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late wrote:An epidemic is regional, a pandemic is global. This disease is a pandemic.

Patrickov thought the stock market would recover in a matter of months, another said he was going on a stock buying binge.

I would inject a note of caution. That sentiment expects the disease to follow one of the usual patterns. But, so far, this disease is not following normal patterns, it is highly transmissible.

So we will see.

I've already started my stock buying binge. 8)

Let's say you are right, and this shit erupts into the worst plague ever. At that point, my stocks don't matter anyway. The market is already primed for a bounce back today, which means I may already turn a profit within 24 hours (on paper). 8)

Further, if any of you have a 401k or IRA, that shit is in the market too, so RIDE THE WAVE baby!

If you are not nearing retirement, stay the course! White knuckle that bitch!
So far all good. Most of my relatives are in Damghan and Gorgan, which doesn't have any cases yet. Close relatives are already out of the country and distant relatives are already considering leaving to Turkmenistan before the disease spreads into their areas.

However, the media about the number of cases in Iran is lying, everyone I know so far have told me that the disease is spreading widely, especially in Qum and Mashhad in large gatherings.

Some clerics and social movements' leaders are trying to get people to stop going to these religious gatherings, but the idiots keep going in mass, so the disease is much easier to spread when you have crowds of thousands all in one place.
anasawad wrote:Close relatives are already out of the country and distant relatives are already considering leaving to Turkmenistan before the disease spreads into their areas.

That's how epidemics spread and become global. Reportedly, about 5 million Chinese left Wuhan before the lockdown was imposed.

It's every man or women to him/herself now; the rest be damned.

I will stay put where I am because moving away from home is the worst thing anyone can do in a pandemic.

It'll be in Turkmenistan before your people get there.
It's now believed that a large outbreak in North America is very likely. The belief is it will be community based first, as in Korean, Iranian, or Chinese neighborhoods, but then it will spread out from there. When that happens, I'm buying more stock. hopefully, I live to enjoy my riches.

We need spring to come, hopefully it can slow this thing down. Than again, MERS was a summer time infection. :|
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Ah fuck, one of the guys from work is Italian and was in northern Italy last week. As far as we know, he wasn't near the current outbreak area, but you never know....

Everyone collectively told him "STAY HOME FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS"

A coworkers friend came back from China not too long ago. Apparently she's getting called from the CDC like everyday. good to see they are on it.

Am.... am I going to die? :hmm:
The government in Iran is actively not taking any actions as as far as it's concerned, the virus is shutting down the protests against it.

So yes, people who can move away should.

Lina already went back to Belarus with the kids early this month, and I already left Baalbek since the first case in Lebanon was near Baalbek.
Now in Jounieh and going in boat to Cyprus and then flight to Minsk airport this weekend.
It seems the infections in the country are starting in Hezbollah's remaining areas which is near the airport, so I'm avoiding these areas as they're too crowded and the media isn't covering anything.

How about in your area? Are there any concerns or it hadn't reached you guys yet?
An MP from Tehran just twittered this:

My coronavirus test turned out to be positive. I'm posting this message while I have little hope of living in this world.

MR. Raisi

The families of political prisoners are demanding to temporarily release the prisoners to prevent them from getting infected and to be with their families during the epidemic.

"I have little hope of living in this world." These religious nutcases are so eager for the next world and to take their people with them that they can't be bothered about doing something for containing spread of the epidemic.

Does he want to release political prisoners to score some good karma for the other world or is he actually concerned that the virus might spread in prison?

The deputy health minister also announced that he has got the virus. In his last press conference he belittled the need for quarantine while sweating profusely due to the fever.

Once the pandemic has passed, nothing will ever be the same again. A good number of regimes will have been swiped away.

No matter what death count you believe for Iran (15 or 50), there must be thousands of infected people by now. It's definitely out of control. Wuhan 2.0 here you go.

Iran's deputy health minister tests positive for coronavirus
Rancid wrote:What do you know about the effect of this on children? How many deaths are children?

There have been a few deaths, but for the most part babies and young people are not affected as much. That is different from other viruses, which mostly affect young people. I think the Spanish flu killed more young people than old people because it produced an overreaction of the immune system (cytokine shock) which is stronger in young people who have a stronger immune system. There has even be the case of a birth by a coronavirus positive mother whose baby seems to have pulled through.
@Zionist Nationalist @Atlantis
Highly unlikely, the number is far greater to say the least.
As it stands right now, everyone who goes to Qum is almost guarenteed to come back infected; So far all the cases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are all people who were coming back from Qum.

Considering the size of the gatherings in the religious sites, I'd say Qum alone has far far more than 10 thousand. Heck, if one infected guy go into one these sites, he/she can infect at least several 100s if not thousands.

Personally, I highly suspect we'll be seeing the number go into the 10s if not 100s of thousands of potential and confirmed cases within the next weeks, if not days, in Iran and the region.
The disease is already spreading in Syria as well. Although there is effectively zero media coverage, there are tons of videos and reports from regular people on social media that there are dozens of cases in quarantine in Latakia and Tartus.
anasawad wrote:How about in your area? Are there any concerns or it hadn't reached you guys yet?

Officially there are no cases here in Bangladesh.
There are also no rumours. I regularly check with medical authorities but so far no cases. Some people were tested with fever but all were negative for the virus.
Some hospitals have prepared isolation wards.
The deputy health minister also announced that he has got the virus. In his last press conference he belittled the need for quarantine while sweating profusely due to the fever.

Iran now has the highest coronavirus death toll outside of China, while the number of COVD-19 cases is still around 600. Probably he infected the government officials around him when he attended the meeting. How the Iranians got the virus is still a mystery. Iran has little connections with China and it is basically closed off from the outside world.
That's great, atleast the state is prepared for everything, hopefully it doesn't reach the country.

Iran is not isolated, it has almost daily trips with several countries and China is one of them. Noting that China isn't just a major trading partner, but the main trading partner and supplier.

And the number is higher than 600; The Turkish ministry of health knows of atleast 750 cases in Iran, with the real number probably much higher.
@Ter For the meds I have to take regularly, I stocked up for three months and more, considering that the supply of basic pharmaceuticals from China will be disrupted. When I was at the pharmacy, I picked up some extra stuff that might be useful and has long expiry dates: anti histamines, cough syrups, mucus dissolvers, and (sorry @Drlee ) some antibiotics also. Everything is over the counter here.

My cupboards are full ! Canned stuff and dry stuff mainly.
The deep freezers are also full.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions. I think you are wise to stockpile all that you have mentioned. Including the antibiotics. I am usually a hawk on the use of antibiotics and favor their very limited use only when necessary. In this case, if you can have some on hand I don't blame you for having them. I would consult a doctor before using them however.

Some people are ordering nebulizers and putting away some albuterol. Check with your doctor and see what he thinks about this. I would not offer an opinion one way or the other. If I had a nebulizer and albuterol I would not certainly throw it away.

I put away some more food today. I noticed that my local Costco was out of alcohol swabs. That is not a big deal but a few bottles of 70% Isopropal alcohol are on stock. (By the way, the 70% is a better antiseptic than is the 90%.) Got a load of hand sanitizer too.
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