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ckaihatsu wrote:
Obviously you're not here for conversations or discussion -- you just like to hear yourself talk.

What I do, most of the time, is point out the obvious.

But... I should do more explanation, but that slows and stops when I get annoyed.

"Although the future of labor unions looked grim in 1933, their fortunes would soon change. The tremendous gains labor unions experienced in the 1930s resulted, in part, from the pro-union stance of the Roosevelt administration and from legislation enacted by Congress during the early New Deal. The National Industrial Recovery Act (1933) provided for collective bargaining. The 1935 National Labor Relations Act (also known as the Wagner Act) required businesses to bargain in good faith with any union supported by the majority of their employees."
late, I'm just going to leave this here, and whatever happens, happens.

The PATCO defeat thus sets off two distinct periods in American labor history. From the 1930s through the 1970s, the trade union movement in the US commanded significant authority in the working class. The victories of the industrial unions in the 1930s, the mass upsurge of the working class at the end of World War II, the persistence of large-scale strike activity through the 1950s and the 1960s, and the strike wave of the late 1960s through the mid-1970s—these struggles had managed to wrest significant concessions from the American ruling class, which was conscious of the danger of working class revolution as had taken place in Russia in 1917. The epoch saw major improvements in living standards, the expansion of democratic rights to black workers in the South and the creation of a limited welfare state.


Forty years on, it is clear that PATCO was one of a series of international events that signaled a global ruling class counterrevolution against the working class. It presaged the collapse of not only the American trade unions, but of all the labor bureaucracies and political parties internationally that based themselves on nationalism and class compromise. The process that has culminated in the conversion of the American labor unions into business enterprises was mirrored in the decision of the Stalinist bureaucracy in the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980s to complete its counterrevolutionary mission by liquidating the property relations established by the 1917 October revolution, reestablishing capitalism and dissolving the Soviet Union. ... c-a03.html
I really don't know how anyone in this subforum can say the GOP isn't the party of white supremacism when we had the most perfect example of it here in the form of banned under blackjack21.

B-Jobs, he liked to be called B-jobs, was so incredibly racist that he thought I was black because I support massive police reform because our current system makes it legal for the police to murder black people. So he repeatedly posted videos of black people being murdered by the police to "own" me in a way that made him look very cool and normal.

Did a single reactionary on this forum ever condemn him? No. They would ignore it, and on the same page they would say "The GOP is the least racist party, Democrats are the real racists. Trump supporters aren't racist!" while blackjack gleefully posted videos black of people being murdered and talked about how much he loved Trump. And, for some reason, his stupid standing desk. Because GOP voters have been conditioned by the right wing media to do two things:

1) Ignore all evidence that contradicts whatever they hear on AM radio or see on Fox News.

2) Buying or not buying things is the ultimate expression of political action. Which is why idiots burnt their season tickets and all their sports jersies because the mean black man wouldn't stand for the national anthem.

These are the same people who, when Trump said a Mexican judge couldn't judge him because of his race in the most literal textbook definition of racism one could conceive, told us we have to listen to what's in Trump's stupid, racist heart and not judge him by the stupid, racist words that fell out of his mouth.
I supported Trump for my own personal, admittedly selfish, reasons. Better for Australia and better for me. Republican Party in power has always been better for Australia.

1) I listen more to progressives than conservatives. Heck you know I'm a fan of Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin and love watching RT and Al Jazeera. I just happened to enjoy Alex Jones for his entertainment factor.

Even started watching TYT again because their soap opera feud with former employee Dore and frequent guest Max Blumenthal has gotten interesting.

2) Your political party is notorious for Cancel culture at the moment too. Have you denounced Transphobia and burnt your Harry Potter books yet???
I can't believe the Democrats are notorious for Cancel Culture, a term coined by rightwing media hacks.

When will the Dems finally learn how to appeal to the people who make money by denouncing them?

How about you tell us what you think Cancel Culture is, colliric. Because it sounds to me like the most basic principles of the free market and free association where if people don't like you or your brand or what you're selling then they don't buy from you or listen to you. It sounds like FREEDOM to me.

At what point do we prohibit the rights of people to cancel each other? As an individual? Or as a group? Please, explain how this should work to me.
Cancel culture is plaguing your political party and the left-wing too at the moment.

Or did you not get the memo that we have to cancel To Kill A Mockingbird for depicting the White Saviour stereotype.

You know it's a problem generally, everyone does. Many examples of Democrats and Democratic supporters also denouncing Cancel culture in general.
I also want to point out that nobody will ever say, "Yes, it was fucked up that our most ardent Trump supporter posted videos of black people being murdered, that doesn't respresent me" because y'all are too cowardly to ever say something that simple, ya fucking lemmings.

B-jobs was the soul of Trumpism and you guys are just the rightwing version of liberals trying to paper over your support of outright racism. Stop being cowards and embrace your shitty worldviews, I would respect that more than all this fucking gay ass shit about "Well, did you know Tucker said the Liberals are so Left that they want to cancel the Girl Scouts now???" dumb fucking bullshit.

I would literally respect every rightwinger on this forum if they embraced their racism and argued about how some haplogroups are more suited to rule than others than if they dithered about all this lame culture wars bullshit that just makes you look like you watch too much television or parasocial youtubes desperately searching for ways to describe your terrible beliefs in more palatable ways.
I'm glad he's gone and Hindsite with him.... Good enough for you? I don't recall supporting his murder porn videos. You might be able to find an example which I thought was self defence, but I don't recall it.

And, I made fun of Hindsite, you know that.

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colliric wrote:I don't recall supporting his murder porn videos.

That's the point.

I don't recall anyone supporting them.

But I certainly don't remember a single person on the right ever condemning them. They were just something to be ignored, just a Trump supporter marching slightly out of step with the narrative.

It's not really different from how you often pop off on your rants about how partisanship is killing America and then, in the same breath, saying that the Democrats are singlehandedly ruining America. And how rightwingers like yourself define bipartisanship as immediately capitulating to your demands. It's the kind of hypocrisy and mental stagnation I've come to expect from rightwingers the world over.
SpecialOlympian wrote:
At what point do we prohibit the rights of people to cancel each other? As an individual? Or as a group? Please, explain how this should work to me.

* Cancel cancelling! *

x D


On the *serious* side, the best line of societal / political ethos I've heard is that it's correct to deny rights to those who deny those rights to others, meaning fascists.

colliric wrote:
I think Derek Chauvin should be executed now. I've changed my mind from him getting manslaughter, to possibly the death penalty. Thought about it more.

Happy now?

We're going to need you to say that on AM radio....

x D
By the looks at current statistics it seems that Republicans are going to get decimated just on the fact that they oppose covid restrictions and vaccines.

I am not really sure why are they doing it anymore but they are pretty much fucked now because of this.

The recent voter suppression laws that the republicans passed has motivated me to vote against them in local and state elections and I assure you, I will be voting in every single national election too against them. Not only will I make sure to vote in every national election, but I will be at every local and state election to vote against republicans. I am not so sure I will ever vote republican again ever since Trump took office and then got voted out of office. I can't trust republicans with power and to do the right thing ever since Trump got into office. Trump needs to face criminal charges in my opinion too and he might. But it's hard to say.
JohnRawls wrote:By the looks at current statistics it seems that Republicans are going to get decimated just on the fact that they oppose covid restrictions and vaccines.

I am not really sure why are they doing it anymore but they are pretty much fucked now because of this.

What stats you talking about? Senile Joe is getting hammered in the polls for his handling of covid.

There is a stat you can always take to the bank. Tucker Carlson has been firing on all cylinders. That is a good barometer of where the concerned citizen is.
JohnRawls wrote:By the looks at current statistics it seems that Republicans are going to get decimated just on the fact that they oppose covid restrictions and vaccines.

I am not really sure why are they doing it anymore but they are pretty much fucked now because of this.

You underestimate how badly Republican voters crave death. It's just a shame they can't go kill themselves on their own instead of dragging the rest of us with them.

@Juin @SpecialOlympian




Those two policies against masks and against vaccines is pissing off a significant chunk if not the majority of all 3 main voting groups: republicans, democrats and independant. Notice the 3rd graph, although it is an estimate, it is along the trends for global vaccination and the upper line is 30%. Meaning that in even the most hesitant states around 40-50% are okay with 20% more being not super sure while 30% being opposed to one degree or the other.

Some people crave death not because they want to die themselves. For one, I might crave death if it means death to the wicked and arrogant. Depending on circumstances I might as well think my own death to be an acceptable side effect.

It is natural those people crave death but not killing themselves. You need to take them out yourself.
I've gotten to the point in life where I just straight up don't give a shit what other people think anymore. So has most of my family.

I'm that kinda person who chooses to believe Winston
Smith was shot in the back of the head at the end, given the Author gives you the choice. And yes I liked the movie Joker.

Some people just don't give a flying fuck. The same people trying to force vaccine passports on you, and trying to get you to care about climate change are showing the same psychology that Marie Antoinette had.

"Let them eat cake not bread, let them not use single use plastics, let them not be allowed to enter the Supermarket!"
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