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Through their expensive frames, the elite see a group of sheep that they can shepherd into productivity.

This demonstrates that technologies end up enslaving the vast majority for the (ostensible) benefit of the few.

Humanity invented shepherding and domestication of defenseless animals of other species, then humanity itself was domesticated. Sheep-herding turned us into sheep ourselves.

ceci n'est pas le point de vue de l'élite
(this is not the elite's point of view)
This is how MONEY sees us.


Notice that, instead of skin, the face of our masters is made of money.

And notice the reflection of "all of us" in the masters glasses.

These glasses let our masters see through all of our clothes, and access all of our data.
"better than mice"

- how Lenny positions a puppy when marketing to Lenny

This is from a Sparknotes description of Of Mice and Men.

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Lenny of course, is being marketed to by George, and not by Lenny himself.

No one noticed or commented on that error.

So here is a new signature text:

"better than mice"
George (1%) uses non-existent future tech (a puppy)
to make a new normal (homeless again)
more bearable to Lenny (the 99%)


Now that it's more coherent, and the reference to "Of Mice and Men" is clear, we should be seeing a lot more activity in this thread.

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