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Giving Back and Helping Those in Need

I looked at my financial budget and as it turns out, after paying bills, I had money left over that I can use to give back to my wonderful country, the United States of America. But I wanted to be sure I gave to the less privileged members of society and to those who are struggling during these hard economic times. I do not want to give to those who are doing well or who are well off.

As such, I believe I have given wisely by giving to my local food bank. This is my way of doing my small part to help those who are less fortunate and to give back for all the wonderful things my country has done for me. Many thanks to the U.S.A. with much love from me and may this money go to help those who are not as lucky as myself in this wonderful country we have:

Yeah I don't want to be one of those fat cats who reaps all the benefits and never gives back. I challenge those of us who are privileged and fortunate to serve something far greater and more important than ourselves and to give (time, money, labor, service) to a cause that will benefit humanity greatly.

Also I challenge those of us who are privileged and fortunate to lending a helping hand to the under-privileged and dis-enfranchised so that they too will have the ability and opportunity to fulfill their own potential and dreams. Here is a copy of the email I received after giving a donation to my local food bank. I didn't include the receipt in the screen shot below due to a desire to protect my privacy:


Those of us who are fortunate, privileged and in good stead, it's important that you ask yourself, "What have I done lately to help others?" and then take action to help those who are less fortunate and under-privileged.

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