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Your mentioning of France is proven.

I must say most Western countries other than the British had been suckers in colonialism.

IMHO France seems want to force its way to the third world again. It started with Sarkozy leading the action against Gaddafi, but Macron seems to have taken it to another level, from his putting himself in the Lebanese incident. (Didn't hear too much about Hollande... did he hide his involvements well?)
hm not just France, but usA+France

Russia is just going through proxys as mentioned in the article [1]

while usA wants to land directly



is Russia even close operationally as usA in this respect?

    26 August 2007 ~ Responsibility for operations on the African continent is currently divided among three distinct Commands: U.S. European Command, which has responsibility for nearly 43 African countries; U.S. Central Command, which has responsibility for Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya; and U.S. Pacific Command, which has responsibility for Madagascar, the Seychelles, and the countries off the coast of the Indian Ocean. Until December 2006 when the United States began to assist Ethiopia in its invasion of Somalia, all three existing Commands have maintained a relatively low-key presence, often using elite special operations forces to train, equip, and work alongside national militaries.

    A new Africa Command, based potentially in or near oil-rich West Africa would consolidate these existing operations while also bringing international engagement, from development to diplomacy, even more in line with U.S. military objectives. [1]

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