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Would have to say I agree with South Africa when they say they are being punished for finding a new Variant. It makes you think why any nation would spend time and effort finding mutations when you get a travel ban against you as a reward. It may not of even originated in South Africa ffs. It could have come from anywhere. And a new variant of concern may not even be as fatal as viruses overtime usually do just that... become less deadly. But we have global hysteria over Omicron now, so time to wave the the white flag it seems and bolt the door shut. I don't know. But what I do know is I doubt any nation is going to look for new variants now and just hope some other nation declares they have found it first to save your nation an economic hardship.
Potemkin wrote:As I always say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Seems to be the case. In fact the better the data you have on Covid, the more your nation gets ostracised. If I have learnt anything from Covid is that Worldometer is a pointless metric. Some nations are better than others at detecting Covid and others are more robust than others at deciding what should be deemed a Covid death. So we have a misnomer on here - and to some extent that applys to the rest of the world - that the West is doing worse than everyone else over Covid given the stats suggest that. No guys, the West seem hell bent on making Covid the badboy of viruses so are over zealous on their figures and the rest of the world don't have the capacity or the will to give a shit if someone who isn't coughing has Covid or not. And perhaps South Africa should learn from that. There is no published data as of yet to suggest that Omicron is more deadlier than any other variant. Only that it has new mutations. But because the virus was first detected in South Africa they have the travel ban? Well I would say that the evolution process of every variant of Covid would have past multiple borders and unless you want to close off your border completely, you won't achieve anything by shutting off one nation. Omicron for example has already be detected in Europe. It wouldn't have just turned up the past few days. It would have been here for months. So it could have been detected here first. And then what? We border ourselves up from ourselves and let South Africans past freely?

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