value of the rupee improved further and the dollar appreciated at Rs 155.70.At the end of November 2019, the dollar was bought at 155.25 and the sale price at 155.65.For the past six months, the dollar has been seeing a steady decline and the rupee has dropped by 9 rupees.
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