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Did You Get The Jab?

No, but I will.
No, but I will if required.
No, and I never will. Fuck off.
No votes
I already know that....

Why do you think I wrote "Posted without comment" aka "Judge for yourself".

Loomer is a Zionist nutcase. She believes in her religion returning to Animal Sacrifices and destroying the dome of the Rock.

https://www.livemint.com/news/india/ind ... 70881.html

India will not be buying mRNA vaccines and that means China's supply won't happen either. Good for them. Made In India AZ and Made in China Sinovac, followed by China's own in house mRNA vaccine still in development.

I wish Australia did that. More countries should make their own.
The world’s failure to help India in any meaningful way during the pandemic clearly shows why India needs to have its own vaccine production program.
I am double vaxxed. I was hesitant at first, especially when reports of Astrazeneca and heart problems started coming out. I did eventually go for my first shot by the end of July and had my second dose last month. Fortunately for me, my area instituted a "vaccine passport" system on the same day I was +14 days after my second dose.
So today I didn't get vaxed.

Tomorrow I'm not gonna get vaxed.

On wednesday also not getting vaxed some more.

Basically every day this week I plan to not get the jab.

And every week after that.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm never getting vaxed.

I'll update you again on my vax status next week. This is important. I feel you need to know my personal medical history as it happens.
You don't need to Igor. Your state is being run by a sane person at the moment.

Meanwhile the idiot is still throwing his tantrums here in Victoria.
@late You've already demonstrated that you are at least 4 times as smart as the village idiot(Igor), in this thread. Good job.

Igor Antunov wrote:Tomorrow I'm not gonna get vaxed.

On wednesday also not getting vaxed some more.

Basically every day this week I plan to not get the jab.

And every week after that.
Confirming your selfish foolishness, each time you do so.
Igor Antunov wrote:I keep alluding to it but seriously look up mareck's disease.

So you are warning not to get vaccinated because vaccines are shit yet you draw the parallel to a disease that virtually kills chickens that are not vaccinated. Newsflash, you are the unvaccinated chicken in this story :lol: .
Fuck off, @Igor Antunov :peace:

Getting vaccinated is what logical, reasonable, and intelligent people do. Fools listen to fringe science that gets refuted 5 minutes after it gets posted or reported, because its fraudulent, brainless, or is simply irrelevant. Is this is more of the same shit you usually post as "evidence" of you NOT being a complete idiot? :lol:

Quote the relevant text. I'm not reading a 27 page report that you no doubt don't even understand, and that I doubt you even read. :lol:
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Did You Get Vaccinated?

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