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Crantag wrote:I say, fuck Colin Powell, and I will say I pretty much agree with @colliric.

And I agreed with Member @Godstud, once he came around to essentially the same position.

What it is, I tuned into PBS the day he died (I was visiting my dad and he had on PBS), and all they could talk about was Colin Powell.

He might have been a good nice guy in his personal life, but I am not one for celebrating war criminals.

He bargained with the devil, he lied on behalf of his career ambitions, but he was an instrumental figure in lying the American public into the Iraq War, and there's no two ways about it.

I'd certainly sooner piss on his grave than celebrate his life.

He seemed like a good guy, he was probably being a good soldier and took orders from his Commander-In-Chief when it came to the UN presentation. Soliders are trained to follow orders and not question superiors even if they disagree. He was known to be bullied by Rumsfeld in the W.H.

He wasn't a neocon, as far as I'm aware. That war was orchestrated by Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bush, and the other neocons in the W.H. At least Powell had the good sense to resign. I'd like to know his real thoughts on everything that went down.
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By MistyTiger
It goes against my upbringing to throw rocks at the dead. RIP to Mr. Powell. I recognize that he worked many years and built up his career and he leaves behind family and a legacy for serving his country.

Trump never served his country. He made up some excuse about bone spurs which might not have been medically proven. He has ridiculed American veterans. He is a coward and a bully. He just likes to attack others and never considers that anything he does is irresponsible or heinous. He attacked John McCain. I am not surprised that he has attacked Colin Powell. He is an attacker.
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By Heisenberg
Evil bastards are a lot more fun when they're self aware. Al Capone would probably have been really charming. Colin Powell and John McCain would be too obsessed with being straight laced and "honourable" to be worth drinking with.
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Funnily enough the BBC interviewed Blair to ask his opinion on climate summits this week. I was so disgusted by the sight of his face and sound of his voice I had to turn off the programme. Just thought I should mention that here in case I'm not allowed to share my opinion after he dies.

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