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Does Palantir See Too Much?

I think Palantir will greatly improve society in the years to come.
I'm looking forward to Palantir playing a greater role in administrative affairs.
No votes
I hope Palantir develops greater and faster ways of decoding and decrypting data.
B0ycey wrote:Have you read Jaron Leiners "Ten Arguments to delete your social media accounts right now?"

Basically I have a Facebook account that is inactive and the only reason I still use it is cos I am a nosy bastard that likes to read what people are up to. But I now know the tricks of manipulation from that book to ignore the propaganda and cooperate advertiment and find it amusing when I see things pop up on Facebook that they can only have got from my Google search engine.

No, I've not. However, I've read/heard/seen enough to know that all of these big tech companies, especially the social media and ad based companies basically engage in social engineering (i.e. brain hacking) to get us to do what they want us to do, so they can make cash.
This is actually the first that I have heard of this . I just watched this video , to find out what the issue is .
I feel that with power comes responsibility , and that power tends to corrupt , and absolute power corrupts absolutely . In other words , who guards the guardians ? This will further add to the mass surveillance that exists in this country , especially if some sort of police state were to arise . , ,
Rancid wrote:Often, Americans are super concerned about controlling the government, but they willfully give their freedom to corporations in the name of free market capitalism.

What a bunch of suckers!!!
The war on sensemaking.

B0ycey wrote:All three options are positive. What if you have an negative opinion of Palantir?

@RhetoricThug this is a thread for you.
I appreciate invocation, although I'm not meant to appear as a subversive demigod and argue dimensional privacy. I'm far too busy replying elsewhere, but I understand the urgency in this case- militant and economic regency. Data analytics, public analysis, and aggregation of mental actions brands the end of anonymity as Palantir. End of what, you ask? The end of unmutual socialization, as defined by those in power, as defined by the legislative process. Credit systems are bound to facilitate a platform for mutual solicitation, er, oscillation. See, I observe the physics within social movements. Monkey minds are perpetually contributing to their enslavement. After-all, privacy is a barrier to scientific progress.

Many theorists and realists condense aphorisms and exegesis that expose this kind of technocratic philosophy. It's not far off to suggest that our technologies would eventually overtake (let alone augment) organic behavior, but we're entering an era where human behavior is expected to be curtailed by the technology a given human employs to accomplish its mostly economic activities. I've treated guests and forum members to many of my thoughts; Sadly, I share this field with you. We enslave ourselves... :hmm:

If I had full "control" over my advisories, I'd convince them pedagogically that my geopolitical position is essential and necessary. There isn't a more concerned referee here, I'm fully engaged in warning our guests of the dangers of Palantir. Data software outlines and confines personal attributes, that ultimately construct streams of pseudo-critical datum, of which unqualified whores of industry (with all types of genetic issues) process for bureaucratic reformation and interpretation. I wish I could tell you who or what's driving this self-destructive and anti-human innovation.

We're convinced that technological referendums are more responsible than the features which spawn contrivances. We don't understand how to control popular thought. We'd rather filter and amalgamate thought. All of our extensions place restrictions or modifications on self-governance and replace humanoid autonomy. What kind of premonition do I invoke? Contemporary or corporate culture gives way to unthinkable technological milieus.

Does Palantir See Too Much: Yes, because you want it to.

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Good to hear from you again, @RhetoricThug. :up:

And remember....

Potemkin wrote:Good to hear from you again, @RhetoricThug. :up:

And remember...
Can you expand on this further, please? I'm not sure if you're an asshole.

Guess I'll plug a recent post: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=179129&start=320 because it's a special topic.


RhetoricThug wrote:Can you expand on this further, please? I'm not sure if you're an asshole.



What do you mean, you're not sure if I'm an asshole? Of course I'm an asshole. Lol. ;)
Potemkin wrote:What do you mean, you're not sure if I'm an asshole? Of course I'm an asshole. Lol. ;)
Great, glad we cleared it up. Now you can return to your history books. Let us know when you learn something new.

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