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Should it be easier or harder to vote? That’s the question on which the future direction of American politics now hangs, In a bid to tilt the playing field in their favour, the Republicans are trying to make voting more difficult. In the past year, GOP lawmakers have introduced some 165 proposals in 33 states restricting citizens’ access to the ballot box
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The limits set on who can and who cannot vote traces back to the founding fathers of our curious Constitution. They were not willing to have the Joe Sixpack's of the time casting a ballot and restricted voting to male landowners. Members of the Upper House were selected by the legislatures of the states. The Electoral College, an unique structure, was interposed between the voters and the office of the chief executive. Its effects, distorting the strength of individual votes, continues to this day.

The attempts by the 'conservatives'/Republicans can be seen as reactionary. The logical solution -- federal identity papers for each citizen -- appears to be a non-starter.

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