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local prorusian citizens from Lugansk and Donbas push for independence, even tho with help by Russia, in a way Russia is just helping them, altho defacto as in Georgia that was provoked move so Ukraine and Georgia will not become nato members (organizational glitch), which move if its seen from ww3 perspective is gift to the world as chance for peace against the aggressive usA doctrine which if it is executed in full swing will leave no other deterrence space to Russia but to enter direct conflict with nato, thus projecting me agitprop narrative regarding real politics is lets say wrong, but I understand you i.e. why its difficult to have such dioptry and accept that the opposite side has clear perspective!

    I am just pointing that there is spin for invasion of Ukraine, propaganda would be if I am saying Russia has the right not to guard prorusians of Donbas and Lugansk but to occupy whole Ukraine and justify that as imperial power has that right, no even Russia dont wants that otherwise till now Ukraine would be rebooted whole, its vice versa tho usA done that through the colored revolution and the "pronationalistic" coup (read gladio army overthrow), so now is projecting while trying to push europeans out of NS2!

for war there should be two, Ukraine is no match to Russia by any means, so obviously the other player is usA, whats its fracking business of theirs 6k miles from home, obviously plotting to surround Russia with missile batteries, when on that Russia is publicly warning Your are saying that is propaganda, how so!? probably You'll prefer ww3 to burst sooner than not!?
Odiseizam wrote:Your are saying that is propaganda, how so!? probably You'll prefer ww3 to burst sooner than not!?

If it needs WW3 to make dictators like Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Khamenei, Saudi Arabia, as well as all their collaborators (like Carrie Lam) and supporters (like all those ungrateful socialist scums, as well as the likes of you) be punished, so be it!
one cannot punish causality even if wants, that will mean chasing heaven on earth, what is impossible by earthly measure! so it is as it is, what is interesting tho that such flight of nancy is euroatlantic detereminism [1][1] but mids their nwo u'll be probably just excess as useless eater designated for extermination, so dont wish for something that is detrimental for all world, tho how things stand west is by no means match for east at the moment, they are just buying time for the inevitable the collapse of the modern colonialism portrayed ironically as democratic american dream, its strange tho how recently the "western citizens" are taking the totalitarian bite through the mandatory m'rna jabs [2]
Odiseizam wrote:... modern colonialism portrayed ironically as democratic american dream ...

The problem is, the alternative to modern Anglo democratic colonialism is Eastern (Russian, Chinese, Muslim, African, etc.) totalitarianism, which you are blatantly voicing support for. In doing so, you have effectively presented yourself as a Lebensunwertes Leben.
definitely day after ww3 the very same nwo can be executed through east too ~ in case there is no Orthodox Christian Tsar on head of Rusiia ... but projecting is not useful debate tool, how so I am seeking eastern totalitarianism when pointing to the western one, for now what we need is balance and cooperation, but from west the same is utterly dismissed, their nwo agenda is too'big'to'fail so they are pushing the things on road with no return, Russia as I am aware is just warning dont push too hard, but almost as noone is listening, its almost as the western propaganda now is on brainwashing level instead conditioning one, hm I know way how to loosen their potentiometer ...
hm Russia is not hiding its positions, while usA is, so no need from me to patronize others, its vice versa by projecting technique, You know if I use propaganda skim first I'll post info on the corrupt usA stooges of politicians in Ukraine, dont know just whether would be more appealing to use mockery memes of "Servant of the People", yeah for bashing of the euroatlantic determinists that would be good portraying spin i.e. their pawns serving people fear and depression, maybe coke too, eh why at all someone wants to gamble the russian cheap gas prices with the ultra expensive american one, some say khazars run the show in Ukraine so dont care while chasing their utopian nwo agenda, but if this is case then ukraians are played en'masse!
Well, the United States just approved sending more weapons to Ukraine and some of them include anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down Russian choppers. The United States is looking to inflict a great cost on Russian forces when and if they move into Ukraine:

Kylie Atwood, Jennifer Hansler and Alex Marquardt of CNN wrote:The State Department told Congress that it has approved export licenses for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which will allow the countries to transfer US-origin weapons to Ukraine, according to an administration official, a State Department official and a congressional aide familiar with the matter.

This move comes as the Biden administration warns that Russia could invade Ukraine at any point, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Kremlin has plans for sending more troops to the Ukrainian border.

The approvals -- which occurred in recent days -- are a signal that the US is looking to inflict a greater cost on Russian President Vladimir Putin if he goes forward with the invasion. President Joe Biden said Wednesday he expects Putin will "move in" to Ukraine.

The weapons include highly sought after, American anti-aircraft weapons systems from Latvia and Lithuania that would help Ukraine fend off Russian aircraft that some officials and experts believe would lead the way in the early stages of a Russian invasion. Estonia was given approval to transfer anti-tank Javelin guided missile systems, which the US has provided Ukraine with in the past.

It's unclear when the weapons will arrive in Ukraine, the senior administration official said the timing -- as well as the price for Ukraine -- would be up to the countries who were given the approval.

The Biden administration is also working on transferring five Russian-made helicopters into Ukrainian control, the same official said. A notification has been sent to Congress for the helicopters, Mi-17s, which are already in Ukraine for maintenance after being pulled out of Afghanistan during the withdrawal there. ... index.html
local prorusian citizens from Lugansk and Donbas push for independence

Local Albanians have been pushing for independence from North Macedonia for decades, they even revolted a couple of times.

For those who do not know, North Macedonia where Odiseizam is from is most famous for establishing social media trolls farms for Putin.
now tell me who is spreading propaganda!? maybe the PoFo server :) look dont mind that You are supporting the euroatlantic selling fog to the world, just cant understand how can use comparison of local vs global issues as argument, as I've said probably You are ww3 cheerleader, what to say its your free will but on the Final Judgement dont brag how U didnt know what is at stake, tho U can repent even now, but as I can see the level of indoctrination is so huge that its question what will take to come to that, how else to be explained labeling strawing projecting and all kind of agitprop responses I've got!? dont attack me attack my reasoning who knows maybe I am wrong, maybe nwo reality should be first sensed so people would have clear understanding for what is word about!? wait a bit west will becoming more and more totalitarian as time goes by even before turn to transhuman technocracy when will be more obvious the current plutocratic charade of democracy!
You are supporting Russia's invasions in the Ukraine, so the only war supporter here is yourself.

You are cheerleading Slavic imperialism while during the Yugoslavia wars you were supporting the US against your own country because that was convenient at the time. When Greece pivoted to Russia in 2006-08 by signing South Stream II after yet another US betrayal, you were a troll-tool in the neocons agenda.

There is no logical stream of thought for a conversation to be had.
where I am banned Please, only here I can be threaded like this coz some hysteric greek nationalistic glitch of the admin, grow up, I am Pelasgian you phoenician when Macedonia and Greece are in question, btw when u've been mod there I'll digress how so greeks are macedonians but officially didnt praised that ethnonym in their constitution, maybe that is occurring just in their dreams but daydreaming so is projected on the reality too ;)
Odiseizam wrote:where I am banned

You 've been banned from all the forums that you tried to badmouth me and PoFo. You even sent me the links of your crusade. After you got banned in the places where you were badmouthing me and PoFo, you returned here.

Please, only here I can be threaded like this coz some hysteric greek nationalistic glitch of the admin,

Noone is forcing you to post here.

grow up, I am Pelasgian you phoenician when Macedonia and Greece are in question,


btw when u've been mod there

I was a mod there since 2006. I know you like the palm of my hand.

Your schizophrenia has no match in world history and it is the sad result of communist brainwashing without a compass.

I'll digress how so greeks are macedonians but officially didnt praised that ethnonym in their constitution, maybe that is occurring just in their dreams but daydreaming so is projected on the reality too ;)

Must be painful, sorry.
haha u've mistaken me for someone else, but ok enjoy ur reality, btw on international eforums I am active since late 2020, till then had have experience but just on local eforums and mostly apolitical one, I dont get how U came to this conclusion of urs, hm hm hm someone is trying to steal the thread with personal chit chat ...

all that will not change the fact that usA is bullying all not just Russia, and U who knows maybe trying to move to SF or NY maybe :D
aha then lets talk for cosmology hek cosmogony is probably more suitable, PoFo going back to embryo status :D

what is interesting tho is how Ukraine is naive and think that by acting western stooge will get more money for their oligarchy, but lets see what will happen, I Hope Peace will rain in the otan'ized heads and through eU will be stopped the neocon madness!?

but after all what can go wrong if eU dont act and say no to usA and their military industry skims, hm expensive gas and as consequence economic turmoil, how big time will tell, hek that could excuse for introducing greater totalitarian policy on west and as consequence easier push towards eU federalization and the currently stalled western globalism, still when not all peaces are in place their mosaic will surely fell apart sooner or later!
stockpiling is always issue and usA is champion in it! anyway, think now its not so worrisome problem Ukraine, but the wide russian response about the nato missile shield which as spin was rolled with excuse as anti'Iran'umbrella, probably we will see the JFK wind of change, but now JoeB is in the chair as zionist and khazars as power elite in Ukraine (to this last point noone responded how true it is), what wrong can happen if Russia tit-for-tat play the earlier ussR card!?

Should Russia actually decide to deploy intermediate- and short-range missiles in Cuba or Venezuela, the experts agree that the world could possibly face a new stalemate similar to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. [1]
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