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Well, PoFo Trump prez number 45 is going to not like the message from Stevie Wonder, but what is he going to do ? Tweet about Stevie Wonder being blind and him not having any talent? Lol. I would rather hear a Stevie Wonder tweet at 2am than the prez tweets about Pelosi's dentures how about you? What is up with Hawaii and South and North Dakota not adopting a Juneteenth holiday?

Beren wrote:He's not into Trump because he can't see how great he is. 8)

Do you see how great he is? :lol:

No, you can't. :D

I am starting to think that you need to be the rooster in this clip?

Are you the man that is full of mischief? :D
Wulfschilde wrote:If Kanye votes for himself, does that mean he isn't black?

Well - according to Biden, yes ? :lol:

Voter shaming is all these people can still manage.

At least Obama actually still promised something, still tried to give reasons why people should actually vote for him. Even if all his promises have been lies.

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