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Full investigation here: ... -targeted/

Data driven policing, pioneered in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region to combat terrorism, has seen increased usage in the United States, most notoriously in Pasco County. Presidential hopeful Governor DeSantis, who recently sponsored bills tracking the ideology of educators and students and banned speech on topics such as CRT has yet to exercise state authority to limit this practice.

A similar program was recently ended in Chicago. ... e737211cc6

Nonetheless, the practice continues in several states: Utah police departments use the company 'Banjo'; St. Louis and counties in Mississippi do the same. The use of data-driven policing techniques are on the rise across the United States since 2015.

Why hasn't the Biden Administration levereged the resources at its disposal and at the Justice Department to end this practice?
There is a 'sleight of word' technique used by those wishing to spread, for whatever reason, disinformation. The method is to use a general term for a specific subset as if the subset was the entire concept.

It's easier, perhaps, to explain by a current example. In fact, by the example in the OP.

Data-driven policing was made famous originally by its use in New York City. Crime 'hot spots' were identified and additional police resources were moved to those areas to reduce the level of crime. The sports-minded can think of it as a shift of fielders against a specific hitter in baseball.

Somewhere along the line, some unusual extension of the general concept can either occur or be broadcast by some through, often, social media. Then, it's off to the races.

We see this also in critical race theory.

Regards, stay safe 'n well.

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