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You can't always look at people and tell if they are doping or not. Some of the UFC guys that were caught doping in the past didn't look like they were doping. Since this victory came up and I knew about the Russian state sponsored doping program, it actually made me look more into it. There is a Netflix documentary on it too called Icarus. The Russian that was the director of the Russian anti-doping lab had to flee Russia and get into the FBI's witness protection program given that the Russian state would try to come after him stateside.

The Russian anti-doping lab was regarded as one of the best in the world, but the rest of the world didn't know it was also used to successfully hide the doping of Russian Olympic athletes and to assist in doping in those athletes. The Russian guy was a huge fan of Orwell's book on 1984 and he said his position at the anti-doping lab reminded him of "doublethink" that Orwell talked about where the public title of his position and lab was anti-doping but his job was really to dope athletes and find ways for it to go undetected.

He said there has never been such thing as a Russian anti-doping lab when it comes to Russian atheletes and it has been existence I believe he said since the 1960s. It was a good documentary and the Russian guy who was the former head of the Russian anti-doping lab is a good guy who was funny as hell and had a great sense of humor. Good fellow.


Here is a link to the Russian director I am referring to: . His name is Grigory Rodchenkov.
I would really doubt he uses them, especially him being a devout Muslim and all.

I think after beating the best Light weights one after the next, he is the best there ever was.
Unfortunately his retirement will not allow him to cement his legacy any further... Like winning the welterweight championship
or a super fight with GSP.
@Politics_Observer :roll: And that is why they have testing.

Your reaction to Khabib winning was one of suspicion. That suspicion is not grounded in fact, unless you can find me a Russian fighter who has tested positive in the UFC.

The facts are that most of the people who have tested positive for PRDs in the UFC were Americans. Sonnen, Barnett, Jones...

Russia, now, is not the USSR. Wake up.

Uhh yeah, Russia now is not the USSR, but they doesn't change the fact they continued to use doping for the Sochi Olympics for example long after the Soviet Union already dis-solved. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and give him the respect of a champion. I am just saying I have my suspicions and those suspicions are based on a long history of Russian state sponsored doping to increase the performance of their atheletes for political and propaganda purposes. Russian state sponsored doping was very recent not just during Soviet times.
I agree, but Khabib is not playing for a national Russian team, so your argument falls apart immediately, upon scrutiny.

Why not the same suspicions towards Gaethje? He seems far more likely to have been using PEDs, even if he did lose to grappling.

Ohh I am sure their are some American and other competitors from other countries who might be doping too and have flown under the radar. So, I am not just singling out Nurmagomedov. I am just saying his undefeated streak seems too good to be true. Most great fighters who are not doping suffer a defeat at some point in their career. Nobody is invincible. Like I said, "if it seems too good to be true...." But I could be wrong now and he might just be a rare of a kind Billy Bad Ass. He might very well be an exception to the rule.
GSP had a long unbeaten streak. Was he on steroids? There are a great many UFC stars with unbeaten streaks. Are they all on steroids?

Your claim of PEDs is just dumb. That's all. He's a grappler, and he won like a grappler. His physique is no indicator of steroid use, and the drug testing evidently found that he wasn't on PEDs. Give it a rest!!!

No it's not! Anyway, even a great like GSP has lost a fight in his career as opposed to Nurmagomedov who has never lost a fight in his MMA career. Speaking of GSP, who would you put your money on in a fight between Nurmagomedov and GSP? My money would be on Nurmagomedov. What do you think @Oxymoron ? Who would you put your money on in a fight between GSP and Nurmagomedov? I am talking GSP in his prime vs Nurmagomedov in his prime.

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