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Any other minor ideologies.
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They have also a presidential candidate.

What We Stand For
The U.S. Transhumanist Party is focused on policy rather than politics as conventionally defined. We value initiatives and reforms that will improve the human condition for as many people as possible, with as much beneficial impact as possible – and without regard for scoring political points or defeating “the other side”. We seek to achieve the next, greatest era of our civilization, which will require constructive solutions to the problems of our current era. All of these problems can be solved if we look away from the political trench warfare of today and up toward a far brighter future.

Core Ideals:
Ideal 1. The Transhumanist Party supports significant life extension achieved through the progress of science and technology.

Ideal 2. The Transhumanist Party supports a cultural, societal, and political atmosphere informed and animated by reason, science, and secular values.

Ideal 3. The Transhumanist Party supports efforts to use science, technology, and rational discourse to reduce and eliminate various existential risks to the human species.

[U.S. Transhumanist Party Constitution, Section I]
Values and Goals from our Platform:
Find the U.S. Transhumanist Party Platform as Article VI of our Constitution or in this standalone presentation. Below is just a selection of some of our key values and goals, as determined by votes of our members, but we have many other ideas as well, and we also frame the ideas below with a great deal of thought and detail.

• Individual privacy and liberty over how to apply technology to one’s personal life. [Article VI, Section I]
• Tolerance and inclusivity of all individuals of all races, genders, classes, religions, creeds, national origins, and other characteristics. [Article VI, Section II]
• Support of most technologies but opposition to certain detrimental technologies (e.g., weapons of mass destruction, privacy-infringing technologies, engineering of new pathogens). [Article VI, Section III]
• Opposition to nuclear weapons, support of complete nuclear disarmament, even if unilateral. [Article VI, Section IV]
• Support of research on eradicating disease. [Article VI, Section V]
• Morphological freedom. [Article VI, Section VI]
• Support of all values and efforts toward cultivation of science, technology, reason. [Article VI, Section VII]
• Support of all emerging technologies that improve the human condition, including:
° Autonomous vehicles
° Electric vehicles
° Economical solar power
° Safe nuclear power
° Hydroelectricity
° Geothermal power
° Applications for the sharing of durable goods
° Artificial intelligence
° Biotechnology
° Nanotechnology
° Robotics
° Rapid transit
° 3D printing
° Vertical farming
° Electronic devices to detect and respond to trauma
° Beneficial genetic modification of plants, animals, and human beings [Article VI, Section IX]
• Ending the drug war. [Article VI, Section XIV]
• Reforming the prison system to reduce the incarcerated population. [Article VI, Section XV]
• Universal Basic Income (UBI) – not conditional on life circumstances, occupations, other income, or wealth. [Article VI, Section XVI]
• Reasonable measures to fund space travel. [Article VI, Section XVII]
• Using science and technology to eliminate disabilities. [Article VI, Section XVIII]
• Ending the two-party duopoly. [Article VI, Section XIX]
• Life extension / anti-aging. [Article VI, Sections V, VIII, IX]
• Removal of barriers to medical research and deployment of treatments. [Article VI, Sections LXXIX, LXXX, LXXXI, LXXXII]
• Reducing the national debt. [Article VI, Section XXXV]
• Alternative sources of energy and their technological implementations. [Article VI, Section XXXVIII]
• Increasing the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). [Article VI, Section LXXVII]
• Support for political, economic, and cultural experimentation – e.g., seasteads and micronations. [Article VI, Section XXII]
• Children’s rights proportional to their rational faculties. [Article VI, Sections XXIII, LXII]
• Animal welfare (but not “animal liberation”). [Article VI, Section XXIV]
• Opposition to intolerant, rights-violating, anti-technological, and compulsion-imposing doctrines, be they religious or secular. [Article VI, Sections XXV, XL, LXIII]
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