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By Robert Urbanek

specters of zion

world war z

building walls
to keep out
but arabs
inside fort

amidst swarm
ghost rider
pale green horse
from cairo street


other side of
arab spring
shimmering veil
eternal crusade

no renaissance
no enlightenment
eternal dark ages

saladin in saddle
here to retake
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By Maria162769
Man balances pool cue on forehead for 2 hours, 16 minutes
https://www.interestingnews.club/2021/0 ... for-2.html

That's was a Interesting news
But I want to tell you something important
I am sure you heard about Palestine and isreal ?
You know I did research then I found Israel is a terrorist country
They are killing innocent people in Palestine
We should stand and boycott Israel and those who are supporting Israel

You know I can't hate them just becouse they are Muslim
We should show we have a soft heart and we love humanity
I am sure if you are a not a terrorist or hater
Then you will agree with me

#support Palestine
#boycott Israel
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By Gardener
Brutal Theocrats
We got rid of them in Europe
Because they where repressive
But we love them in Judea
And the lovely lovely Palestinians.
Who love HAMAS
Or HAMAS shoots them.
Because they are so enlightened
And deserving of our support
Because we hate the Reformation.
And prefer to live in thatched huts
And play with mud.
Allah Ahkbar !
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By Robert Urbanek

finally mummy
unwrap corpse
of forgotten

atum gift
of commerce
kephri gift
of arts and science

but with a price
ra at noon pogrom
never say
never again

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