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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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By JB70
I am told this spiritually. It´s a little confusing now and then but one thing is 100% clear.

ADHD medication will help people who get sick from the vaxx.

Goddess Kali have told me ADHD medication will help when people become sick from the vaccines.

Looks like they can make the immune system stronger.
So i guess the problem is what they discuss here: AIDS (VAIDS) like symptoms from the vaxx. ... taking?s=r

Perhaps there is scientific proof? These studies may help.
"The COVID-19 infection rate is nearly 50% higher among individuals with unmedicated ADHD compared to individuals without ADHD"
"After controlling for confounding factors, the results indicated that influenza risk significantly reduced in the group of ADHD patients who were prescribed methylphenidate for 90 days and more" ... 223525.htm
"In the new study, the investigators were able to show that the massive redistribution of immune cells throughout the body was orchestrated by three hormones"

This professor probably know more.
JB70 wrote:Goddess Kali have told me ADHD medication will help when people become sick from the vaccines.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You are a loon.

People are not getting sick from vaccines, you are spreading anti-vax lies.

The Youtube video is rubbish. He's doing it for $$$MONEY$$$, but you aren't smart enough to see that.
By JB70
"Manor also discussed a population-based case-control study in which she and her colleagues examined the rates of infectious disease in children and adolescents with ADHD compared to a non-ADHD control group with similar demographics. They consulted the electronic medical records of 18,756 patients with ADHD and 37,512 controls without ADHD, all aged 5 to 18, with attention to the exposure categories pediatric ID, anti-infective medications, and number of physicians’ visits. Results showed that the rates for all 3 exposure categories were significantly higher in the patients with ADHD than in the control group. According to Manor, this means children and adolescents with ADHD experience higher occurrences of childhood infectious diseases, receive more prescriptions for anti-infective medications, and have more visits with physicians and other medical experts, suggesting a clear connection between ADHD and childhood infectious diseases.1" ... une-system
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Before we can draw any conclusions, we need to know if the rates of infection are higher for ADHD patients than the general population.
It might be that the hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD lead to higher rates of infection. A lot of people with ADHD may breathe intensely and carelessly place their hands on everything.
Huberman is not anti vax. He’s a neuroscientist and more than likely quite pro vax.
By JB70
#15232467 ... people?s=r

"Summary: The BA4/5 sister variants currently dominate two countries: South Africa and Portugal. South Africa is barely vaccinated (only 35% had a vaccine, 5% had a booster), whereas Portugal is 95% vaccinated and 70% boosted.

The situations in these countries could not be any more different: while Ba.4 and Ba.5 were mere blips on the radar in South Africa, these same variants are driving a deadly wave of Covid in highly-vaccinated Portugal, with deaths among the Portuguese nearing January peak and showing few signs of abating."

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