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By Odiseizam
this is still not affirmed ideology, nor has any definition but think that as appearance through the deceiving or criminal mindset is regular ism through human history, and we can find its roots in every domain in the social existance eg. in Christianity as term is seen like Prelest for what many theologians were accounted through their noncanonical interpretations [1] that promoted heresies, later succeeded eg. in protestantism by Clairvoyants [1][1] then through the political history can be traced as False Cause [2] also the supremacists aryanism [2] after follows the art of false attesting [3] and false convincing like Imposture [3][3] what later was exploited in capitalistic manner through examples like FWDemara [4] or CVWood [4] who used Job Fraud skims to prosper after the great depression in usA [5] and lastly in modern times fraudalism became norm in form of political propaganda [6] or later the economic pyramid schemes [7] and its hot'cotour ponzy speculations [8] hm, maybe as last category could be seen the modern conspiracy mindset when not rests on fact based assumptions but some form of superstitious ~mancy [9][9]

    must admit earlier living in transitional ghetto [1] I got some kind of criminal mindset, maybe coz the postsocialistic '90s criminal vibe when I was surrounded by mind'blowing corruption and media brainwashing topped with cinematic vhs violence wrapped in the end by gangsta hiphop lifestyle!? anyhow, I was seeking to become don by all costs having own gang and territory, hm mids ultra poverty when one can buy on the black market hand grenade for 15 or ak47 for 250 deutsche marks then what else to think about, lucky I was struck by artistic lightning in my childhood so I have somehow evade the killa mode easily focusing on nicer ways of self expression than egotrippin in the ghetto pack, but eventually got habit to manipulate everything around myself, what again I had luck to reset it after got Inchurched Orthodox Christian ...

now when I come on some "fraudalism" in every respect either individual or collective I can see that in question is spiritual manipulation by higher entities, and know that only effective way for their decimation is by empowered enchanted singing, sometimes even with cheerful modern vibе, but mostly through devoted Christian Chanting, first guarding myself like that from direct personal attacks but also trying to help others to free themselves from "fraudalism" that obsessed their soul ... haply because this awareness I lost the habit to judge others because any of their bad deeds tho I am still shocked when come along some pervert behavior in the society, cannibalism etc.


anyway think that if and when this ism would become theoretical if not practical science in sociology except like now in criminology, just then we can hope that any political system can be more aware in its strive for collective happiness than the usual current liberal individualistic opportunism, what eventually would lead to Better Quality of Life if not else, but how when is not addressed as ideology which is covert capitalistic emergence that as nuseffect puts example someonеs interests even above the human rights or basic human needs like food and shelter!? maybe I am wrong maybe there is indeed some particular social theory that covers this kind of mindset in humans, if so dont hesitate to share your thoughts, actually any opinion is welcomed on this reasoning i.e. how this maniacal capitalistic trend to be challenged if not eradicated, in my opinion not by mass-surveillance or harsh-penology but more conscious education from aspect of togetherness sharefulness cosmopolitanism etc. altho good way for healing of such terminally ill humans would be rather rural lockdown than the current animal'farming in 4 walls , maybe some form of modern ostracism could help with inherited tribal cases, but all in all we need to accept that for many nowadays the fraud behavior is ideal that btw is stimulated subconsciously by the movie industry almost as if there is no action screenplay where the main plot is not some kind of skim, intentionally or not we are programmed to think like desperados ...
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By Odiseizam
somehow politics as always was Art Of Deception, parties influencing and convincing the masses that will get representatives backing their public interest, yet this is blatant fraud because there are so many interests at stake that simply the odds for fair representation are more than discutable! but why people are falling for it, its called PR wrap consisted of style + propaganda i.e. sense for trends + persuasion what leads to votes, or eventually donations for any necessary bribe of the plebs ... and when some party had have established brand then the selling of fog goes smooth enough that even fallacies can pass, just like in the modern art world [1] its some kind of elitist social engineering that should keep the masses cool in the democratic theater while they as elites are pushing easily own agendas behind the scenes, the special effects nowadays are poured through tv and internet stage with scenarios developed now probably by algorithmic ai calculations, what is no more secrete after the cambridge analytica show [1][1] what essentially is private sigint survey later used for vote-me pressure, tho used as always but in more personal way, what now became almost fine targeted lobotomy through the social networks ...

    eg. the afroamericans in usA even do constantly lied by dems for greater rights, they stil with joy vote them, as if they believe in that, and if that is not result of successful brainwashing then what else is!? this misuse actually has history through the funding of NAACP by the garland fund [1][1] i.e. the charles garland trustee roger baldwin started the skim, he was the founder of AUAM and later the garland fund [2] which were obviously democratic street arm since woodrows times [2] actually till that contribution to NAACP afroamericans voted for the republican party, and since started to vote for the democratic party [3] I mean not that they didnt got rights through dems later in '60s [3] but how long dems had have the power in hands they introduced so little effort things to change on time, mostly using the carrot&stick method to train the afroamericans as own voting body, probably if they were smart as Black Community they would vote for the green or libertarian party en-masse, but somehow they are so brainwashed that dems are still their guru, what is almost fantastic spinn whats happening on their behalf, but hm its not easy to forget on the carrot i.e. for sure there were/are many funds that keep them in line, simply its word for one of the richest people in usA the globalist banc'corp gang, I mean if You know who was behind woodrow wilson for sure this is clear (carnegie rockefeller etc.) but this is topic for other thread ...

... so whats the fraud here, hm, think the north black america is fooled too long and still keeps the "left" side with 80% of its votes dropping in dem boxes, and in return what they've got just promises, yeah the first black american president who "accidentally" was pushed to start ww3 in Syria [1][1] luckily he back off otherwise black man would go in history as the main culprit for the dystopian future on the earth, HiFive Obama You saved the day ...
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By Odiseizam
sorry for all these next footnotes with footnotes as fractal info mosaic ... in context of the previous post I've made some fraud remark about past us'elections on DTT [1] and what to say DonaldT got his share of d'e'e swamp [2] the one he "tried" to drain it but instead the same swallowed him! maybe I am wrong who knows he seemed to me as centrist who simply came in right time and left in right time [3] but lets wait and see even small sparks can start the fire [3]

    anyway what would be extra fraud recently it will be how the financial system is managed on west is if there is indeed some mega conspiracy on the horizon 1. as stabilizing of the volatility after the repo'burst in the end of 2019 supposedly was introduced plandemix ahead 2020 [[url=[/url]][1] and 2. if someone intentionally provoked plandemix that could be beneficial also maybe for tagging masses particularly in usA [2] what as assumption rests on the still hidden m'rna vaccine patent parts [3] and 3. what eventually could be useful for any future technocratic rebranding of usA [4] mids wide armed us'population!? just we will need to see how when and which fraud will be greater, mine guessing or their executive shadow orders!? for sure someone will accuse me about reasoning conspiracies, but always have in mind my propositions are not for derailing but extending particular narrative eg. natural alternatives for immunity boosting [5][5] after all I dont have nothing to loose so why fearing from my points, while the global elites hm they risk everything along their tradition too, so normally they would do anything to keep their power share might and web, why not to ASSUME THAT THE MODERN EMPIRES ARE EXACTLY THAT! diocletian rulz even nowadays [6]

are we really so easily paraded through elitists skims? are we just so brainwashed through their mainstream narrative? are they so powerful that they so loosely act democracy while marching in fact plutocracy? all this show is on level of selling quantum'mechanics to Christians as heavy Fog in baskets if not sacks [6] altho its our fault why we steel tend to live in 19 century mercantile skims accepting the plutocratic meritocracy [6] instead to push for participatory (direct) democracy [7][7][7]
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By Odiseizam
I've missed the edit deadline so here is the first footnote corrected, hm quote the post and one can see the footnote string is correctly thrown yet it showed broken string above so throws naked unliked address which its question who will re'search it like that among all other footnotes, anyway here is it corrected and bolded ...

    Odiseizam wrote:anyway what would be extra fraud recently it will be how the financial system is managed on west is if there is indeed some mega conspiracy on the horizon 1. as stabilizing of the volatility after the repo'burst in the end of 2019 supposedly was introduced plandemix ahead 2020 [1][1]

also this is good opportunity to elaborate further this plandemix notion, coz without pointing to extra motives it looks extra conspy why the same would be instigated in this manner, if at all is, tho think the truth is somewhere inbetween i.e. the elites got caught by surprise of the DonaldT win decided that they have no other option to get back the p-chair in usA than to flush election pandemic ace so they would get back on track their too big to fail n'w'o agenda, at least it looks like that but is it!? hm how they were announcing year earlier the need and time for global reset this can be taken as good reason for the plandemix'elections i.e. we are confronted with their great'Reset an euphemism for pushing n'w'o, what as reset its obviously an multileveled skim pushing for planned "sustainable" future []1][1][2][2][2] is this sounds like too good to be true theory or we are seeing in the eyes of the widest fraud of all times ... still whatever we perceive as true probably is not exactly whats going on behind the scenes coz usually as always we are forgetting to point on the spiritual background in this world , whats the prime reason why I regularly try to point that Its Our Lords Providence whatever is happening everywhere, so per'se even if someone wants to make some fraud if it is not allowed from above it will not pass eg. the utopian agenda for new world order last more than one century and still the same havent fulfilled in no way [1][1] altho the strive and shock$awe scenarios like world wars were real motion toward the same, even eventual next such turmoil will be in this respect if "their" other options dont get effective, but us and them we are all in this Life with higher cause and that is for most of us spiritual growth and Salvation yet we became defocused firmly from that goal and more and more loosing Grace with our hedonistic materialistic and egoistic lifestyle promulgated by liberal capitalism as necessary consumeristic valves for economic and cultural growth, which by all mean is wrong at least as ecofootprint that will bring us to civilization collapse, hm werent all previous bursts of overflow of human know-how ending up chocked by decadence [2][2][2] so it seems this will too, altho there is still Hope that we can mobilize our intellectual capacity and confront the elitists skims and widespread corruption on all levels as nuseffect by the overlust by the decadence by the selfishness by the possesivity and etc. alike vices that are above all means how elites to control the masses easily, altho law&order should be nowadays more than easily exercised by the masses over them, yet still corruption holds enough water so they as elites can row us on dry as on water!

    except for/like great'Reset as inertia towards the infamous n'w'o skim, this pandemics could be used for compacting the western financial system if we know that huge amount of trade fells in the gray zone, some say even one 5th of all the global economy, what I've havent researched as logic thus think arguably wrong estimate , yet there is logic that putting under radar everything can be useful for the global economy to curb all excessive liquidity of the banks and volatility of the markets one extra benefit of this pandemix is the introduction of cashless society [1][1] the question is would like that will be gained really extra stability knowing that exactly the largest part of that gray 1/5 falls to illegal trade of arms drugs frauds and etc. forbidden goods even there is speculation that the last year eg. financial stability of the european banking system was achieved through massive laundry of such profits, thus we see that any transition would not be easy altho through the bitcoin market the same gray zone could be eventually stabilized mids eventual future crypto cashless money ... now what would be benefit from the covid'19 fears and all its variants is the fear of paper money, but as we can see that didnt went so smooth, and if indeed there is skim in this respect we can just expect new and more deadly mutations until the elites dont achive their goal, hm is this probable, I really cant speculate, and looks lie ww3 will be more faster way for the euroatlantic determinists but only if they have chance to win it, which as asymmetric geopolitically and financially is already looming we need just to wait and see whether and how the same will be finalized! seen from this angle we could also guess that sars'cov'2 is such reflex also triggered by the eastern empires if we know that asraelis and trumpeteers were preparing for strike on ayran [1][1] what like this was reseted if not else for a while, thus altho we got wide lockdown and deadly new crispered virus still we didnt welcomed nukes all around, lets say small price for greater calming, anyway even in this respect executed still we are talking about plandemix, yet from altruistic reasons, tho eventually even the strive for cashless society has the same vibe in it if we know that the western financial casino is blown till ceiling and just waits the day when will fly away what as greatest global economic depression till now for sure will provoke massive unrest in the world so this would be long term effort for repairing the liberal capitalistic game!

and all in all the biggest fraud would be indeed if this pandemic is depopulation plandemix, but id this was case most hiten will be Africa and Asia but they arent, but who knows maybe in question are just sick and elderly who eventually is known that they will go away sooner or later so like this just the process is speeded up thus its unnoticeable, for what additional burden indeed would be 5g introduction altho the same is not so wide and not so firm, I mean if 4g was healthy issue what about 5g [1][1] and also there is good correlation with the Milan (Italy) spike of sudden death toll last year when still the collective immunity havent started shaping what most obviously is linked to the high 5g coverage in the area if we know that Polimi Institute for 5g research in Italy was there which btw has partnered with the Wuhan one who is the chinese leader in 6g not just 5g reasearch [2][2][2] I'll not get in detail but will just say if even for healthy people mw'eadiation is issue what about sick attacked by novel virus ... now please dont jump to conclusion this is just assumption, but this can be real proof either that in question is framing of China for this plandemix or indeed chinese and their partners got on the nose for their recklessness around pushing till ceiling all kind of experiments rushing to be among the first on every field, altho also we know that with such pace mistakes are normal side effect sp ot could be in question accident exposure as many times in biowepon labs around the world, yet somehow in murky waters we can only speculate what is at stake, maybe eradication of possessed souls by aliens [3] I mean the point is - one should always have skeptical mind from every respect, but till he dont take in account every variable (which is never) and there is no confession from someone (what is rare) one should not judge and throwing fingers to culprits, and if he wants to save his soul even then he should have understanding that when such big events are in question that is always done and revealed by Our Lord Providence altho en'masse as inertia all things depend from the misuse of our free will ...
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By Odiseizam
in the last paragraph from the last post of the retrofuturist thread think I am offering the most peculiar reason why plandemix is maybe real deal, altho if this was case till now we should had have already 10% of death toll, and for sure we wouldnt have such wide lockdowns suspecting that the western determinists have such intention, yet as I've pointed on DTT obviously till now that is not case [1] above all the appearance of russian hypersonic missiles have reseted any of theirs agendas for easy n'w'o maneuvering thus they cant count on some final scenarios at the moment, but that dont means that someone couldnt act on own hand among them knowing how with the crispr technology the invention of bioweapons became easier, lets hope none of this is case, and its word only for Our Lord Providence so we would be prepared when some fuzzy in the head man will release their nightmare utopian visions, yet dont forget about the horsmen of the apocalypse ....

Odiseizam wrote:lets be honest there is no man that dont wants better future, there are no elites that want exterminated world (at least 2 bill should survive they wish, and knowing how in just 10 years 1 billion was reached easily so we are now at 8 billion population [9][9][9] its real possibility that we can expect eugenics'inc to provoke the real great reset

another depopulation option would be later side effect of vaccination, but to me is more probable if somehow the same are used for some hidden agenda that is mass'control, coz if they as euroatlantic elites are targeting like that their population they are risking big time not just on economic but also political and military level, eventually to be instigated now smaller hype and later revealed targeted ethnic bioweapon [2] and as strategy this would be meanest fraud coz on that the eastern empires will not close their eyes ...

    ... on other hand what is interesting is how despite all experimenting risks with the new m'rna vaxing the same is pushed intensively on top without any guaranties as we are talking for ice cream [3] are we maybe making day after ice cream from any unobedient citizen mids eventual economic collapse i.e. way for mass'remote'control as I propose in more sci'fi'way [4] their heredity power lust is so great that they would not hesitate to use all means so tehy will keep in order their own backyard [5][5][5] as is proposed in the last link No they will not accept to let go their strings to be captured by the free masses thus they will do everything they can so they would assure as elites their own remote controls, unlike the proposed m'rna sci'fi risks fro, the 4th footnote about protein receivers additional securing of the remote is extra intake of heavy metals, and btw all this could be done through gmo food with vaxing they have just potential for tagging and numbering if indeed there is in place such skim, yeah 5g and 6g could be more useful than satellites in this respect as pointed in the book "Communicating by Electromagnetic Waves to 7G" by Irina Rabeja [6] talking about microwave radiation "Their main interactions with matter are molecular vibration and plasma oscillation (only metals)" so have a nice orwelian future ahead what else to say especially if we know that THz is already becoming reality [6][6][6]

lets say in a way we are not sure what of these assumptions holds water and what sand if not oil, btw how we will drink all, or maybe I am pouring it nicely or wrongly, so dont believe me You need to fact check everything by Yourself and separate the chaff from wheat, what I am sure tho is that probably in fear of more healty world population there is indeed cover up of the CBD immunity boosting effects i.e. boosting of T-Cells in the Body for what without any special intention already gathered few showcase threads on DTT ...

is this the last straw as prove that already there is skim if not still for depopulation then for population control, I mean how this notion for CBD is suppressed altho almost for 20 years there are more than ~50k scientific studies if not more, what to say an momentum that is wide spread as maybe unintentional consumeristic reflex eg. from the tap or the bottled water [7]] still what is little discutable knowing that rarely in this world there are accidental circumstances at least not stretched extra long! who would say that maybe those that are most poor soon could get extra healthy lifestyle unlike those ghettoized in the cities [8] the question is when the states will focus on such solutions, maybe in question is need for quicker eradication of the unwanted excess so thats why there is still not in place some more human approach than forcing tent hoods ... hm isnt there risk such rural communes for the homeless to become fertile ground for experimenting pool with cheap guinea'pigs!?

So I'll conclude Fraudalism is measure of all the risks and agendas together but divided by the coverups coz greater reasons motivated by survival mode of the elites and their technocratic egos as executable echelon in the power elite pyramid, and one can never be for sure what fraud is in question by what conspiracy for what agenda, we can assume even trying like this to ask for transparency or at least demystification of some theories but above all dont forget > dont judge ... we are only guests in world so behave in good manner striving not for heaven on earth but Salvation Of The Soul in which case You should know that when we are not focused on spiritual growth we are submitted on temptations so we would get back on the right track thus dont expect that things will change but learn how to acclimatize on them i.e. to ask Yourself why fear is your only god or as CharlesB once said we are conditioned by secularism that this life is just grab&run [9] but isnt it, yet its not easy to get free if one is not focused that Patience borns Calmness and Calmness Salvation [10] it is approach for easy aery victory in every respect, thus strive to be long'enduring till the last breath, hm easy to be said than done, but sars'cov'2 nowadays is good excuse for training ...
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By Unthinking Majority
This is an interesting topic. I group fraud and fraudsters (which includes virtually all of us in some form or another, though some more than others) as simply people who are acting in their own self-interests to get what they want at any cost as long as they feel they can get away with it. It's a pretty selfish and anti-social way to behave, but in developing countries where there's more poverty I think people become more desperate, the same as poor people in rich countries. People make a cost-benefit analysis and may feel that the rewards are higher than the risks of getting caught and better than following the rules of society.

I think it's just basic politics really. Every day someone is trying to screw you over, usually someone trying to sell you something while being dishonest. One of the keys to life is to be compassionate and generally treat most people kindly, yet also watch out for the fraudsters and protect yourself from those who mean you harm. There's a careful balance between being trusting and giving vs self-protection/preservation.
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By Odiseizam
@Unthinking Majority its word for power lust derived from the need to control manipulate own and exploit humans as resources, but not alone humans also things wealth ideas ideals technologies etc., in one word I want it all I want it now greed stimulated as beneficial capitalistic virtue! what on elite level is becoming ultra weird&ugly!

    as we know altho from secular aspect there is will this behavior to be conditioned by certain penology, I think its not at all effective if we know that on global level all resolved crime is ~20%, what eventually as efficiency mood will be somehow confronted by mass surveillance as things are unfolding i.e. the blueprint of the social credit system [4] but this would be extra totalitarian risk for misusing of the free will by wrong elites so we would reach some (fake) utopian circumstances, what not just that will not bring us to that goal but will further make from us beasts even from those who are not if we consider that humans react wildly when framed by fraudsters cant imagine just how regular trend will be that!? maybe as option is more than good if along actual decentralization of governance so things would be resolved on local level more easily to be introduced citizen patrol system [5] thus there is witness and there is greater justice than orwelian torture that is becoming more and more legalized and centralized!

on other hand it better if this thread is leveled on spiritual level, pills will not makes us more moral, coz its word for the sins of Sloth&Greed as careless selfishness [1][1] and that to great extent are vices that attack us all coz simply when we lust for some thing little by little we loose Grace and like that becoming acceptable for many traps thus later as caught in rushing to overlook or ignore the deadly sins so we wouldnt bother with any guilt [2] at best as something that will be delt up later, that why as ethical premise is good for people to keep at least philosophical [3] if not spiritual awareness for causality [3] if not salvation focus, altho its not easy if the spiritual armor is put to rest, hm if Inchurched people are attacked by that vibe [1] how much more the unfearing opportunists who seek to enjoy as if this earth is their paradise'reward instead place where we are inbetween the abyss and the Heavenly Kingdom > here in the previous sentence as earthly'path pointed that to us is more appealing the forgetfulness thus the abyss usually comes first, thats why I am forcing myself to stay focused (even I am tied by sloth) at least not to grab even less to judge, tho its not easy to achieve such feat if You are not Devoted except Inchurched Christian, or havent seen how deep is down there so You'll keep sharp and firm Patience for what suits eg. ex'ghetto life in fullness or for sure war deepening etc. alike pride&anger traps for the Soul, as alternative eventually good thing is watching war docus + to stroll around cemeteries so one can contemplate at least how easy is to end up on the pile of eternal damp, how else to escape the traps of over'indulgence and over'consumption, and this is somehow hard happily one can make memos that will ring the bell [3] we tend to forget or even not to bother with any signs pointing to us that this life is just temporal illusion where we are somehow freewillingly tested are we compatible for Higher Realms, or if we are aware just hoppe universal salvation is norm [2] what think altho Our Almighty Lord is Merciful still we need to be cautious if not fearful not to fell out from the Book Of Life [3] and altho its not our to judge still we can strive (as pointed above in 7th footnotes of the 3rd post) to force Open Participatory Democracy that is extra doable in these e'times, but somehow as if all grown that are willing to act as lost and keep tilting on fakebook or twitter leaving to elite corruption and fraudalism shut down the transparency doors that could expose them and like that cornered to emerge more rightful societies ...
By late
The Modern world depends on Rule of Law, and business. It's more complicated than that, but that's more than enough for this discussion.

It's a carrot and stick relationship, you work you get the carrot, you screw around and you get the stick.

But that takes you part of the ways towards an orderly society. Countries with good social cohesion simply work better.

But it's never perfect, and this discussion, once you remove the endless verbiage, should be about how we can make it better.

To my way of thinking, it's mostly about fighting corruption.
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By Odiseizam
@late good simplified points that lacks at least one documentary like ethos :) but how to reach such level when in capitalism greed is virtue for attaining success!? those who are not enough greedy cant survive the game when crisis hits, simply they need to have extra amount of wealth stashed as backup so they would survive for what skillful thing is manipulation at least on level of advertising i.e. selling garbage as gold, what draw us to the fact that mids such circumstances only higher values for respect are the bank account and the stocks portfolio which are entry level for high politics! mercantile merchants portrayed in startrek as the greedy ferengi - an arab synonym for the venetians what actually is the root as republic for the modern enlightenment inertia in which fruits we are chocking nowadays!

    what we have now is Fraud on all levels eg. economic [1][1] then political [2][2] also cultural [3][3] depending who how sees the game, simply its word for power struggle where there is no true check&balance thus corruption rose from the fake meritocracy and along arose fake democracy, western realm is almost all fraud how acts champion of legality and human rights, yes the level of freedom is higher than elsewhere but in same time there is no room for paradigm shift if the same is not promoted by the western euroatlantic determinists and their rigged political reality where somehow is opposed or exposed clearly that demistificator can only welcome bullet in the head even he was president [4] why I am not still silenced somehow probably they learnt that those who are under Our Almighty Lord Protection every injustice upom them will fure back causaly, what eg. wouldnt be case if they as elites incorporate in their system strict rules of behavior, thats why I am accenting they are acting democracy while actually behaving as oldskool imperialism but manipulated on more perfidious level, the torture is silent and hidden pressure when they cant buy your free will by hedonism mammonism or egoism, actually by this one can easily understand that in question is not struggle with some filthy elites but spiritual fight where they are just puppets, so attacking them directly will not give any results mids that fake democratic show implemented since the cromwells time so they would easily manipulate the power through bribing and like that substituting the royal european grip, skim that was instigated through the enlightenment era spins, and we have even nowadays the same reality show altho more and more difficult to be serviced by corruption or blackmail ...

on other hand eg. at least in China you know its word for autocracy and you keep your head down, from spiritual aspect starting excersiing the virtue of Patience till ceiling i.e. law is law ... similarly what was case in Yugoslavia [5] system actually copied by ccp, and probably on level of vicepresidents there is room for opposition [5][5] but that probably is alleviated now as responsibility by the administration to provide extended analysis thus opposite ideas also, but what as approach is not publicly expressed ... how they were living earlier [6] now they are indeed champions of change, aside all its imperialism imposed mostly inwards so they would keep their longest imperial legacy in this world ... probably one of the reasons for their economic growth that became unreachable example for the rest of the world is their communist compactness where the citizens live for the society and not themselves what was trained enough long so it would be hard to be challenged by rigged revolutions, yet their model is successful also coz their meritocratic purity [7][7] so the strategy rests largely on true statistics and relevant policies upon them, but above all their success depended to mass espionage and exploitation which were simply boosted by western outsourcing and mass relocation of rural to urban broilers, not that this wasnt case in the western realm earlier and now just copied in the east, the difference is that west became challenged in the real economy by damping concurrency from east, so now dont know how to engage the working class in stable future as unconcurrent, on top the next financial crash is looming for one decade now and there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel if we know that the euroatlantic determinists will try to use their current might and control for better positioning while trying to have their n'w'o, seemingly 'they' are chasing deal with the east, but even in that respect as I can see the middle east is anomaly that can ruin such endeavor coz in the west there are eugenicists among freemasons who are too long pushing their ordo'ab'chao agenda, hope 'they' will not succeed!?
By late
Odiseizam wrote:
@late good simplified points that lacks at least one documentary like ethos

You're not going to get many takers that will go seek out and watch a documentary.

What you mean is you want to see more ethical behavior.

But you need a way to get from here to there, and this is going to require a lot more than some yak in a forum like this.
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By Odiseizam
my intention is not to change this world, but to point that the societies could be twicked way better, now why things stay as they are, hm see it all as one big motor or machine, reshaping the same too quick and the same could quickly fell apart, yet we can try on smaller pace, as I pointed participatory democracy through Institutional eForuns could be introduced in small states eg. like Macedonia with population of 2mil. or in big states for start that feat to be provided in local governments or/and parties [1]

    eventually ethical behavior mids capitalism is just wishful thinking, and only way the same to be fastened in the society is through Religious Education from small legs, now as is imposed through penalties or public bashing is not fruitful at all even less knowing how vices and bad guys are brought to status of idols in the entertainment industry, yet this change would means resetting the enlightenment secularism imposed by freemasonry earlier so it would capture the vatican power grip or defense it for it, thus undoable on west coz they still hold the stings in their hands, even evangelical dominionists are in their pocket eg. when it was pushed by Christians on the money to stay In God We Trust immediately on that freemasons added pyramid [1]

so even if participatory democracy is introduced they as elites will do their best to arrange it like so again their interest will be easily exploited, or the same would have only informative but not executable power etc. alike skims, so You are correct that we are far away from true change even less the same to be effective, yet optimism should keep our will going otherwise we are leaning towards revolutions and as masses like that we will again fell in despair coz all the technology and ultraoppressive means are in elitist hands, actually they are encouraging us on it "intentionally spining hate and rage" [1]
By late
Odiseizam wrote:
my intention is not to change this world

Perhaps it should be, we don't need to reinvent the wheel.
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By Odiseizam
late wrote:Perhaps it should be, we don't need to reinvent the wheel.

think ay more when ethics are at stake along the misuse of the free will, simply is undoable coz we are in this world not just by my opinion for Spriritual Growth and Break Through as Salvation to Higher Realm but we are not forced to it, thus its rong to expect that something justly will stay for long coz there are those who dont sees Life after death so they are striving in this world by any means to gain earthly abundance and they will always seek for fraudalism btw they are many, not that there are no initiatives how things to get better but "they" as elites are blocking any true twicking what about change, simply for them murky water is idyllic envinronment!

    another obstacle for any process as Institutional eForums as chance for Participatory Democracy is fear propaganda with excuses like that such system is cybersecurity risk etc.

when I am mentioning propaganda I've run on interesting info that begs attention in context of this thread ... its word for the last double standards are noticeable around the arrest of RomanP in Belarus ... so think mids such western swamp its question whether anytime masses will welcome transparency and true democracy! I can continue with myriad examples, but simply that will not change the fact that as euroatlantic elites will just act democracy but actually will do everything to obstruct it if we know that as usA so as eU through their lobbying system are widely corrupted and exercise plutocratic bureaucracy, yet regularly finding excuses how others are authoritarian, yes they are but as pointed above they dont hide that so people dont bother and just alight with the rhythm, while on west we are in vain wasting energy thinking there could be welcomed change, maybe when asteroid will hit the earth and as in time of dinosaurs also nowadays to exterminate all the current corrupt elites, but that could be only Our Almighty Lord Providence we cant ask for that ... this next video deserves tagging its applicable also for eU parliament and commission, hm, dont know where but similar one was published for eu too!
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By Odiseizam
maybe it would be useful to widen the propaganda notion in few posts ahead so would point that the biggest fraud idealism lies in the need for control through agitprop manipulation, especially knowing that the crucial soft and hardpower technique of the earthly determinists is the propaganda, on east coz the big states dont hide their imperial posture there the need of propaganda is way less important internally i.e. law is law and the leader sovereign, thus the prime focus is on external agitprop what in case of Russia must say that it become extra effective because demystified the western skims for parexalanse freedom and justice easily done by western journalists especially when RTA was headed by Lary King, eg. in the next footnotes here is one crucial topic that even nowadays is not anyhow covered by the western mainstream media along their biased factcheckers [1][1] simply on west coz the political show and acting are old skim we are easily conditioned to know or at least suppose that we live in democracy but actually is word for way more perfidious ways of control usually through bribing and intimidation or manipulation along all kind of skims in the end, even along public bashing even of persons that are not at all public figures but just were reasoning antielitistic - what I've personally found what is like when locally the corrupt political elites (left and right together both in hands of the secrete service clans) finding me probably as culprit for exposing the western hypocrisy on few levels they've made some kind of (fakebook I suppose) public bashing, tho still dont know how and why actually that was done after what I've reacted in cultural manner maybe they've expected that I'll become suicide'bomber instead became mirror to their shadows and that indeed scared many even my compatriots who refused even from curiosity to take part in one humble project [2] I dont blame anyone simply people are too long misused so maybe they were affraid from public exposure or eventually didnt see money in my pockets so just passed by, yep materialism rulz what nowadays what to say! anyway I dont have nothing to hide or I am ashamed from something so dont care, eventually they can put the finger on the trigger but Glory To Our Lord For Everything my consciousness is clear and have nothing to loose even do I would also not want to act kamikaze somehow, almost as I am trying to help people to get aware not to get excited why this or that is happening or someone is instigating usually thinking there is democracy in place in west and only main problem is corruption but what is mirage of the imbued internal liberal agitprop how the freedom on west is guaranteed yeah for those hold the power, and what would be my satisfaction or gain hm hope Personal Redemption through demystification of the current or past events pointing that for the Souls is not useful to hate others and pour anger in their hearts , instead through awareness to rise above the noise in this world reaching till calmness and like that striving for Higher Cause as is Salvation coz simply trapped in the media brainwashing regularly many are loosing their amount of Grace through cursing swearing or even street anarchism what if the Goal in this world and life is Salvation of Our Souls that is utmost wrong, instead if and when people will open their eyes and understand that west is also one huge empire in different times shifting the power center from here to there, in that case think many will chill out and start respecting even that what they have coz unlike the rest of the world on west almost everything is reachable for many altho coz reckless life many also know to fell in all kind of hedonistic mammonistic or liberal if not egoistic traps and like that start living in misery chasing day after day in survival mode, altho that is avoidable easily but what they need to do is just to transfer themselves rurally either on their own or ideally with little help from the states [3][3] in a way I've became locally problem for the elites just coz I've been exposing the euroatlantic imperialism as old western agenda that had have done that officially since 2007 through my blog Antiotanizacija which eventually fade away when the telecom platform was sold yet what is interesting on the archived pages was executed rop attack [4] so as blogger I've become probably dissident yet coz I was nobody they didnt have reason to brake me, after all I've paused myself for one decade but when they pressured me again coz their fears I've started again this demystification but now more profoundly and instead on blog on eForums, first local now international, so all that is offered as reasoning to be challenged by anyone so it wouldnt be poured like their propaganda lies but as investigative fractal mosaic analysis of particular theory usually in kirigamy stail with all these footnotes [5] mostly the western imperialism as neopagan agenda for n'w'o that last more than two centuries [6] am I conspi writer no just take all pieces in account, am I journalist no I am just trashing my free time till I fly away, am I politician no even if there was room for such thing as one without any higher education I would for sure leave that place to someone who spent his life mastering legal sciences, I am simply noone and nobody an ghetto recidive that found meaning in Salvation Of His Soul but somehow in that atempt the secrete service is trying to stop me, some will say no You are imagining as even one Archbishop asked me boy have You went to shrink, and what to say one needs to belong to dissident family so he would know about what kind of heredity tormenting someone can experience, yet must acknowledge I wasnt beaten physically but o boy how fuck is the emf frying or turning Your friends and family against You hm think way more unbearable than my ghetto style teen life full of street fights and broken bones ... now let me see what next they will do, they've tried to fack me bribe me now even throw some cheap pride, only think that is left is to kill me hm maybe lobotomize me with some nanobot a.i., dont wonder if later some of my profiles start to talk oppositely, eventually they will hijack the accounts but I dont care, The Mirror is everywhere ...
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By Odiseizam
its also useful to point about human rights regarding propaganda eg. how mids us'revolution intellectuals were lured to stir the masses with the idea for lady liberty what actually day after ended just as another elites swapping the previous altho this looks now legit even tho what is written in the constitution of usA defacto is not exercised as it should [1] so Christians were hijacked to work out for freemasons, and the spinn continued onward eg. when as pointed in the 11th post above the dollar got its pyramid above the Christian motto [1] and just like that the reshaping of the hearths and minds of the people continued in different ways, what think century or so later after the "humanists from tavitstock institute" introduced their propaganda war techniques the same later were reused for proper conditioning of the domestic masses in secular humanistic manner if not else, and think like that deception was/is extra thrown through hedonistic agitprop and the entertaining industry for antichristian conditioning of the citizens done with or behind the excuse of "lady liberty" i.e. everything what it takes not just so consumerism would be enforced for the sake of liberal capitalism but also so it would be dismantled the Christian Vibe as much as possible in the societies, what earlier was unnoticeable but if we know there are freemason and if we know they have long n'w'o agenda then its logical to assume they strive to dismantle all Christian Virtues most easily through the cultural marxists oil [1][1] with aim to be shaken the nucleus of Christianity what would be the Blessed Family that brings Blessed Children who are not easily manipulated or strip of Grace so they will follow the spirit from this world, from this aspect most weird nets were thrown earlier as bolshevik experiments in Russia and China, but again this could be easily detected as neopagan skim if we know that Lenin was freemason too [2][2][2] the same momentum but in different manner used for dismantling of the Ottoman Empire [3][3] and so on, actually first was overtaken west from vatican and then after east [4] lets say thats why all modern states have or had have stars as symbol what is an freemasonic sabean occult representation for isis or prometheous stil not sure [5][5][5] ther ultimate enlightenment goal! are people so blind for this hidden neopagan propaganda dont know, but the same is even promulgated in the western education too [6]

now what is interesting is how all this neopaganism if earlier was poured as freedom from the vatican bounds, when in usA was confronted by Evangelicals was strangely reshaped to fit the narrative and indirectly pushed in the masses, so they would loose more and more Grace and like that becoming easy pray, first normally was at stake secular public education but coz the many private schools was implemented also direct agitprop [6] what culminated actually by the entertainment industry and all the later lush of the consumeristic society, and all this enough perfidiously hidden nowadays through all kind of subliminal brainwashing, I know sounds conspi but its not as pointed in the tagged video info in the end of the post and real NLP neuro'linguistic'programing that as mass hypnosis tool is dangerous to be revealed as mainstream one so its labeled as fake, yea that will tell You about future mind rebranding techniques and technologies too [6] so one need to be aware what is the fraud at stake its simple neopaganism hiden as secularism till its time has come through universalism so it will be revealed when as merger with christian apostates to lead to one world relligian which would be the glue for stable one world order, but as we know from The Revelation the same will not last long so we can only wonder why so much energy spent on such skim, and what is more ridiculous the same as agitprop conditioning momentum was debunked also by northkorean agitprop docu ... so arent we cornered by atheistic brainwashing, no, but neopagan fraudalism which use secularism so will loosen the if not eradicate the Christian Salvation Path, just its not that is someone power to corner us, but Our Almighty Lord Providence so we would become worthy for restoring or not our previous status as already cast away Souls from The Higher Realm, so noone should judge anyone but Endure all what it is with all that is given to us for that, but how if we are from small legs brainwashed as rat race broilers, yet the propaganda is stil not so mindblowing as will be later, for now we still exercise the Free Will in full extent just need to defocus from the lusty calls eg. of the entertainment industry and consume it maybe with skeptic restrain till we get on our fit through Inchurched Life, what is interesting tho is that one should have skeptical mind while Inchurched too and read ask seek and Pray for The True Path Of Salvation ... otherwise one risks to fell in ethnophiletistic traps like in orthodoxy and start judging others as worthy or not [7][7][8] or choke up by the papal status as in chatolicism [9] what is interesting tho is that as ethnophiletism so as papism both are indirect or direct side effects exactly of the freemasonry or its eurpean neopagan ancestor cults, so probably we need to be aware not to fell in their traps! yet foremost biggest current trap introduced as through the e-media so as through science arts and politics is NLP neuro'linguistic'programming as psyop forwarded towards all, an brainwashing propaganda think enough researched so it would sell any deception and fraud as welcoming and useful, otherwise how one can explain all the illogical events!? even in these extra informed times when actually most behave as extra conditioned to particular narrative without any will for calm resolving of hate envy problems risks greed etc.
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By Odiseizam
however versed psychotronic propagation in the mind is not so easy thing if there is cautious firewall especially if one guards his nous with prayers [5] while evading eg. neopagan risks mids the cyber space [4] where we can easily fell on all kind of nlp conditioning frying or tagging [3][3] cautious firewall not so on level of biased anger skepticism but as consciousness defragmenting of the informations poured by all available cauldrons of idealism eg. almost as questioning why in german frau has positive connotation as noun while in english d fraud extra negative, above which designation as word is older so we can say for sure who cracked what and like that easily artistically escape the fraudalism topic ¬ because altho is useful thing demystification of some shadowy events or emergence, as personal trend defacto on long run that is problem as with every addiction [3] i.e. if for long time one is diving in some swamp in this case about fractal fraud idealism he/she/it can easily stuck if not hook on it, its some sort of crime chronicle addiction ¬ in balkans known as tsrna hronika obsession as daily dose of negative deeds from home and abroad, in Macedonia we even welcomed specialized pieces like Svedok (witness) etc. crime tabloids, but be aware also when diving in historical and political plots investigation coz most of them are stuffed if not with piles of bones then with medieval butchering [2][2][2] its addictive what else to say, and when compared with the modern dissident torturing or social engineering [1][1] its self lobotomization if accepted as normal way of interest, just wonder how cops or forensics get along their ptsd!?

now put all of this in perspective of social networks as constant shock&awe pressure so we would loosen our nous through fear, or how all this can be used for mass lobotomization day after [1][1] I mean how people are addicted and dependent from their electronic profiles definitely rarely who will be able to escape eventual future submission trap, what in effect can be instigated by some a.i. left on auto pilot while the guard was lured by some sex bot in the toilet, yea homo'sillicone'frau can easily be the main culprit for such fraud! I'll laugh to such prognosis but in the end everything is possible even doing from You homo'sillicone [2] even I cant grasp for what is capable the war industry, yet until they dont make some stable emf barrier which is not even doable for their planes I dont worry [3] chinese will save us if not enslaves us :)


Propaganda_of_the_deed used and useful for any side
[1] - [1]

isnt this standard schock&awe psyop as insurgency stir everywhere

even in China

even when all is over

now everything is ok till others are target
but what if and when You'll become the target
while thinking You live in "democratic" west realm!
why its good to chill out! just remember Trump!

Information Operations (IO) elements include synchronized Computer Network Attacks (CNA)/Computer Network Defense (CND), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), military deception, Electronic Warfare (EW), Special Information Operations (SIO), physical destruction, operational security, counterpropaganda, counter-deception, physical security of Command and Control (C2), Information Assurance (IA), Counterintelligence (CI), and related activities, such as Civil Affairs (CA) and Public Affairs (PA). Using CNA, PSYOP, military deception, EW, SIO, physical destruction, and other capabilities, IO can be used offensively to influence ideas, perceptions, beliefs, decisions, and communication of information of enemy.

Using IA, CND, PSYOP, military deception, counter-deception, EW, and other capabilities, IO can be used to defend decision-making processes, by neutralizing adversary perception management and intelligence collection efforts, and attacks on our INFOSYS. IT-based tools will increase U.S. Army Commanders’ IO capabilities and combat power. Examples of such tools include the Internet, global broadcast television, network attack techniques (corruption of data or Denial of Service (DoS)), electro-optic, electromagnetic, high power radio frequency, audio, and seismic weapons; special purpose/multispectral obscurants, advanced INFOSYS and network security, and ‘intelligent agents’. [1][1]
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By Odiseizam
[12] [24]

[11] [23]........[1] [13]

[10] [22].................[2] [14]

[9] [21].............24/7...........[3] [15]

[8] [20].................[4] [16]

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propaganda clock pointing through links how the same function and is exercised nowadays by the euroatlantic determinists usually if we know that they are mostly offensive unlike the eastern empires who are in defensive mode mostly, overall the westerns shadow elites have extra need from the propaganda skims if we know that they are hiding in plain site as puppet masters while the political puppets are mainly used as pr spokespersons with title president or prime minister, so in the overclocked notions above I am only pointing to narrow scope of the field, without extra overview on the historical evolution [25][25][25] momentum present as mass manipulation as always since the time of ruling hierarchy in this world, and as habit projected on all kind of things from gambling to selling what nowadays is upgraded by corporate-counterfeit and e-piracy, not sure how blind we are but our modern world of politics completely rests on fake international and local ethics, usually fertilized by nepotism or corruption, and finally sold in form of tasty fog through the mainstream media that serves only for mass conditioning by particular planned narrative while we lust in alpha state in front of the onanic trance tv stations, not rarely we accepting habit of misusing the remote control as if the same is relay baton!


... Man Survives Long SubZero Temperature

O'Men ...

... Men Died Of Hypothermia In Unplugged Freezer


... GSH ...
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By Odiseizam
what is interesting to point is that we are not so on attack from geopolitical propaganda but from neopagan one, above all as easiest way for untying of the noetic guard of the soul through sex [1][1]-[1][1] but also all kind of suitable for submission conditioning eg. through scifi narrative [2][2][2] in simple words is neopaganism vs Monotheism in question that lasts almost two centuries [3][3] everything else is just show insured by mammonism either as capitalistic or socialist cult of materialism, lets say the two pillars of the fallen reasoning as ultimate reward ideals lusts and greed which are topped by the roof of pride or better said for strong egoism sex and money are the eternal reward, yep what You've became that You'll stay for many that would be eternal rape buried in piles of precious heavy metals, not sure how that will be fun but people think if as exploited now it will not project as such on the soul later, what to say good luck for Your ignorance of all those spiritual awaken who tried to warn us ...

... so ultimately the most biggest fraud is, as pointed by the "christian humanist" CharlesB, is the anathemago skim for heaven on earth [4] for what we usually sya nah hard to swallow, yea so hard that many are already chocking in that strive for n'w'o but wait when the shadowy elites will unplug the economy You'll almost all ask for it [5][5][5] even by the price of marking tagging even worshiping the neopagan universalism that for some time is suggested as why not to be norm one love religion, which in my opinion rests on the neopagan idolatry of the past sex cults or practices, for what universal salvation is seen as true answer [6][6][6] how sow is it possible to serve two masters!? little digression with the introduction of kabбalism in judaism this happened exactly for some as servitude to two masters, what from monotheistic perspective is undoable, and reason why I suggest in the second 6th footnote one of the wrong teachings as judaic tantra, what to say one love that is the sure path to sex cult and all its ceremonial heights like swinging orgies, which (more as debunking than conditioning) were nicely unwrapped in eyes'wide'shut like current elite practice [6][6][6] that should became mainstream adoration of the heaven on earth day after introduction the fallen prophet in Jerusalen after the n'w'o establishment which we know as Christians will last only 7 years [7] so the biggest deception as result of the fraudelent idealism would be swaying of Christians to embrace decadence and accept the anathemago as their idol, on what actually collectively as future cripple societies people will be submitted through their reckless acceptance of the modern technology, obviously either as merger of biology and electronics or dna editing and programing, normally first introduced as healthy patch for some introduced evil or risks and after accepted as normal entertainment kick of sharable happiness i.e. now many are drawn in the fakebook whirl later in its holodeck vortex [8] almost as if we all need to escape the reality even now, what about later if the same is not so healthy or nice due to global wars and eco degradation, what if the sensual sensation is widen like postponed electrophysiological orgasmic buzzing for whole day long, are there so sober even Christians that will lift their Prayer Shield if they are hooked to some particular DNA editing or stimulated by RNA gmo baskets of strange fruits, yeah its foreseeable how so is prophesized that even future christians will embrace the fallen north star as god, the question is just how soon is now!? dont forget our sobriety in large extent depends of refusing to be slaves on trends on hype on earthly worshiping of the rotten ideals cultural economical or political i.e. the current normal custom to be fakebook ready to swear curse and fight against those who have different stance, just always remember its their Free Will and if they are majority You can just runaway or dont rock the boat, simply its allowed by Our Almighty Lord so when His wrath will follow noone will say why! altho in same time we are responsible to point to this kind of ultimate fraud skims so people will wake up and try seeking Salvation, yet if You witness like this You need to be guarded by Graceful Inchurched Life or be ready for Martyr end, not rarely both so dont despair, simply if one live among western freemasonic realm keep in mind that going openly and widely in front big audience that can bounce back, simple example is StanleyK but also many others like the just sharer of the teuton/julian theory [9][9][9]

actually we are easily conditioned through emotional bashing, not rarely by hate too eg. my suggestion as eye opening that in the western realm we are not talking about Christian dominion but freemasonic one, or that we dont live in democratic but western empirial "democracy" show [10][10] other sinister force will see to incite the same notion through hate like call for revolution bloodshed torture, while I'll just point focus on Salvation because everything is Our Lords Providence so even those who are apostates to have chance for Repentance so He Has Long Patience ...

yet some of the lost lambs became stubborn goats that instigated neopagan skim for earthly utopian idealism in form of eugenics, early implemented by racial and anthropological selection till superhumanity, while now pushed by genetic splicing and potential homosillicone transhumanism, in a sence we are witnesses of devolution how there are no ecoethical or bioethical conventions, but even if there were in place some, stil think that the war industry will not rest, even if it have to work out its way through deep state holes!

the question is how so as utopian elites are afraid of overpopulation
but in same time push for human longevity as cyborgization
the answers is simple they strive for superhumanity!
is this normal we all to become their lab rats?

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