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inspiration for the thread is onother historical one [1] but somehow good addition is the next quote, and although anglo-saxon colonialism is mainstreamly taken as true start of the modern western imperialism, still my reasoning goes to freemasonic esoterical neopagan and enlightenment expansionism i.e. e-globalism, the infamous ideal for western new world order as paradise on earth!

Odiseizam wrote:now check this out, usA was also prime culprit behind wwI wwII and for sure in future wwIII, I know that this is too good to be true, but actually usA is puppet state in hands of shadowy elites that push own nwo agenda, and I dont blame anyhow american people for what their founding fathers have done when aligned with banc'corp colonialists and freemasonry ...

think the quoted lines are good provocation for this kind of ideological deconstruction, almost like propaganda meme > west is guilty for everything, but its not west per-se guilty but the western elites, one author have described them as ascendancy of western technocracy since humanism onward, so for this first post I'll recommend his reasoning, and after I'll focus deconstructing my quoted point ... just reminder live aside any empty chit-chat like one line spams and if cant contribute to the thread at least dont chock it ...

The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship

yt upload of the iron show episode
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By Odiseizam
in the previous post is clearly stated freemasonry and enlightenment expansionism, in both cases its word for neopaganism, the first is religion that was newborn of the enlightenment era as the same was newborn as consequence as I've said from humanism onward, which actually as empirical and deductive merged with european medieval esoteria of illumism rozenkreutzianism catharism and kabalism [1][1] that eventually lead to freemasonry i.e. somehow at some point they were standardized in freemasonic religion, that as such became foremost obedience club that would serve for pushing the enlightenment agenda for new world order with new superhumanity i.e. the western neopagan elites instigated coup against vatican and royalism in the first phase [1] then in the second started to push some nwo experiments like the bolshevik communism [2][2][2] and when this failed because their puppet lenin died [2] they brought up the nazi experiment [2] first of all so it could reset the first, and then later eventually through it to lay ground for stable nwo, but again they have fail, in both cases their masonic experiments had spiral out of control!

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... after ww2 things chilled again for a while until western determinists didnt pull again the strings when they hopped after the dissolution of sssR they would be in position for new experimenting, so as human civilization we've become open lab for new globalism, but China got new momentum through outsourcing manufacturing, while Russia in the transition opened big doors for Orthodoxy and as consequence quickly stand up on its legs, so the reality now is not bipolar but multipolar world and again western determinists fell, although they have also problem with all the rests nations because as states they've became more advanced and more democratic so its harder for the global elites to impose control even less to put in place lasting nwo agenda, today even harder, but again they hope that after next world war things would fell in place because this one would be although quick cataclysmic, thus humanity will have no other choice but to unite under leadership of one world government i.e. western determinists look through controlled chaos to place quick nwo solution, method in freemasonry also known as ordo-ab-chao [2] think that for some time now its also humanistically approved in their minds like social entropy! could it be that we at very begining of that momentum, dont know, but it smells on hedonistic teen spirit [2]
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By Odiseizam
now how come freemasonry kidnapped the world, not that per-se they did it, probably they tried to give meaning and inertia to the bancster elites backs then and through them played the strive for its utopian ideal, most probably all started when western capitalism burst through usury and lets say teutons sought chance how to overtake the control of vatican, what earlier they did directly from within while later indirectly separating the european north from south by protestantism so they could control own masses and influence, and later introduced new freemasonic religion for compacting its elits, its funny how they imposed own nwo agenda to protestant christians through evangelical interpretations of and around parusia [1][1] so now they've built in usA such cult in its own purposes that today is seen as patriotic one in face of neocon'servative globalism [1] so to speak the fight for nwo are pushing evangelical dominionists which in the end for sure we loose the ground if we have in mind that at place is unionism and universalism for some time now that as apostasy will equal freemasonry and Christianity in the end [2] this said its obvious that evangelical dominionists are played by the international globalists just because usA as state has all the necessary political economical and military means so it would push om the old nwo agendaand its easier to be spinned like this than waiting masses to conver to illumism i.e. luciferianism amd then seek for world unity, we are all staged, and probably only hope for now is that Russia is at the moment Orthodox Christian Bastion ...

here is transcript excerpt about dominionists from the Phill Collins ironshow interview in the first post, this is just part concerning the neocons as evangelical ultra right wing in usA, but gives the prime falacy and compatibility to the enlightenment nwo ideal of international globalists, so to speak they are galloping in one nwo stroll!

    Could you unpack dominionism really quick so that we're all on the same page and our listeners know what we're talking about.

    Sure. OK. Well basically dominionism in a nutshell according to their eschatology
    Jesus cannot or will not return to earth until the dominionist until Christians co-opt all secular political and social institutions and thus Jesus's kingdom is reduced to a secular government established by and maintained through secular power. Now while secular progressive see dominionism as a violation of the separation of church and state it actually represents the subscription of the church under the state dominionism empowers temporal machinations socialpolitical and military powers attain ascendancy under the rubric of maintaining the move to the dominionist government and ultimately the state is apotheosis.

    And again this was an objective of earlier sociopolitical utopians and that this particular strain dominionism that this particular strain of utopianism has a marginally theistic gloss that it acknowledges the existence of God that's totally inconsequential dominionism still represents, Dominionism is inherently neognostic character, Dominionism is underscored by its mandate to build the Kingdom of God in the here and now, this mandate preconception is the eschatology that is to say the end of days as an object of a man experience and again objects of myth of a man experience are completely and totally confined to the ontological plane of the physical universe or within the experience all the experience all limitations the experience all limits of man and so you don't require faith, you don't require it to apprehend its existence.

    So we have this gradual migration back towards the cognitive powers of man back towards gnosis away from faith a direct this derision for faith which of course was a hallmark of sociopolitical utopians such as communist and fascist does the dominionist eschatology purely in dwells of the material Cosmos and this this is all a slippery slope towards an antroropocentric theology because according to Dominus theology Jesus is either unwilling or unable to return to Earth and if this is true then Christ role of sight of Savior Soteur is nullified.

    Chapter 9 verse twenty eight it states that Christ return will represent the final installment in humanity salvation it reads quote So Christ was once offered to bear the sense of many and unto them that look for him shall he appeared the second time without sin unto salvation according to dominionism man not God shall make his kingdom come.

    Hey Phil do these Christian Dominionist do they classify themselves as dominionist that the dominionistwould find the term dominionism derisive and of course the social sciences which basically were technocratic in origin because they find their proximate origins with our goths cop who was the chief disciple of Andre dating Simon of course would find any derision for you know seeks to find any reason to to deride traditional theistic faiths such as Christianity that being said of the problem emerges when they begin to see the Parousia that is the second coming coming they believe they begin to see it as an event that is instigated by the hands of man that there are certain prerequisites in terms of human activity that are required for the facilitation of the Parousia and that leads to all sorts of problems that's a slippery slope to all sorts of troubles because all of a sudden one is led to believe that well perhaps if we blow up the temple or you know perhaps if we rebuild the temple and you know such as that the Temple Mount faithful we can prompt Jesus to return and this leads to all sorts of violent radicalism violent political activism.

    Oh yeah. It's like Erik Prince you know kill all the Muslims.
    That's his philosophy you could say it was our thing. Yeah right. Right it hasn't stopped. Yeah.
    And it's like it's like pastors like John Hagee who believes that a war between the Arab world and the Christian world is within the necessary precursors to the Parousia .
    So he basically urges his congregation to support the presidency of George W. Bush which was you know which was infested with neoconservatives which ironically enough hail from the Enlightenment school which was virulently antichristian. But but that that that of course has led to the quagmires that we have in Afghanistan and Iraq. And let me ask you a question now that we are now that we have so many troops abroad and we've killed so many Iraqis we've had the you know Blackwater or mercenaries gunning down Iraqi civilians and and we've carpet bombed Afghan civilians.

    Does it appear as though Jesus is any closer to returning. Has he returned yet. Absolutely not. Yeah. The problem is just because this belief that some human activity some sort of that certain historical events are absolutely precursors to the Parousia that the problem is is that all that does is sets the stage that provides a religious rationale for VAT of violent
    political activism that just begets a perpetual cycle of violence which will never force the hand of God.

    That's not so if we follow that line of reasoning you might say that the Christian Dominionist is his own worst enemy.
    Yes yes very much so. And what have we seen since since you know the presidency of George W. Bush which found a great deal of support from the dominionist community from the evangelicals.

    We saw this backlash and this was something I had been predicting myself I predicted it on several talk shows. We saw this backlash from the secular progressives and now the new atheists such as Dawkins did it. And Hitchens these people have all the intellectual ammunition they need to fire back at the Christians to make it appear as though Christianity is in fact a poison the venom that a virus of the mind that once it infects those who adopt it they become radical violent fanatical jihadist. And to a certain extent the the new atheist is not wrong.

    That's the sad part. They're not wrong in that the dominionist is a jihadist they are promoting christian jihad. The problem comes in and why there's the wait and the terror. Yeah the church. That's why this is directing a church more than he is directing. You know we already know the young you know well it's already very dead people. Right. Because they're dead in their beliefs. And here they can fire back even more further from you know being regenerated. You know that's actually the truth. Now we got Christian Dominionist same thing as the Crusades.

    You know exactly. You're exactly right. During the Great Awakening we were walking and during Luther we were woken from there for like wait a minute. And you know and Calvin wrote the institute's show this way. Let's never go back to that thinking this is not. You know we don't want to go back.

    I can't help but thinking that there's somebody way up by playing both sides against the middle sort of a Hegelian dialectic including dominionism.
    Well you're right you're absolutely right because for all practical purposes if you look at the culture war between secular progressives and evangelicals that's a Hegelian dialectic because for all practical purposes you have two adherents of an aantropocentric theology, the dominionist quite unconsciously are an adherent of an aantropocentric theology theology put an IT IT HERE. Nonetheless that's the natural logical conclusion of dominionist theology that man is facilitating his own salvation by instigating the Parousia . Likewise the secular progressive who who may or may not believe in God and if they do believe in God God is reduced to an absentee landlord at best believes subscribes to an antropocentric theology that man it's the measure of all things to paraphrase Protagora many of them are secular humanists and in and therefore man must basically facilitate his own salvation.

    And so these dialectical commonalities basically make it inconsequential that the conflict between the evangelicals and the secular progressives is superficial at best and the outcome who wins is inconsequential in fact we might be seen a Hegelian synthesis between the two because we see men like Rick Warren who are who is now closely aligned with secular progressives men like Barack Obama and the emerging church movement which Rick Warren is really a part of.

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By noemon
The Roman Empire(both western & eastern) was always a Secular State under which the Christian Church was totally and entirely subsumed.

Ecclesia vivit lege Romana.

The Church lives under Roman Law.

The same is true for Roman education which was always secular, widespread at elementary level and focused on the Greco-Roman Classics & the 7 Liberal Arts & Sciences which is what the Freemasons worship.

So if this kind of eschatology were to be true, then you should know that this has already happened ever since Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Second, if the freemasons are the agents who put religions under Greco-Roman Secular authority then in Roman times they would have been called the Soldiers of Christ, which is something they call themselves anyway via the Knight's Templar Order and their use of the double-headed Eagle.

If anything, arguing against Roman Secular law, Education and Christianity is what would be 'heretical' as per the canon of the Roman Empire and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Orthodox and Catholic schools take pride in being leaders at teaching students the 7 Liberal Arts & Sciences.

As do Protestant and Anglican schools and as do the British grammar schools that are considered the world's finest(Eton, Gresham, Aberdeen, Cambridge, Oxford, etcetera).

What do you want to teach the world instead of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences?

How to jihad? :eh: Because your calls of "heresy" have that single purpose alone.

Lastly, I'm very interested to know how is the Russian church allegedly not totally subsumed under the Russian state?

Or how is it different than the rest of the West?

What is Liberal Arts Education at University Level wrote:Though the concept of the Liberal Arts originates in Europe, today it’s much less prevalent than in the US – though in recent years liberal arts degrees have become more widely available. At the moment less than half of European countries have liberal arts colleges or universities with a liberal arts degree program; namely Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
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By Odiseizam
@noemon Your point is derailing the thread rhythm, and I'll will come to it later, now I'll just say its not true that vatican imposed secular education nor earlier nor later in its rule above europe, scholastics yes and through it inertia to humanism, but secularism cmon, this is just impossible from every aspect, we can argue just which pope was more prone to renaissance because not rarely many of them came from aristocratic milieu, but secular hm not even as enlightenment mood like ancient philosophical revival, that was present just as inner neopagan struggle in catholic universities that little by little lead to humanism, here is its ideological timeline if You like taken from the link in the first post > through formalism [1][1] nominalism [2][2] deism [3][3][3][4] was layed path to humanism which brought the neopagan enlightenment era, sadly in which we still live nowadays!
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By noemon
Odiseizam wrote:@noemon Your point is derailing the thread rhythm, and I'll will come to it later, now I'll just say its not true that vatican imposed secular education nor earlier nor later in its rule above europe, scholastics yes and through it inertia to humanism, but secularism cmon, this is just impossible from every aspect, we can argue just which pope was more prone to renaissance because not rarely many of them came from aristocratic milieu, but secular hm not even as enlightenment mood like ancient philosophical revival, that was present just as inner neopagan struggle in catholic universities that little by little lead to humanism, here is its ideological timeline if You like taken from the link in the first post > through formalism [1][1] nominalism [2][2] deism [3][3][3][4] was layed path to humanism which brought the neopagan enlightenment era, sadly in which we still live nowadays!

The Vatican is not a secular institution by definition but for a religious institution it is indeed as secular as it goes due to the fact that it is the Roman state in a micrography.

Evidently, you need to put a lot more thought into this.
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By Odiseizam
@noemon as I said I'll come back to the edu topic later in the thread ...

Odiseizam wrote:this is just part concerning the neocons as evangelical ultra right wing in usA

in this post I will throw theory that suppose how the nwo agenda was rolling after ww2 and how it could probably roll through ww3, but as such is not backed by facts but assumptions, it suggest that usA had lead but actually in many respects they were behind eg. remote viewing [1][1] also soviet space program in the beginning was way advanced in comparison of the american which catch up late in the space race, not to talk about the later elf woodpecker experiments etc. etc. ...

    interestingly those neocon elits instigated the cold war, but I think their companions the international globalists paused them i.e. even if there was instant nuclear victory by usA against sssR [1] that would signal to masses that they are the rougue and like that probably risk that they would follow easily the nwo agenda later, so probably they were intentionally pushing soviets to become stronger [1] but probably later aware of this kgb instigated the andropov doctrine and took their ace after its realization through gorbachev and perestroika ... tho instantly usA found new player in face of threat from international terrorism, although as western (nato) compacting measure first trained by "humanitarian crisis" orchestrated since the ex-Yu war onward as western export of democracy [1] but actually it was geostrategic positioning around modern eastern empires so they could push them later on western lead nwo through united nations, the long dreamed one world government!

but now after the lost crimean checkpoint, but also the syrian path to middle eastern caliphate, their anaconda doctrine fell apart, and only way they could instigate the nwo agenda is through dirrect provocation of russian or chinese partners eg. in balkans or southeast asia [2] tho I would not exclude Syria yet knowing how instantly after Biden inauguration american troops are strengthening their presence there [2][2] this is why this digression matters it points to ww3 inertia from which war should emerge the infamous new world order! probably earlier that was more doable for usA although ended with the isis fiasco and the forging of the new caliphate so later would be used as ground force in any potential direct ww3 strike, but think Russia even then was prepared > "the national defense drill in 2013 involved over 60 million people" [3] but now with hypersonic missiles in its pockets, but also with looming new world economic depression, for sure the balance has largely swayed in russian benefit ...
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By noemon
I think it is quite amazing what people will imagine to convince themselves that they 're "winning".

In both Syria and Libya Russia is fighting Turkey and her jihadists, not the west. In Armenia, the fight was against Turkey also and that resulted to the ethnic-cleansing of the Armenians from their homes. The same happened to the Orthodox people in Syria.

The west is just sitting back and watching Russia gauging her own eyes out by playing dogfights with the Turkish poodle and has not even made a peep. While Turkey is screaming down her throat for being abandoned by the west and NATO.

We are watching 2 small-to-medium economies destroying each other, their standard of living and their sub-par systems of government by fighting each other for scraps when the entire world is moving at warp speed on renewable energy and technology.

What we are witnessing is the west taking as much distance as possible from both Russia and Turkey so that neither of the 2 can blame "the west" for their own problems(as is traditional in both countries).

Eventually both will be eaten alive by their own populations who are disenfranchised, poor and whose living standards, education & human rights are constantly deteriorating.
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By Odiseizam
@noemon You are predominately seeing the middle east crisis as local wars for land and resources, tho they are that too, but actually they are all part of one greater agenda, indeed Turks and Saudi were/are trying to take the lead of eventual new caliphate, but this dont disproves the agenda behind the scenes, for which I'll propose just one opinion from one of the pentagon generals the balkanian leading horseman of nato strike against Serbia general Wesley Clark who openly states iraq and jasmin revolutions were agenda [1][1]

think this is enough as counterargument, although later would like to deconstruct all Your propositions, just first I would prefer to close my argument from the quote in the first post ... think till now are covered ww2 through sponsored soviets and nazis, ww3 is elaborated as possible scenario tho that still needs elaboration, and whats left is ww1 ...
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By noemon
A counterargument to what specifically? Can you state it so I can understand it too?

What is the underlying western conspiracy of removing itself and letting Russia and Turkey kill each other in Syria, Libya and Armenia?

How do you explain Turkey begging Europe and America to save her in Syria?

How do you explain Turkey offering human sacrifices(literally) to China, by giving her Uighur Muslims on a plate, while China has not made a single statement supporting her anywhere.

How do you explain Russia sitting back while Armenians were being ethnic-cleansed by Azeris and Turks?
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By Odiseizam
@noemon did You see the footnoted videos? counterargument on your logic that is local clash at stake in Syria, what happened do it was nato geopolitical operation to remove russians from Syria with their only mediterain base but also there was bigger caliphate agenda, if You follow my previous posts I am linking through the footnotes also this syrian scenario, BarackO didnt finish the job coz risks of ww3 if no-fly zone was imposed by usA as was requested by neocons i.e. that would mean then also russian planes would be target too, HillaryC if elected promised that would be the first thing to sign as president [1][1] but Trump came along and he reverted the policy of american imperialism through make america great again agenda as businessman who would not spend a dime on foreign wars or even nato defense etc. etc. so after his withdrawal Turks Kurds and isis were left alone and happened what happened!

btw nor Turkey nor Russia killed each other in Syria, there was just one spinn when deep state skim was instigated after what the turkish pm was fired and tr-ru relations were normalized [2] similar spin was pushed on Trump too with staged chlorin attack on Douma [2]

about Armenia again we are going deep oftopic in this thread, I'll just guess at stake are bigger deals like turkish new ties and azeris gas, but as conflict it would go again in new rounds, depends when and how russians will be loosen to back up armenians again [3]
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By noemon
The west did not commit in either Syria or Libya and has departed from both countries.

For the past 2-3 years it is only Russia and her proxies vs Turkey and her proxies. That is not spin, but the reality on the ground.

The same in Armenia & Azerbaijan.

Russia vs Turkey

The west simply does not consider either of these theatres important enough to commit and is letting Russia and Turkey duke it out between themselves.

Same in the Ukraine where the west did not intervene or commit on the ground.
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By Odiseizam
@noemon wow this is not proindependent nor prowetern this is profable reasoning, tho its Your right on own logic, free will is imperative for me, tho I can give bunch of arguments but I'll not change your mind, simply to see the whole picture You'll need to read global geopolitical books essays or search for analysis, your logic is straight everything looks plain simple, even You can argue that jasmin revolutions were just democratic outburst against own tyrants, and thats just good propaganda meme which repeated too many time it becomes mainstream truth, the psyop is such powerful nowadays that indeed people are brainwashed easily, but after while some insider with guilt on his shoulders will reveal the truth [1] but again propaganda machines will bury that with new push of the button, eventually as public what will get is just locked room of puzzles of the mosaic cherrypicking what e need want or can, and think this is solely due to must say intentionally misused e-tools in these times [1]

the reality now between Turkey and Russia is pinkish, tho way lesser than pink, but lets see what will happen later, in my opinion its just positioning among mediteranian hotspots [2][2] for now its just positioning good relations, although to You it seems its word for animosity, how if s-400 landed in Tukey, and also Tursk were eager to swept american for russian jet-fighters [2] when usA sanctions were imposed over s-400 purchase ...
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By noemon
Turkey bought the S-400 because she felt she was being betrayed by the west in Syria after the west and NATO were refusing to support her war against Russia and Assad.

She thought this would a make a statement strong enough to change the west's mind to come to her aid. It didn't change the west's mind and Turkey was abandoned to fight Russia on her own and now had to pay Russia billions for the mistake she made but she could not take back because she would lose face. Turkey thought the west would cave and that she would never have to actually buy those weapons.

She is now fighting against Russia and at the same time buying weapons, Russia can remotely lock :lol:

Turkey thought that the combination of threatening to buy Russian weapons and throwing refugees at the borders would cause the west to cave into her demands.

She failed and is now stuck under the bed she made.

Russia is pretending to achieve something abroad because she cannot achieve anything at home.

Putin would have been eaten alive if the west had not given him a minor victory in the Ukraine & Syria to feed the Russian people with.

Personally, I do not see why the west even bothers with either Putin or Erdogan. Europe should simply cut all relations with them and let their populations eat them alive.

They are both hostile against Europe in open and direct ways.
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By Odiseizam
I assume You are seeing geopolitics just as conflict of interests, even as game were one can step back easily, hm if You know how much was invested by usA alone but also through their allies in isis, it would be obvious to You that this was huge project that was not meant to be released so easily as by Obama so as by Trump each of them to different level, their move was unbelievable shame for neocons, and trump even didnt bother but avoided them easily exactly as in chess game instead domino one which was played in middle east by usA, tho I admire him for the sake of the World Peace ...

    on other hand what has done Putin was geostrategic victory that resolved on long run its position in the mediterran but also secured the most soft spot in black sea important coz the russian fleet, what You cant see is that these were the last two points of geostrategic hold after ussR dissolution that if lost that would meant finalization of the anaconda doctrine, now the usA anaconda is butchered on half, especially with the swaying of Turkey which gives to Russia many advantages from different scenarios in every as benefitor and benefactor of/for the world , even more because it was buying time so western economic fiasco from 2008 to come to full fruition, now whats left is pressure that is avoidable through Africa they need just to make one base in Libya and as in case of divided Syria every one has own sector, what is more important Russia has defense and attack advancement with their hypersonic missiles, but also elf/vlf weapons, and whats left is securing the low orbit of satellites from any usA space attack, hm, china would null them easily they had have ready shrapnel satellites already in place ...

... this is not whole summary of their position, but puts in context very different point of view in respect of yours, oh how lucky humans would be if things were as You propose but they are not ... and russians eating own system, hm if kgb havent imagined that this will never become reality, but hm maybe literally as biowepon attack from the neighboring pentagon labs in Georgia now Ukraine too etc. but surely Russia is already prepared for that after all its not something new ... what is more important with every western sanction west is getting the opposite reaction among russians they are becoming more and more patriotic and see west more and more arrogant, on top of that the Youth is aware that eU is also in prolonged crisis, and brexit was the cherry that cream them all to the point of no return, I'll say nor eU nor usA will be again in same position as in the previous two decades, now just seat back and enjoy the show, from time to time learn for some prophecy how when where ww3 will roll on and what to say than Almighty Lord Please Help so less people would suffer, almost as everybody that are expecting this to happen so it would continue with their lives, but there would be no return point think after that, maybe some time of peace but again the economical and political turmoils will lead to dystopian future in which Russia by all means can and know how to survive, while utmost plan of eauroatlantic determinists is melting the glaciers as ultimate answer which was proposed since the cold war and think now would be again rereleased as one of the options [1][1][1] tho unbelievable but in their wrong proud minds ea-determinists were confident that their nwo is closed question just matter of time and as one conspi theory says their only fear was new little ice age [1] what to say wake up they indeed are too much fuzzy in their "humanistic" heads!
this is good replaced post, so it could explain how propaganda is used so everything could be easily covered up as agenda or as part of it, simply the prime weapon of eauroatlantic determinists is brainwashing of the masses so they can be easily conditioned or mislead when they are pushing their nwo agenda i.e. to keep their mask of democrats while push their at least banc'corp interest at worst nwo goal!

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By noemon
Odiseizam wrote:I assume You are seeing geopolitics just as conflict of interests, even as game were one can step back easily, hm if You know how much was invested by usA alone but also through their allies in isis, it would be obvious to You that this was huge project that was not meant to be released so easily as by Obama so as by Trump each of them to different level, their move was unbelievable shame for neocons, and trump even didnt bother but avoided them easily exactly as in chess game instead domino one which was played in middle east by usA, tho I admire him for the sake of the World Peace ...

First of all, please understand that you are not making any sense.

Second if I understand you correctly, you believe that instead of conflict of interests between nations what we have is an undercover cabal controlling everything that is happening.

Typical Balkanese paranoia & conspiracy. But Trump doesn't fit your narrative does he? Neither does Brexit, does it? And neither do so many other things like Russia letting Turkey & Azerbaijan ethnic-cleanse Armenia, or China behaving like Hitler in the 40's.

Sooner or later you understand that there is no such thing and even those in the highest echelons still find major trouble controlling their own companies let alone global relations.

Once you 're in the game for so long you come to realise that most politicians are total idiots who cannot even organise a meeting let along coordinate a conspiracy spanning decades; and that governments are like children, they poke the teacher(currently public opinion at least in the west) to see with how much they can get with.
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By Odiseizam
noemon wrote:Once you 're in the game for so long you come to realise that most politicians are total idiots who cannot even organise a meeting let along coordinate a conspiracy spanning decades; and that governments are like children, they poke the teacher(currently public opinion at least in the west) to see with how much they can get with.

this reasoning is all due to secular ontological naturalism as mindset, You indeed dont understand that there is greater spiritual game behind the scenes, geopolitics as it is currently is not just in context of earthly powers but above all spiritual one, simply said neopaganism vs Christianity ...

    I can assure You from spiritual perspective still all this is not dualistic battle between good and evil, but Providence by Almighty Lord so People could have more chance for repentance and salvation ...

everything else could be interpreted as factual or not, even explained from any aspect, but still what governs this world its the spiritual realm working from behind ... so to speak we are living exactly in the beginning of the end of the Apocalypse ... You will clearly see this when and if your spiritual eyes would open even for a fragment of time, but what cant be achieved through didactic reasoning ... yet its Your utmost Free Will to chose whether You will become spiritual aware or would stay blind for this essence in this world, what nowadays is rarely achieved by individual medidation but collective invocation of Grace through Lords Praise on Litirfues, at least I can witness that this was case with my awakening tho I had have pagan one earlier but not even close to the curent Orthodox Christian Inchurchment ... just then You will understand this thread not as conspiracy but true neopagan ideology behind western imperialism!
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By noemon
Neopaganan or Judean or Semitic or anti-Christian or just Satanist?

There are not just 2 forces in the world but multiple. And they are called interests.

Sometimes interests converge and sometimes they don't.

You would rather ignore all the events mentioned and see things through a dual prism that only you can interpret for the rest of us?

Will we have to come and check back in this thread every time an event takes place to see in which category the "wise one" has placed the particular event?

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By Odiseizam
@noemon no I am just elaborating particular theory from my perspective of view, that does not means that mine is exceptional, thats why I prefer e-forums so there would be room for debating instead blogging pamphlets, especially crucial for revisionistec theories, what is less important do whether I am right or wrong but whether the theory could be deconstructed enough cleverly or argumented further factually ...

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