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By late
The country is a wreck, and they are starving. We gave a little to Action Against Hunger, Charity navigator says they're good.
I think I am more and more like a politician -- U-turning my pledges repeatedly.

Again, with Chinese trolls roaming around I don't intend to post,
but I am morally bound to post a response regarding a humanitarian crisis.
These places are often neglected by everybody else.

A link of a related report: ... madagascar

The report claims the main reason as climate change.
I think they have an agenda -- to ask us to reduce carbon emission and so on.
However, this is a long term solution which probably doesn't resolve the immediate threat.

Some more urgent yet not one-off question as follows:
1. Any other reason that can explain this crisis? For example, is the place over-populated? Has the administration been poor?
2. What should be done to make the place itself more resilient in the face of climate change (which is a process that cannot be stopped immediately)?

On a crueler note, I think we are too used to be well-off that we often forget, or even reject that,
catastrophes like this have been effective ways to reset the balance.
I agree that having civilization means we should take more effective control of such process to minimize casualties,
but we should not be surprised if it does happen.
(P.S. I actually wanted to say "this can happen to anyone of us")

Last but not least, I want to find a place to donate for this cause,
but I have to make sure that I am not donating to some pro-China or fraud organizations.
Any suggestions?
I saw a documentary on Madagascar about 10 years ago. It was very sad.
They interviewed a prostitute. 1 dollar for sex with a condom, 2 dollars for sex without a condom.
The woman was there with her small son who might have only been 3 years old. She had gotten pregnant with him from one of her past customers. Of course she didn't know who the father was.
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By Drlee
Well. At least she got the extra buck.
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