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Politics_Observer wrote:@Istanbuller

I don't know if I would call stabbing your allies in the back "foreign policy independence." But of course, Turkey has turned into a dictatorship itself and so has much in common with Putin's Russia. I can't see how these two countries are "state sponsors of terrorism" given that they are democracies who respect such principles as human rights and do not have one man rule systems like Turkey.

We had a coup attempt which was organized by CIA back in 2016. Have you ever heard of this? You stabbed in the back. That is why Turkey acquired S-400s from Russia.

Turkey is a democratic country with free, legitimate and fair elections despite all the US attempts to kill democracy in our country. It is laughable that you call Turkey a dictatorship while the US is in the bed with countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Venezuela etc. It is clear that Pentagon/ US Congress and US administration see Turkey's power gaining as a threat to US interests.

Turkey oppose Swedish and Finnish bids because both countries host a terrorist organization. Particularly, Sweden aids terrorists more than $300 million each year. This is unacceptable for Turkey.
Istanbuller wrote:We had a coup attempt which was organized by CIA back in 2016. Have you ever heard of this? You stabbed in the back. That is why Turkey acquired S-400s from Russia. [...]

Erdogan's Big Lie: Why Turkey's President Rewrote the History of the 2016 Coup

"For five years since the dramatic, bloody coup attempt, Erdogan has claimed traditional allies abandoned Turkey in its hour of need, justifying ongoing purges and his pivot towards Russia, China and Iran. This is what really happened – and why, as Turkey tries to reset ties with the West, it still matters"


This narrative – that the West abandoned Turkey during its hour of need – has been used by Erdogan to legitimize Turkey’s foreign policy, which has left the country alienated in the international arena, with few friends and allies at a time when the country’s ailing economy needs all the help it can get and Erdogan and his ruling AKP continue to see their ratings fall.

Western nations and organizations did in fact send swift messages in support of Turkey, its people, government and its democratic institutions while the coup was still underway. Although it was the case, broadly speaking, that Western nations could have been speedier to send senior officials to Ankara in the period right after the coup, Russia and China were even slower.

In other words, Ankara’s distancing itself from the West was a choice, and the coup attempt of 2016 was the excuse.
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Well, it looks like Finland and Sweden have handed in their applications to apply for NATO membership. Let's see if NATO can overcome Turkey's objections to its membership.

Sharon Braithwaite of CNN wrote:Finland and Sweden have handed in their applications to join NATO, the military alliance's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday.

"The applications you have made today are an historic step. Allies will now consider the next steps on your path to NATO," Stoltenberg said after receiving the applications from the Finnish and Swedish ambassadors at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

"The security interests of all allies have to be taken into account and we are determined to work through all issues and reach rapid conclusions."

Stoltenberg made the comments alongside Klaus Korhonen, the ambassador of Finland to NATO, and Axel Wernhoff, the ambassador of Sweden to NATO.

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