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I mean, he has singlehandedly managed to devalue the Lira to oblivion and cause significant damage to the Turkish economy of unseen proprotions. As much as I understand, this has been a problem for longer than a decade due to his views on the monetary policy.

Lira to USD

Here is an article from last year about the same problem:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence that interest rates are inflationary, a concept labelled by its critics as ‘Erdoganomics’, may be in its death throes after the lira slumped to a record low against the dollar.

Source: ... a-plummets

So uh, may be our local Turkish posters will describe the situation better. Is there any chance to get rid of Erdogan? Do the people want this to happen by now or still don't care?
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