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Hindsite wrote:I wasn't defending racist. I just posted news articles about the cops. You don't need to insult me like that. I didn't insult you by calling you a fake atheist.
You are attempting to defend the cops who did this. That is defense of racism. You posted this as a defense/excuse for the police. Your intent is obvious, at this point.

So what is a fake Atheist? Someone who DOES believe in a god but denies it? :lol: I'm ok with you calling me a fake Atheist as it's better than being a fake Christian.
colliric wrote:That's my main disagreement with you guys. I don't think he's the main problem like the rest of you seem to. I'm mainly just shocked most of you are arguing the latter rather than the more logical former.

Trump is symptomatic of a long underlying problem, but he has certainly embraced that position. He has embraced the militarizaiton of the police and the idea that the police should freely use force when their goal is, nominally, to be the impersonal enforcement wing of the judicial system and not use any further force than is necessary. Trump has enthusiastically trumpeted the idea that you, a citizen, are surrounded by vicious thugs waiting to murder you, and the logical extension of that idea that turns police into crusaders constantly fighting against some vague sense of darkness and dread.

Here he is encouraging police officers to be rough with "gang members," which you can read however you want:

Crime has gone down for four decades straight. Their budgets have continued to get larger, and that is not the reason violent crime has gone down (it is due more to the reduction of lead in the average citizen's body). Cops die in the line of duty at lower numbers than ever. Yet we are constantly told that they have to be armed and amped up like Judge Dredd to do a job that should be more focused on social work than beating people into submission.

I think blaming Trump is like blaming the CEO for what his asshole workers are doing right at the very bottom of the corporate structure and letting those assholes get away with it.

This is like blaming Wells Fargo employees for creating accounts and taking out credit cards in customer's names without their knowledge when the pressure came from the top down. Trump has jubilantly cheered on the use of excessive force against all "criminals" before they are even formally sentenced, as evidenced by his desire to unleash the national guard upon the people of DC.

Trump is not the cause of the problem, but this is a case of the fish rotting at the head. Except it's been rotting so long that generations of top-level administrators have graduated into and out of the role of administering a corrupt system.
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I encourage anyone who needs something to play in the background for an hour while they do shit to give this a listen.

(Behind the Bastards "The Man Who Teaches Cops How to Kill" if you'd prefer to listen to it in podcast form. It's a pretty decent history podcast by former war correspondent Robert Evans.)

It's about a man who has taught more police officers than anyone and how he teaches them to not be afraid of killing. Many Minneapolis police officers have been trained by a man who tells them that every encounter is life or death and that they need to be ready to kill at a moment's notice. Like any rightwing weirdo, he is a complete hypocrite: he is a former USAF coward who never killed anyone and simply has brainworms.

Also lol:

Godstud wrote:Not every "race" is treated equally, @Julian658.

Not all stereotypes aimed at SE Asians(not all Asians are the same) are positive. Me being with an Asian woman is not a positive stereotype, it seems. I am with an Asian woman, and I get called "pedophile" and accused of having a "mail-order brdie", consistently by Americans and Western people. This offends me AND my wife.

Stereotypes are rarely good. They're broad generalizations.

Even when they do, they are assaulted. Who is being arrested? In most videos you do not see people being arrested for crimes, just abused by pigs. I suppose your racism and apathy makes you blind to the obvious.

In America most people think Asians do well academically. They also think Asians do very little crime. That is a positive stereotype.

Most stereotypes whether negative or positive have some basis on reality.
Julian's brain genius idea to fix policing is not to make police better, but to change all of society around them so that police have fewer targets. If we teach people in abusive relationships how to please their abuser, then naturally their abuser will leave them alone.

Incredible. "I believe society can be better, but not the police. Only one of these things can ever change."
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@Julian658 Asians? So do you mean people think this way about East Indians, or Filipinos? Really? No. It's based on physical appearance and little else. If they don't LOOK Chinese, the stereotype won't apply.




Stereotyping is a form of racism.

Edit: Regarding what you just posted. This is going to happen a lot more as the people start getting angrier and angrier at police abuses. I do not condone this. I condone fighting back against police using violence.
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Every landlord in America forces you to live with a large, violent dog that could easily kill you. Obviously, this is a fucked up societal level issue. Which of the following solutions do you prefer?

1. Demand the removal of the dogs.
2. Demand the dogs be trained not to kill.
3. Work really hard to get the dogs approval.

I think #3 is a pretty good idea.
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Donna wrote:Wouldn't be surprised if US police departments start behaving like chieftans if demand for their services is in any way diminished.

Wish I could find it right now but there was a twitter thread I read about a Minneapolis City Council member who was talking about how if you didn't vote to continually increase the police budget, let alone question why it was so large, cops would stop responding to calls in your district and tell people to "Ask your city council" why they weren't showing up.

It's almost like police are a protection racket and that they don't normally stop crimes in progress like Superman, and that their budgets are far larger than they need to be for a government role that spends most of its time filing reports for use in future lawsuits and insurance claims.

Like one of the more common things a cop is going to show up to is a repeated domestic abuse situation. And a better use of our tax dollars is teaching them how to speak to abuse victims on how they can make use of social programs rather than buying them riot gear and teaching them how to use impractical military surplus MRAPs they get for no fucking reason, because even our military can't justify using them.
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