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An economic argument for eugenics.

In practice, eugenics programs may take the form of trying to reallocate child bearing from families with undesirable traits to families with desirable traits. This should increase for the next generation the proportion of the population with desirable traits. Although such programs are traditionally referred to as eugenics programs (i.e. ones to improve the population genetically), such programs can be expected to work for traits transmitted within families from parents to children regardless of whether such transmission is by genetic means or by other means. All that is necessary to predict the success of such programs is to know the correlation to be expected between parental traits and those of the offspring, information that is already available for many traits.

Even when the degree of political support for direct eugenic measures is weak [...] consideration of the eugenic effects of alternative ways of accomplishing certain goals might change the ranking of alternative methods for accomplishing these goals, and produce some eugenic benefits.

I would suggest reading the whole article before criticising it.
By Gustav Fluffy
This should increase for the next generation the proportion of the population with desirable traits.

So what in your opinion is desirable then? Simple generalizations such as this can never be applied to whole the population. I also expect that there would be a higher percentage of so called undesirable parents than desirable ones. :roll:
By Al Khabir
But the population worldwide is already too high. What a solution! Neuter all those with mental deficiencies and serious hereditary diseases! Although as a human I do not particularly agree with the concpet, I would certainly not object to that... unless you decide to neuter everybody who has "undesirable traits" whihc is obviously completely un-necessary.
although this kind of ideology is mismatch in this subforum by all means , somehow points that corporatism can maximize eugenics in own purpose eg. for colonizing the moon or mars, although such fantasies are now just crispr dreams for sequencing maybe chimeras after ww3, till then any revocation of the eugenic topic is unnecessary wasted time for most of us, with exception maybe for (around the world) deep state genetic-labs!
Eugenics was a necessary evil in Churchill's time, when we could not edit genes. The next generation of gene editing tools is capable rewriting a single letter mistake and precise correction of the malign mutation which causes a genetic disease such as progeria. ABE editing has the potential to synergize with emerging progeria treatment. Children with progeria generally appear normal at birth, while it causes children to age rapidly, starting in their first two years of life.

Correcting pathogenic alleles that cause devastating diseases is a longstanding challenge in medicine. Base editing provides an opportunity to directly correct point mutations that drive many disorders without requiring double-strand DNA breaks. In some tissues, modest DNA editing resulted in disproportionately large benefits at the RNA, protein or tissue levels. The outsized benefits of DNA editing suggest that edited cells may contribute disproportionately to the health of tissues in this animal model. Further studies are needed to understand the molecular basis of this phenomenon (Koblan et al. 2021).

Scientists have shown they can change that one letter and create healthier, longer-lived mice.

Their study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature,demonstrates a tool that can correct the kind of single-letter genetic mistakes that cause thousands of diseases.

"There’s a long road" before the tool, called a base editor, can be used to treat a genetic disease, says the paper's senior author, David Liu, a chemist at Harvard University. "But establishing that a base editor can correct a mutation that causes a systemic and devastating genetic disease in an animal, rescuing many of the symptoms of the disease and greatly extending lifespan is a good start!"

In this case, Liu and his colleagues repaired a gene that, when mutated, causes progeria, an ultra-rare disease leading to premature aging. The average lifespan of someone with progeria is just 14, and they die of conditions such as heart disease that usually kill people decades older. ... 556277002/
ThirdTerm wrote:Eugenics was a necessary evil in Churchill's time

indeed this would be stupid problem in uK because the prevailing trend of consanguineous marriages, what probably earlier was just mainstream royal practice [1][1] that was later copied by the local clans or even peasants, and apparently became indeed stupid problem [2][2] but the problem of one population and its potential risk management cant be applied identically to every other, simply eugenics have risen to level of superhumanity idealism, some sort of physician strive to compete with ideals through genetic (back then inheritance) empiricism to extent that darwinism became mainstream theory which in the end was used as humanistic excuse for frankenstein utopianism!

I am not sure how deep went british with experimenting, officially not too deep [1] but who can tell for sure what was happening in Africa and India, yet they were the technocratic cream that even today is existing in different forms [2] although cant tell whether nowadays the american or chinese scientists are leading the superhuman race, surely soviets have had similar approach but I guess their momentum is no more mainstream ideal!?


ThirdTerm we went little too oftopic, so I'll ask You if needed replay to me in another more specific or general thread on eugenic goals, here eg. I'l propose more economic reason for its illogical "humanistic" "perfectionism" as we should understand this world and life as paradise, but exactly thats the problem with the enlightened elitism they see themselves as goods and we people just myriad of junkies slaves and tools!
ok probably this dont bother anyone, meritocratic racism what else could go wrong!?

Testing, from France to North America -

now embrace urself we are again leveling the road for superhumanity, genetic counting of convenient to breath and breed humans is already started, in some eugenic manner, for now maybe as corona fit selection, the rest will pass to the second round!?

I am guessing the time reference as now, if hedonistic treadmill is correct and time is faster by factor x2 in this century, then instead in 30 years it should be 15, but we are already two decades in it, DONT PANIC this is just mine superstitious symmetry of scientific echoes with reference point is 1904 when IQ started and lebensborn program rerationalized its effects just before ww2. are we just few years from ww3 then? DONT WORRY I am just playing naively wrongly with numbers, altho its good one to have bunker in his probably village safe house and survivalist know-how at hand, wherever and whenever ww3 happened!

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