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Godstud wrote:@Hindsite Looting is a crime. You don't have to add your idiotic racist input into that.

No one is saying that looting is not a crime. You are arguing against the colour of the people doing it, not the act itself. :knife:

I did not add anything racist. I am just providing some objective truth to the matter.
colliric wrote:

Here's some objective truth too:
Cops are making this shit worse.

I am with @Godstud on you Hindsite. You're a Racist neo-con grifter.

It is the rioters and looters that started it, so I am not going to blame the cops for finishing it. That is what we pay them to do. There is nothing racist about revealing the truth. Domestic terrorist must be stopped.
Saeko wrote:


Based Rei.

Rei sold her soul for followers. Clicked on her twitter from your post: 2nd post is praising CATO. Oh how far Rei has fallen. Or may be she just changed and became more mainstream. Whatever. I can proclaim the victory of my views over her old views :excited:
annatar1914 wrote:Stating my political philosophy that directs my political ire particularly on Anarchism and lawlessness in general is not hiding nor cowardly, quite the reverse.
Not counter-arguments, but a counter-narrative, for which you have not offered me proof of validity with solid empirical facts.
There are no looters?
So fake looters are looting, but are instigated into doing so by the police and white supremacists? This is a claim that would require considerable evidence. While there are signs this is organized, I have yet to see that police and ''white supremacists'' are behind it yet.

You have been provided with video footage of police breaking stuff, white supremacists getting caught running fake "antifa accounts" but all you have the decency to do is "lalalalalala, I can't see nothing", you carry on denying reality and focusing on a tangent so that you actively engage in the denial that perpetuates the racism.

Instead of condemning the police brutality, instead of condemning the police breaking stuff right in your face, instead of condemning the unjust death of an innocent man, instead of condemning your pathetic President from losing control of your State(your pretension of being a law & order statist goes out the window just for that) through his own hubris, obtuseness and arrogance, you are here to do what exactly? to point your fingers at those who do condemn these things and call them morally bankrupt and expect to be told nothing at all? No mate, you are the morally bankrupt one along with Verv, Hindsite and whoever else for doing all these morally unjust things. For using that instigation to deflect from the actual topic, to deny the injustice that is going on. You have no leg to stand on because you are talking to yourself, and you are discussing your own straw-man argument. No-one is defending the riots as ok, you are the one deflecting from the real issue and for what purpose exactly?

Here is yet another video of police breaking cars and vandalising property, just go near the end of it for this footage.

JohnRawls wrote:Rei sold her soul for followers. Clicked on her twitter from your post: 2nd post is praising CATO. Oh how far Rei has fallen. Or may be she just changed and became more mainstream. Whatever. I can proclaim the victory of my views over her old views :excited:

She's actually always liked the CATO institute... for some reason. :hmm:
Spider-Man wrote:He seems like a good person. ((Hugssszzz))) We love you George

It sure appears that George was a much better person than that police officer that took his life. He also appears to be a much better person that those rioters and looters that pretended to be protesting for him.
Saeko wrote:She's actually always liked the CATO institute... for some reason. :hmm:

Next thing you are going to say that she also respects *gasps* liberals *gasps* experts *gasps* technocrats.... :excited:

ingliz wrote:Are you sure it's an "uprising"? They don't seem to be following their government's well thumbed 'How to revolt' playbook.

Yes, it looks like an uprising to me. What's that PDF aboot? Should I read it? I don't have time to read it right now as I'm heading out to Hyde Park for a solidarity protest to the uprising in the U.S. and against racist police violence here.

Saeko wrote:I saw this second video on a news channel, and they played it without sound. It's now absolutely clear why.

Stop watching TV news, most of it serves the interests of the state and its security (cops).

Hindsite wrote:Unjust killing of white people by police have happened too. But white people don't go crazy about it by protesting, rioting, and looting.

White people in America riot and destroy property/cities when their sports teams lose (or even win).
skinster wrote:What's that PDF aboot?

What to blow up, who to torture, and who to assassinate, mostly, if you can be bothered to wade through the sanctimonious bollocks surrounding the core message.

Anyway I've found the 'unsanitised' version, here.

worth reading

It's not worth reading if you expect to learn anything new as it's pretty standard doctrine drawing on Che and Mao for the most part.
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Hindsite wrote:I have been watching the News. I know there are also some White rioters. However, the looting I saw on the news in broad daylight were definitely all people of color, dark skin, or Blacks. Looting is a crime in case you don't know.

There have also been White looters around.
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