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Scamp wrote:China does not need more nukes. They have already gotten away with the most sinister biological warfare attack in history. That was just a test run.


So explain to me - why exactly would China attack its own population with a deadly virus and put the whole country on an economical standstill for ages ?

Wouldnt it have been much better, and just as efficient, to release the virus first in the USA, and only get into lockdown at a later point, when it could be much more local ?

Anyway, the rumor mill is much more interesting anyway.

Gain of function research is illegal in the USA.

The email leaks about Dr Fauci explicitly state that one collegue of his thanked him from taking gain of function research off the table. While other experts have wondered from the start if the virus could have been created this way.

Dr Fauci also officially told the congress that he didnt finance gain of function research. His defense was literally that the people under him, who depend upon him for their job and income, dont tell him its gain of function research. LOL !

Dr Fauci has bought into Pfizer stocks back when they had no product at all.

Dr Fauci also has been caught lying. He told the public that masks dont help. Months later he admitted he had lied, so there would be enough masks for medical personal.

So, every time I see an US american who swears revenge at China for the virus, I can only wonder what they will say once they find out that the USA is the culprit. Since its quite possible the USA was the country who actually released the virus, and even intentionally so, not by accident.
Scamp wrote:
@ Negotiator,
The Covid-19 virus was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Right down the street from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), Biological warfare lab.

Detected, there has been work that suggests it originated elsewhere...
Scamp wrote:Hopefully we wouldn't do that. Just one small nuke to kill their 'supreme leader'. And if we could end him with a conventional strike, they might try that first.

Tungstens bolts dropped from a satelite are bunkerbusters, a nuke is useless against targets deep in earth.

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