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Traditional 'common sense' values and duty to the state.
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Rancid wrote:oh....

Better cancel your subscription to the John Birch Society then, @Rancid. I don't think they really want to save the pandas.... ;)
Trump is not in anyway a conservative as far as I can see. Neither are much of the Republican party, it's very similar here with the odious Tory party being under the misnomer 'Conservative party'. They are a extremely radical liberal party who have entered into a faustian pact with free market economics which has changed this country more than anything since the Industrial revolution. Politically, I think all that matters is the economic system that you favour, in the West we currently have barely any choice but radical liberal parties who believe the market is sacred. Any real conservative person would be appalled at what these parties have done to our societies.

Personally, I wouldn't class myself as 'conservative', though there are things I think we ought to try and conserve in our society. I am fairly liberal in a social sense but I do believe we should be doing more to preserve communities and community spirit, as this total domination of the individual will only lead to serious social problems, of which we currently have many.
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