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Is it a good idea to defund, dismantle and abolish police departments?

Absolutely! Police are meant as a form of social control rather than a means of law, order and justice. Might as well take the savings and use it for more effective alternatives to public safety.
No, police departments do not need to be dismantled or abolished but some reforms of the police are needed. It would be dangerous to defund the police and cause more lawlessness in society.
The police departments don't need any reform at all as its stands, the police are doing a fine job and don't need to be abolished at all. People are being hysterical and over-reacting.
Other (Explain).
Sivad wrote:Why Are Corporations Really Supporting the George Floyd Protests?

Corporate America support of the riots is just business. The left expects WOKE behavior or else from corporations.

The right and the center are OK with this because they know this is all posturing and virtue signaling.

BTW, every riot and every building that burns increases the chances Trump will win. Imagining an America where these jihadist type people are in charge is not a pretty picture. They will be as merciless and the French Revolutionists.

As for defunding the police: NO! The cops needs retraining.

Full defunding of the cops will lead to more crime in the cities with large AA population.
Drlee wrote:Then why did you not say that? Why did you feel compelled to mention the African American community?

Racist. :moron:

OK,that did not sound right. You are correct.

Thomas Hobbes:

Leviathan rigorously argues that civil peace and social unity are best achieved by the establishment of a commonwealth through social contract. Hobbes's ideal commonwealth is ruled by a sovereign power responsible for protecting the security of the commonwealth.
Julian658 wrote:The left expects WOKE behavior or else from corporations.

There is no group of humans who call themselves "the Left" who are organized.

The groups that are organized are called "corporations" and these commercial entities often pretend to be "progressive" when it will sell their products.


Look how feminist and inclusive cigarettes are, in this ad.

But in reality, it's just for money, like virtually every other false belief that oligarch psyc-ops have put into our heads.

In the Defund-the-Police case, the oligarchs are wondering how they can use these protests to save money on police forces, and use this saved money for private security for themselves only.
Well, it doesn't look like judging by Seattle's "police free zone" that it's a good idea to "defund the police:"

Konstantin Toropin from CNN wrote:A shooting in Seattle's Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) area Monday morning left one man dead and a 14-year-old boy critically injured -- bringing more scrutiny to the autonomous protest zone.

"When investigators arrived, they found a white Jeep Cherokee riddled with bullet holes on 12th Avenue," Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said, according to CNN affiliate KIRO.

"We were told that there were two men inside the vehicle, and both had been shot."

The two occupants were taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition between 3:15 and 3:30 a.m. (6:15 and 6:30 a.m. ET), hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg told CNN.

https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/29/us/chop- ... index.html
Godstud wrote:No, they're pointing out that this is simply another right-winger causing problems and the racist pigs are blaming it on the protesters, yet again. It's the victim's fault, as usual.

In Seattle, Washington the protesters are not victims. The hippie Mayor allowed those so-called protesters to take over 6 and a half blocks and told the left wing news that it was just like a block party and it was going to be a summer of love.

After getting complaints for some of the citizens in that area, the hippie Mayor negotiated it down to 3 blocks in return for services. The protesters first called their take over area Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, then changed it to CHOP, and now, after the fourth shooting has killed a 19 year-old and a 16 year-old boy and critically wounded a 14 year-old boy, it is CHOP LIVER. :lol:
Yes, right-wingers, and pigs, killing protesters is a terrible thing. Maybe you should stop being angry and hateful towards people who want peaceful protest. I guess that would go against your racism, though, right?
As an outsider, from Europe. I consider this whole thing a really great shame for America and Americans.
Every one here looks at America like the grand hub of civilisations and cultures. Especially the matter with African people it was supposed to be solved literally 60 years ago.
But still here we are in year 2020, even Iran has stopped punlically executing gays and in America there is a huge margin of racists.
Dude, how come Germans are less racists than Americans? What has happened to America really? Moreover, how come the land of the free and democracy allows such racist behaviours? Racism is a European thing, America was founded supposedly to leave behind all European complexes and Conservative institutions.
Yet here we have an America in which White humans treat Africans and Mexicans like they are Jews in Germany in 1938
Godstud wrote:Yes, right-wingers, and pigs, killing protesters is a terrible thing. Maybe you should stop being angry and hateful towards people who want peaceful protest. I guess that would go against your racism, though, right?

Nope, doesn't go against my racism. :lol:
Hellas me ponas wrote:Get over with it, if you want to call yourself American, then you are supposed to defend equality, democracy and liberty, not nationalism, racism and oppression

Yeah, right. Europe loves the open borders.
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