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https://londonreal.tv/the-coronavirus-c ... avid-icke/

He is a fair story teller but oh my life what a load of tosh. Seriously if I was a secret cult trying to impose global totalitarianism and all that stood between me and success was David Icke and his secret knowledge I would absolutely just knock his block off: a car accident or a Seth Richards robbery gone wrong or radioactive cancer or suicide involuntarily administered, whatever. Yet here he is still alive after all these decades and still selling books... His own life is the biggest hole is his theories.
If I was a high powered fiend in the upper echelons of the globalist technate I would want David Icke to keep doing exactly what he's doing. In fact, if there wasn't a David Icke out there I would manufacture a David Icke type character to pump out cartoonish conspiratard theories that would discredit any serious investigations into corrupt power structures.

It always amuses me how all the geniuses in pseudo-skeptic land think that in debunking cartoonish conspiratard theories they've somehow debunked the idea that power elites are corrupt and organized and are concertedly working against the interests of the common man.
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