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By Yevgraf
It's a historically relative statement.

Patriotism brings about a love and loyalty for what a country stands for and represents, whether politically, culturally or whatever. Because the former Soviet Union was a Socialist country patriotism towards it was therefore of a progressive character. For instance, who would deny that love of the Soviet Socialist Motherland wasn't a good thing during the Great Patriotic War against fascist Germany and it's allies.

Patriotism can also be used as a progressive force in National Liberation struggles in the developing world against Imperialist neo-colony regimes. The most obvious contemporary example of this is the resistance forces in Iraq against the Anglo-American occupation forces.

However, within the context of imperialist countries, such Britain or America, patriotism is, at least in the political sense, reactionary.

Once Communism is acheived patriotism will ultimately become un-necessary/irrelevant.
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By Comrade Ogilvy
I think patriotism of the oppressed can be progressive but like it was seen in vietnam with the communists using nationalism to the national liberation from imperialist forces. But the patriotism is for the people to unite under a common cause

A speech delivered by Vladimir Solovyov at a University
Dinner on February 8th, 1890

THE dominating idea of the present time is the national idea. Of course, there is nothing bad about this. But the national idea as well as any other, can be very differently interpreted. The conception of nationalism which is very popular in our country reminds one of the famous answer made by a Hottentot to a missionary, who asked him whether he knows the difference between good and bad. "Sure I know," retorted the Hottentot. "Good—is when I steal other people's cattle and wives, and bad—when my own are stolen." In a like manner, many of our nationalists praise the love for their people and brand other people's patriotism as treason.

In spite of the wide diffusion of this view, I persist in my belief that the Russian national ​idea cannot be based on a Hottentot-like morality, that it cannot exclude the principles of justice and all-human solidarity. It is time that we should see the realisation of the true Russian idea and of all that it implies, namely: Poland's autonomy, Jewish equal rights and the untrammelled development of all the nationalities that people the Russian Empire.

In the context of nationalism of the USSR I see assertions of the rhetoric of the motherland arise with the war with Nazi Germany, a war for existence.

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