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Early modern era & beginning of the modern era. Exploration, enlightenment, industrialisation, colonisation & empire (1492 - 1914 CE).
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noemon wrote:Russia is a part of Europe by history, blood, religion, politics. Russia established Switzerland as a buffer zone. Russia was responsible for the Swiss constitution. This jewel of democracy was penned by the Russian Foreign Minister who was Greek by blood and birth and later became the first Greek Prime Minister.

Russia should discover its rightful place and look at the future reborn again.

all this is due to the fact that Russia embraced humanism and see chance to influence european north so it would brake any chance vatican to come close to its borders again as in time of the crusader, later did the opposite when the north eventually took the lead and aligned itsself with south through the jesuits etc. etc.

yes european trends shaped later russian thought and lifestyle, but as I said eventually that have lead to its fall as royal empire ...

your logic is lets say more mainstream, but its far from the actual soft and hard power politics in those days where thing went so slow that now those diplomatic and cultural moves looks like if we say from ancient perspective that macedonians and greeks were one and the same, but actually they were not!

believe me if they were so tied together they would have embrace catholic or protestant unionist stance but they didnt, simply russians acted mostly as observers that didnt have other chance but to improvise mids the battle between the north and south europe, and when north became more powerful they quickly jumped on the bandwagon so they would stay as much as possible alive amid enlightenment era and industrial revolution, as I said as with soft power so as with hard power schemes, and this per-se cant be claim that russians are europeans!
annatar1914 shared good excerpt [1] its emphasis fell on western individualism vs eastern orthodox collectivism [1] known also as Koinoia [1] Communia Commune Optina togetherness closness ...

but I'll add that this was dominant slavophilic trend until the european humanism completely consumed the russian elites and as result started westernization of the state in the enlightenment era when at attack was not just on orthodoxy but also catholicism [2] this opened door in Russia not just for western -isms but also western esoteria, what made from the tsardom an communist experiment, tho what was instigated after west didnt succeed to submit Russia directly on knees, but later happily slavophilism resurfaced through Stalin in extra degree and somehow things got again in the right place [1][1][1]


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