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If you don't get angry about this situation there is something wrong with you, poverty, mafia and people who have to make money off the bodies of women, children and the vulnerable and desperate. They need to be PUNISHED HARD:

I hate violence but if ever there were people who deserved severe corporal punishment it is these child slaveowners. I swear if I knew where they were in the world they were? I would join this man to find them and prosecute them. Governments neglecting this shit? NO excuse. HOPE. Solutions.
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My husband gets angry as hell with this. It happens a lot in nations with low wages and bad poverty and crime out of control.

In Mexico here there are people (parents) who rent out their kids for child molesters to sexually abuse they pay $1000 pesos for an hour of abuse of their kids and the family has some income. I find that repulsive. These people are poor and desperate but other poor families find ways of scraping by. These families are both poor and think this is acceptable to do in Mexico. It is not. But many people just don't get organized enough to stop it.

My husband told me that when he finally can move here and get his visas in order? His citizenship too? He is going to deal with this child sex exploitation. IT PISSES ME OFF BAD AND IT PISSES HIM OFF VERY much.

You can't organize and be a political activist as a foreigner in Mexico. Got to wait for citizenship.

But the people in the USA can donate in India and other nations fund raising to give the organizations the power they need to kick these monsters where it hurts them the most. Stealing their property and their profits made off the tears and blood and pain of these children's innocence.

I think of my innocent little boy. He goes to his school on the computer, I pay for his tutor, I pay for his now guitar classes, swimming classes, therapy classes and I feed, clothe him and take him to movies, and ice cream stops and think about baseball and beach weekends and toys for him. His favorites foods. He has a childhood I want for him and FOR ALL CHILDREN. No child should be exploited and mistreated and exposed to these criminal horrors controlling these slave operations. These violent DEMONS need to be punished Rancid. No matter what the cost. I asked my husband, "Muchos de esta gente beneficiandose de los ninos son unos criminales maleantes de primera. No tienes miedo?" He says to me, "Si me muero defendiendo los ninos? Es una buena causa no?"

Yes it is.
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By Puffer Fish
Just want to point out it's equally bad in Pakistan, and goes on in Afghanistan as well.
I saw a group marching around downtown in Vancouver shouting about child sex slavery and I was nonplussed. Even if the issue is clear it almost feels as though there isn't really much that anyone could do about it; it was almost uncomfortable watching them march around with their children and their children looked embarrassed. I can certainly understand why this would upset a lot of parents of well-off countries (whereas parents in poor countries would be resigned to it), but I think unless you are willing to pour the time and resources into making an actual impact it seems like one of those things that you have to just put in your "why god why?!" box and let it be. I think it is quite difficult to eradicate most profiteering schemes, they have been around for as long as money has and will exist, and if you remove the crudeness of the commodity from the equation that's essentially what this boils down to. Sheer human greed drives cruelty. It is unfortunate what is being exploited in this circumstance, but it seems like it could never be resolved unless there were an extreme police-surveillance-state. Until then, for each crooked creep you catch, another one is born.
Tainari88 wrote:These people are poor and desperate but other poor families find ways of scraping by.

The unusual popularity of transgender culture in Thailand is perfectly explained by this one period in history where the country provided services for the fleet of some another country based in the region. Including sexual needs. Peasants quickly found they can't provide enough daughters, but hey, a drunk sailor isn't picky, a boy in makeup and girl dress will work too. As soft as a girl, only has a little thing between his legs, but it's so small that it's hard to notice when you're in the middle of the action and overflown with alcohol. What a great way to spend the evening with a small body impaled by you, trembling around you, owned by you in both physical and moral sense. Because you never was so wretched as to sell your own children for a bowl of food.
Years ago there was an Arab couple who lived in a duplex not too far away from me. It emerged in the news that they had been keeping a child slave. Apparently they bought the little girl from an impoverished family in Egypt, and then brought the child with them to continue working as a slave domestic helper in their home, when they immigrated. Apparently that sort of thing was pretty normal in the part of the world they came from, they didn't really think it was anything out of the ordinary.
The child never went to school, was made to work 14 hours a day with domestic chores inside the home, and every night slept on the floor in the laundry room. (It wasn't a very big home)
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