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Any other minor ideologies.
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The Resister wrote:I've offered no definition of the word slavery.

Because you want to play it deuces wild:
Taxing a man's labor, however, IS a form of slavery.

See? Slavery is a legal and/or societal institution that enables certain people forcibly to compel certain other people to labor for the former's benefit on a more or less permanent basis. So taxing people's labor may be legalized robbery, but it is not slavery, as no one is thereby forcibly compelled to labor for another's benefit.
Rich wrote:the picture you posted was of Adolph Hitler, not the American Nazi party

George Lincoln Rockwell idolized Adolf Hitler. His American Nazi Party was a National Socialist party advocating Nazi doctrines.

William Dudley Pelley, leader of the Silver Legion of America - The Silver Shirts - differing only in his faux religious justification for a Final Solution, saw himself saving America as Hitler and his Brown Shirts saved Germany.

@Drlee ;

I agree also with @annatar1914 that some of this may blow up in their faces. Many of my enthusiastic far right friends are mellowing. Trump's participation in the Virginia is seemingly harming the Republican candidate.

All one has to do is visualize his ego, the response to winning of himself and his followers, were he to win election in 2024 AD. I have spent years now telling people about the threat of the near Anarchy that persons like the OP want to reign over America. Well, that's the secret, of the OP and pretty much Trump as well; they don't want to govern and administer, nor anyone else, they want to break down and destroy, so they can have what they regard as their ideological construct of ''Liberty''.
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