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By Sandzak
If the Taliban fail to pay the Doctors and Teachers... we will see a slow implosion of the Taliban rule but ISIS-k will fill the vacuum.

The Taliban need money but the red line for the west should be women rights: education, work, and Burkha.
By B0ycey
If the Taliban need billions they would be better off asking China. ISIS-K, Taliban, makes no difference to the West and they have always said they won't hesitate to go back in if terrorism threaten them (but only strike camps). The Taliban won the war and they now have to decide their next steps given the West doesn't recognise them as the legitimate government. So there will be no red lines and no interference (as interference causes the terrorism to begin with) and most definitely no more money. But what I will say is if China helps, they will expect a return for their investment. The days of free milk are over.

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