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My new "Luxury brand" watch. I hope it's as durable as @Potemkin says it is. :)
Godstud wrote:My new "Luxury brand" watch. I hope it's as durable as @Potemkin says it is. :)

Let’s put it this way, @Godstud: it’s more durable than the arm it’s strapped onto. ;)

But joking aside, in my view the greatest ‘luxury’ is to own things which work perfectly, require little or no maintenance, and which will probably outlast you. Everything else is just a matter of status and showing off. Lol.
Luxury brands are a perception scam 90% of the time. I am a big proponent of fake brand replicas, that way the scammers don't get your money and you pay peanuts for the same perception effect, if you're into being a vain cunt. A perfect replica rolex or navigator with highly reliable mass produced japanese battery or mechanical internals can be had for $80-$200. It replicates these stupid $5,000+ watches perfectly.

As for cars, the biggest bonus of a luxury brand is the cabin interior, followed by the engine QA. My Audi interior is so sealed it's like sitting in an aircraft cockpit, can't hear shit outside, can't even hear the road through the tyres. Plus after 6 years and 120,000km the engine is still humming along nicely, not a single problem or issue, The doors are thick AF and it's just so much sturdier and safer than any regular car. I don't care about the power output/torque, to me vehicles were always about moving about in comfort, not driving around like a spastic being made deaf by the noise of the exhaust. If I want that I'll go play with go carts.

I get it, some people are into performance and the thrill of almost dying every time they drive. But I wouldn't call a lambo interior luxury. It's fucking plastic shit and the bucket seats with the oversized seat belts are uncomfortable. I like a well rounded, reliable car built around a truly luxurious interior. And of course never buy new, depreciation is retarded. 1-2 years old is the sweet spot.

'luxury' brands do need to die, but only if they are replaced by the same build quality and comfort. We have the technology to put a properly sealed leather and wood trim cabin in every regular car. As for watches the fuck is the point. Your phone has the time. Talk about form over function. And if you step out of a Hyundai wearing a real rolex everyone is just going to assume its a fake rolex. Perception scams need to be package deals or they fail.

Finally, hoarding of specific high technology consumer goods is the ultimate litmus test and tells you all you need to know about the personality and worth of a person. Anybody sporting an apple device that's middle class or below, is objectively and categorically a tech illiterate brainlet. I've so far found no exceptions. You might prefer the apple ecosystem, subjectively, sure. But unless you're either economically well off or a true moron; there is absolutely no reason to stick with it. You go over to and learn to use the more powerful, better featured, more flexible and cheaper android or windows/linux devices. Only the 'rich' and the retarded stick with apple. In both instances it makes sense. When money is no object you pick and choose based on shallow preference, and when you're a retard you don't know any better.

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