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We had one person introduce the idea of class and then incorrectly assume that this magically makes race no linger an issue.

We had a Gish Gallop of questions from someone else.

A third person simply copied and pasted a random video,

And Hindsite wrote something that I ignored.
Drlee wrote:@blackjack21

Go back and read my post more carefully, then deconstruct your straw man.

:roll: The topic is about an African-American ostensibly asphyxiated by a police officer. That problem is not a right wing problem where right wingers don't treat people equally before the law. It is a left wing problem. Even Mother Jones understands that, and they are frigging commies: The Infuriating History of Why Police Unions Have So Much Power. The primary reason for anti-unionism in the US isn't because people are anti-worker. It's that unions tend to act like organized crime. @jimjam will assert that they were part of the Kennedy assassination along with deep state actors, for example.

This is a huge blind spot in your "I'm a Republican" shtick where you then disagree with virtually everything the Republican party stands for at this point as some sort of ruse whereby you are going to somehow influence conservatives to vote Democrat, because you are a "conservative" and that's where the "true conservatives" are these days. Police violence against blacks is almost exclusively controlled by the Democrats.

Right now, the Democrats are in a state of civil war. Why? Finally, the Republicans (mainly Trump) are pointing out that police don't kill black people because of some racist Republican policy. On the contrary, the police are almost exclusively controlled by the Democrats and their labor unions. In the United States, as in many parts of the world, labor unions are generally to the political left.

Mother Jones - SAMANTHA MICHAELS wrote:Police unions are at the center of questions about what will happen to Chauvin and the three officers who watched as Floyd was suffocated. And they are also key to understanding why officers across the country escape discipline time and again after beating or killing people. As other labor unions have shrunk in recent years, membership in police unions has remained high. While the Black Lives Matter movement encouraged people to document police brutality on camera and demand accountability, police unions, which now have hundreds of thousands of members, have pushed back in almost every way imaginable—by overturning firings, opposing the use of body cameras, and lobbying to keep their members’ disciplinary histories sealed.

All of which can make officers feel invincible when they commit acts of violence. A forthcoming research paper from the University of Victoria in Canada found that after police officers formed unions—generally between the 1950s and the 1980s—there was a “substantial” increase in police killings of Black and Brown people in the United States. Within a decade of gaining collective bargaining rights, officers killed an additional 60 to 70 civilians of all races per year collectively, compared with previous years, an increase that researchers say may be linked to officers’ belief that their unions would protect them from prosecution. A working paper from the University of Chicago found that complaints of violent misconduct by Florida sheriffs’ offices jumped 40 percent after deputies there won collective bargaining rights in 2003.

Police unions, like all unions, were designed to protect their own. But unlike other labor unions, they represent workers with the state-sanctioned power to use deadly force. And they have successfully bargained for more job security than what’s afforded to most workers, security they can often rely on even after committing acts of violence that would likely get anyone else fired or locked up.

Labor unions historically vote Democrat. There will be no change in this situation until the Democrats decide they want to change it, because this stuff happens in places controlled almost exclusively by Democrats.

We are deconstructing. We're just not deconstructing straw men. We are deconstructing the lies of the urban Democrat political machine, who right now exhibits a loss of confidence in themselves and in upholding the rule of law generally, except when it involves preventing people from going to church or going to the gym.

We don't need to defund the police. We need to de-unionize them.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Why do conservatives think that people of colour cannot be racist?

Many people get their information from the media or academia, both of whom promote the idea that black people cannot be racist because "they do not have the power to be racist."

Pants-of-dog wrote:Anyway, why should the colour of skin of the cops matter?

Historically, it was argued that police were racist and that with hiring diversity, racism would dissipate. Obviously, that isn't the case, but older people remember those legacy arguments.

Pants-of-dog wrote:So even if four black cops knelt on the neck of a white guy for nine minutes (which we all know would never happen), it would not be an example of racism.

Why do you think that would never happen? Have you ever seen black police officers deal with a violent white methamphetamine user, for example? We know it does happen, but it does not generate any public outcry.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Since no one is refuting the distinction between the two statements, I will assume that everyone concedes that “people of colour cannot be racist” is a strawman, or in some cases, is a a belief held by conservatives.

It's just a meaningless semantic argument that's principally about gaining political power.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Another odd argument that keeps getting floated is the mention of drugs in Mr. Floyd’s body at the time of his murder.

Being high is not a crime. It does not require lethal response.

Fentanyl slows respiration, and apparently George Floyd had the Wuhan coronavirus. So it may have been a contributing factor in his death, and not Chauvin's excessive use of force. It does not excuse what Chauvin did, but it does determine the severity of the punishment that will be meted out assuming he is convicted.
blackjack21 wrote: @jimjam will assert that they were part of the Kennedy assassination along with deep state actors, for example.

Unions? That's stupid. I solved that one a long time ago: Alan Dulles and the CIA and a really good marksman wearing a suit and tie of possible Mafia association.
Julian658 wrote:Watch this video: I could post many more. It takes only a few seconds.

A five year old white boy was having fun riding his new bicycle, when a black man came out of his house and shot the boy dead. ABC, CBS, NBC, and the other Democrat propaganda news media failed to cover it. Obviously, it does not fit their narrative that white people are the racists and blacks are the victims of racism.

'What If Skin Color Was Reversed?' White Boy Shot Dead by Black Man Doesn't Get Media Coverage

Pants-of-dog wrote:When a black person shoots a white person, the black person goes to jail.

When a white person shoots a black person, the white person talks about feeling scared and it gets ruled as self defense.

When a cop shoots a black person, they get a paid vacation.

Your posts ignores the fact that blacks do more crime than whites.
Julian658 wrote:Your posts ignores the fact that blacks do more crime than whites.
That's a nice racist shit thing to say, since it isn't relevant to what he said. Do you ever tire of saying stupid racist things?

Posting facts is not racist. At most it may seen inconsiderate to speak out the truth to those that deny the truth. However, there is no point in denying the truth. There is a problem with crime in America and it is not due to racism.
Julian658 wrote:Guys:

Posting facts is not racist. At most it may seen inconsiderate to speak out the truth to those that deny the truth. However, there is no point in denying the truth. There is a problem with crime in America and it is not due to racism.

The "sky is blue at noon" is also a fact, but it is unrelated to his claim. It's just a red herring like many others, one that would seemingly take his claim at face value and justify it.
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